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WEEKEND HAS ARRIVED! WOOOO!!! and other expressions of excitement.

Last weekend was the annual visit to [personal profile] sweetsyren with associated geeking out and awesomeness. We went out for lunch for her birthday (tasty foods were tasty - especially the delicious slow roasted pork).

Then there was a week of work. What to say? There were 'todes. The 'todes were washed, the 'todes were collected, the 'todes were murdered in a number of nasty little ways. Was good and went to Boxercise again. Legs of Logs were the overall result. Ow. But hey, it's good for me, right?

Finally Friday happened. The Opera Festival officially opened with fireworks and my small dinner party to introduce some new folks to my amazing view went down delightfully well.

The additional bonus of the Fringe Festival live music competition in the bar downstairs was very much enjoyed. As were a generous assortment of accompanying beverages.

Currently eating tea and toast and watching Hercules on the smallest screen ever. Still funny though.
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Cork is awesome (as expected) does amazing coffee and has really friendly people. Also my Hotel was opposite a funeral home. These things happen.

Had to pay for an EXTRA ticket on the way home due to not using the outgoing portion of my return because a nice man gave me a lift to Cork from the most concentrated induction day ever. He saved me about 4 hours though, so I'm not complaining. That much. Ok, maybe a little bit. Stupid bus people.

And tomorrow I have to go back to work. *sigh*
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I see that PseudoVirgin/CrossCountry trains are still hideously overcrowded, the vestibules are still thinly carpeted (ow, my butt) and they STILL have that terrible fault in the air-conditioning that pushes the delightful scent from the toilets through the entire train.

However, in other news I am filled to the gunwales with curry (thank you [personal profile] drunken_hedghog) and once Castle is over I'm off out on the town to get my Frappuccino (those pesky Starbucks addicted me to it and then refused to open a branch anywhere near me in Ireland. Grrrr).

Talking of [personal profile] drunken_hedghog (and really, we should, cos that woman has AWESOME vodka and is not wary of sharing), I can report that the grapes, flowers and get well soon card were deemed acceptable (see note about vodka above) and a brilliant evening was had by yours truly and hopefully by some other people as well. Moments of numptyism on my part were balanced by numptyism by the walking (hopping) wounded so I don't feel toooooo bad about being an idiot.

And I managed not to stain the carpet. Which as you know, is a bonus. There's a reason [personal profile] sweetsyren has polished wood floors.

Now I must love you and leave you. I have a wedding to go to!
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Lots and lots of pink. Yesterday I got to make RED and also some yellow goo, and today I got to mix them together and make pink. Unfortunately the pink currently looks purple, but I've left them in the dark overnight like the paperwork says and hopefully tomorrow they will be purest pink.

Yay pink!

Oooh, I remembered I had more to say!

Not content with making pink, I also raced home in time to put Festus in for his service. Poor Festus, I hope he's ok in the shop. There were lots of other bikes there for him to talk to, but they were all much posher than him. I hope he doesn't get a complex. Or start any fights.

The other side of this is that I'm bikeless for the rest of the week. But that's ok, as my week ends tomorrow. I'm off to UK-LAND. It's a wedding and it's going to be AWESOME. Ginger J finally decided that it was time to marry his lady of lurrrrrrve (who managed to get together one new years a long time ago despite me wandering through ever 30 mins to loudly throw up. Rawk was completely it). There will be dancing and inappropriate speeches and for some reason they want me to read Shakespeare in the church. Ooops.

I'm also taking time-out to go and see a wounded friend who deserves some cheering up but is going to get me instead. Poor lass.

It's going to be so much fun!
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Tent is hanging out to dry (why does it always come on to rain just at you're pulling up the guy rope pegs?), sleeping bag is airing, washing is washing, tea is cooking and soon there will be Top Gear followed by an early night.

So, how was it? I give you: Why So Rainy, Weekend? But Was Still Awesome. )
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Friday - Truck Stop In The Middle Of Nowhere - England.
Coach full. Am being sat next to. Comforting, as coach company has decided to go by Irish Ferries instead of Stena and I was about to have a little flail until it was explained. Booked cabin on ferry. Slept. Apparently it was a rough crossing. I wouldn't know. Still sleeping even as I post this. Wish you were here.

Saturday - Parental Front Room - England.
Good day. Have been cleared by optician for new optician in Ireland. Purchased maternal unit's bike and took it out for its first spin. Will now be watching Castle and then going to bed. Cat says "Hi".

Sunday - Truck Stop In The Middle Of Nowhere - England
The sun shone! And it was hot. Living in a maritime climate for 6 months has softened me. Must sit in saunas more often. Had a nice morning, chilled with Papa and took the maternal unit out on the bike again until confidence was achieved. Lovely walk in the afternoon. Tea and scones. Coach emptier this time. Will still book cabin though. Wish you were here.

