Aug. 6th, 2011

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I see that PseudoVirgin/CrossCountry trains are still hideously overcrowded, the vestibules are still thinly carpeted (ow, my butt) and they STILL have that terrible fault in the air-conditioning that pushes the delightful scent from the toilets through the entire train.

However, in other news I am filled to the gunwales with curry (thank you [personal profile] drunken_hedghog) and once Castle is over I'm off out on the town to get my Frappuccino (those pesky Starbucks addicted me to it and then refused to open a branch anywhere near me in Ireland. Grrrr).

Talking of [personal profile] drunken_hedghog (and really, we should, cos that woman has AWESOME vodka and is not wary of sharing), I can report that the grapes, flowers and get well soon card were deemed acceptable (see note about vodka above) and a brilliant evening was had by yours truly and hopefully by some other people as well. Moments of numptyism on my part were balanced by numptyism by the walking (hopping) wounded so I don't feel toooooo bad about being an idiot.

And I managed not to stain the carpet. Which as you know, is a bonus. There's a reason [personal profile] sweetsyren has polished wood floors.

Now I must love you and leave you. I have a wedding to go to!


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