Mar. 27th, 2011

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I've had such a lovely day at the sea-side.

*sigh of happiness*

Scarborough was sunny! SUNNY! It was so sunny that the Australian's posh glasses that automatically tint in bright light cleverly automatically tinted. (I had to squint cos I'm just common)

There was fish and chips on the harbour wall, gentle strolling and admiring the blue of the sea against the red roofs of the town. Apparently Yorkshire seagulls are enormous and EVIL.

I dragged them up the hill to the castle because it had to be done and as a reward for the ascent there was teaching of how to make a blade of grass squeal between the thumbs. The castle was full of history, as you do, but the Australians discovered some random hobbit mounds that were then lain on for the catching of rays. I'm definitely solar powered. The view was amazing from up there, I forget how far you can see! The sea stretched out forever.

Then there was ice-cream and paddling (by me, I didn't force them to experience the power of the North Sea) and then we had to come home. I can report that BOTH were falling asleep on the train on the way home so I count that as a successful day.

And it's STILL light!


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