Monday - Couch - Flat Above Pub - Ireland.
Dead. I'm dead. Totes dead. 3 Hours of sleep (mmm, cabin) completely not enough to survive a day. Even with mild napping and an extra hour once I got home. Pizza and Leverage and Bed. It's the only way.
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Just enough energy to crack open the wine and find the TV remote I reckon.

John Simm is in something on my tv tonight. I am rather tempted by the pretty. But the Radio Times says "subtle, intelligent, powerful and adult." I have a tired. I may watch Godzilla instead.


Apr. 24th, 2011 08:37 pm
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I have socialised. I have familied. I have celebrated (well done parental units! 40 years!) I have eaten, I have drunk and I have incidentally missed Doctor Who.

I have flown (Air Lingus! wider seats, emptier planes) and I have travelled on a million and one buses.

But now I'm home again and tomorrow I'm going on a MASSIVE bikeride to enjoy what's left of the sunshine.

Oh, and the bay is full of boats. BOATS.
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Today we went to the field again (see how I steal hotel wifi for the purposes of telling you all this?)

It's Cork this time. Wow. Let me tell you. If you're in Ireland, go touristing in Cork. West Cork for preference. There's inlets and rocky outcrops and inlets and teeny little villages tumbling down hills like in Devon/Cornwall and inlets and sun sparkling on ruffled seas and everything.

So far we have found a dog that turned into a cat and back into a dog again*. And a dead thing. Probably a rabbit. Oh, and the Atlantic. Which is AWESOME.

*yawn* Getting up at 6am to sit in a car while someone else drove all this way. Can't complain, but am still tired.

I love the sea. I would marry it if I could. Despite the fact someone has already thought of that

* Oooh, the star thing. Yus. Well. The small animal was in the distance and looked very like a cat (country road, farms, small animals in the middle of the road, must be Ireland). So bets were laid on whether it was a dog or a cat. When we got there it had metamorphosed into a dog.

But it was a cat when we drove back through.
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So yesterday I gardened all the things and lay on my back in the grass drowning in blue sky until I developed a wet patch on my arse (grass/moss mixture not as dry as previously supposed).

My friends and their small children are now friends with not quite as small children but the children are still lovely and still wake up at unearthly hours. Not that I mind. Nothing beats a morning snuggle from a sleep-warmed toddler.

I can't believe how great the weather has been, chumbling back home over the Peninnes yesterday evening was a veritable picture book of bleak pretty.

Today I get to brave the rail network again as I drag all my gubbins down to [personal profile] sweetsyren's. And then we go to Echo2. Woo, Fandom etc. Currently my main concern is that I've got a bit of a suntan this week and I'm worried I'm gonna stick out like a sore thumb amongst the REAL, properly pasty faced geeks. I have, however, decided not to wear my worm charming t-shirt. Not EVERYONE needs to know I'm a nature geek...
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I've had such a lovely day at the sea-side.

*sigh of happiness*

Scarborough was sunny! SUNNY! It was so sunny that the Australian's posh glasses that automatically tint in bright light cleverly automatically tinted. (I had to squint cos I'm just common)

There was fish and chips on the harbour wall, gentle strolling and admiring the blue of the sea against the red roofs of the town. Apparently Yorkshire seagulls are enormous and EVIL.

I dragged them up the hill to the castle because it had to be done and as a reward for the ascent there was teaching of how to make a blade of grass squeal between the thumbs. The castle was full of history, as you do, but the Australians discovered some random hobbit mounds that were then lain on for the catching of rays. I'm definitely solar powered. The view was amazing from up there, I forget how far you can see! The sea stretched out forever.

Then there was ice-cream and paddling (by me, I didn't force them to experience the power of the North Sea) and then we had to come home. I can report that BOTH were falling asleep on the train on the way home so I count that as a successful day.

And it's STILL light!
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Short weekend is short. But lovely. And my assessment of travel-time to family time ratio and opportunities to do important things (like hug my papa) over the weekend have concluded that this method of maintaining contact with the folks is good.

Hope you all had good weekends too. {{{all}}}
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I'm beginning to think maybe I need an Irish userpic for all this travelling.

I'm here! The lights of Dublin hove into view off the starboard bow only 1 hr ago. I must say I prefer this Coach/Ferry lark to flying. Much less stressful and I feel so much more the "1920s Poirot Generation" traveller. This in spite of the random pause at a TruckStop in the middle of nowhere. A TruckStop with Wifi no less. Most surprisin'. I couldn't use it though due to Donal being locked in the coach for safe keeping. I watched Coronation St instead. TruckStop with wifi and TV! Enterprisin' :D

Anyway. I'm awake enough to function, which holds out good things for continuing to use this crossing when in full time employment. And not seasick/travel weary. So huzzah. Bit rambly from being tired though. You may have noticed that. Just a bit. If I did have to go to work today I'd probably crash by mid-afternoon. But I doubt anyone would notice. So yay, I have found a way to get home and back for regular parental visits. That's one nagging niggle lifted.

I'm actually getting used to this "has a job/life/future" business.

*huggles all*
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So, I'm off to Ireland tomorrow. Tis time to leave this chilly Isle and grab a bit of a drink and share some Craic with some old friends. I may be back in a week. However, as the estimable Oates himself said: "I may be some time."

If I am some time, I'll be holed up in the old place with the general lack of jolly old unbounded internet (no LJ/Dreamwidth). In preparation for this I have put all y'all on "notification". My inbox is gonna be flooded. Ee by gum, the things I do for you! So be good little chaps and chapesses and write pretty code would you? Cos that's the only way I'm going to be reading things for a while.

Have fun, and if you desperately need a reply, stick an email address in a PM and I'll see what I can do. As we used to say in the 90s, "laters!"
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The trip home, not the extended weekend... That was AWESOME. Trip home? Not so much.

It could have been worse though, the train after ours broke, so they held ours back and let everyone get on it. Fortunately our carriage was full of people insisting that this was the DELAYED 13:10, not the REPLACED 13:35 and thus our seat reservations still hold good thank you and all y'all other folks can just clear off. :D

I indulged my new Fringe exploration all the way home (DAMN YOU [personal profile] sweetsyren AND YOUR ADDICTIVE SHOWS) but it was still a long way. I has a tired.

The weekend was awesome. Wine, more wine and then some wine (just for a change) interspersed with the conversation of funny and occasional pauses to GeoCache at Ally Pally. Then off to the Home Counties for some excellent movies (RED? AWESOME - and with a Helen Mirren cherry on top just to make it perfect) and conversation and an exploration of the River. I found cows and some enormous houses and two lots of mud and a beautiful chestnut foal with the cutest white blaze. [personal profile] sweetsyren found us a pub that did lunch. I think perhaps her findings may have outclassed mine.

Anyway - I'm home. Woo etc. Back to reality. Hopefully NCIS tonight will cushion the landing somewhat.
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Yes it was too Ben Barnes in Caspian so NER, Didactylos. HA. Eat my being right and enjoy it in a tasty fashion.

I enjoyed it. Though I see we are now pretty much ignoring the books and just picking the pretty moments to film. But it was pretty, and there was much sailing and fighting with swords. So I'm happy. Shallow, but happy.

Today there shall be building shelves with the paternal unit, attempting to convince the jobcentre that I HAVE been looking for employment (no REALLY) and then swimming. Very productive day.

And tomorrow I get to go up to London (down, but you know what I mean) and look at all the bright lights and people and also (more importantly) catch up with old beloved friends for a chit chat, booze and bump admiration session.

Then I go invade Syren's peace and quiet and wreak havoc in the home counties. CRY WHATSIT AND UNLEASH THE DOGS OF WAR!!!
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So, I'm in Edinburgh for New Year. And so, it seems, is everyone else. Yay. Couldn't get onto the bits of Calton Hill I wanted to explore due to Pyromaniacs building highly flamable viking boats. Nice sunset tonight though.

However, I think I may have found the valley/mountain range I need for a stalled fic. Huzzah for the Austrian/Italian border, I'm sure they won't mind if I filch borrow it. And Huzzah for the Edinburgh Public Library. Very helpfuls.
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I'm Spartacus! Ho yus. Despite breath-stealing, appendage solidifying, FREEZING temperatures I have achieved shopping. I have bought ALL THE THINGS. Including a non-existent Christmas cake.

"M&S don't have them" sayeth the Maternal Unit. "Nowhere has them" sayeth she.

Well HA! Cos I found one. And where did I find it? In M&S. So ner! :D

I was also chatted up by a deliciously tall and delightfully cheeky gentleman who was attempting to sell me things. Reader, look askance at me as you will, I bought them. He Was CHEEEKY!!! :D

So, shall we have a ramble about travel? )

Also, there will be Keeley over Christmas. Keeley with a better haircut and good clothes. Keeley on the BBC. This is pleasing to us.
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At 2am.

After having to change planes and other exciting things. Oh they were exciting.

Anyway, I'm home, I'm tired, but there's underfloor heating and the view (snow, snow and more snow) is magnificent.

Hopefully I'll be more comprehensible after I sleep.
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Humongous bag: Packed
Small but essential bag: Packed
Tent: Strapped onto humongous bag
Sleeping mat: Strapped onto humongous bag
Bike: In pieces, ready for transport
Last essential exercise (i.e. swimming): Done

This is it people. The real thing. Off to Scotland tomorrow.

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! It was nice knowing y'all.


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