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Most awesome.

There was getting up VERY early and hiking in. There was sitting. Many hours of sitting (truth be told, we brought all kindsa books and sudoku to entertain us, but never touched them. We were having too much fun watching the other folk coming through). There was free stuff (on day one we got Haribo!) (the sigh of disappointment when it became clear the chips float weren't throwing chips into the crowd was heart breaking) (on day two I almost fought a man for a King of the Mountain cap. I WON).

There was looking at the view through binoculars (especially on day two when we were on 'cote de Oxenhope' and had all the valleys lain out before us up to the 3 peaks in the purple misty distance).

And eventually. EVENTUALLY. There were outriders and sirens and the red official car and then... BIKES!!! All the BIKES!! Leaders and chasers and peleton and I saw Chris Froome's butt on the very first day and Dave Beresford looked STRAIGHT AT ME out of the Sky car window and BIIIIIKES. :D

Esh, the peleton is scary even if you've remembered to step back.

And then the long walk home with the rest of the crowd, winding our way along back footpaths to the real roads on the other side of the moor/down the valley to the train station.

It was awesome and amazing and brilliant and wonderful. Best Weekend EVER.
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It's been pretty much nonstop for 2 days now. Living on the harbour quay is starting to look like less of a good idea. Mind you, I am on the second floor. The river is going to have to rise a ruddy bit more before it invades my front room.

In other news, today I finally wrote the abstract for the conference in Italy next summer (it's a hard life being a scientist). It includes the words "inherent in the method" ("Come and see the violence inherent in the system!") though I doubt that will last through to the final draft. I also spent a generous amount of time enabling [personal profile] sweetsyren in building an SPN/Avengers crossover sandbox and playing in it with much imagination.

*rubs last of the rain out of hair and sends a prayer to the weather gods for some dry days*
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WEEKEND HAS ARRIVED! WOOOO!!! and other expressions of excitement.

Last weekend was the annual visit to [personal profile] sweetsyren with associated geeking out and awesomeness. We went out for lunch for her birthday (tasty foods were tasty - especially the delicious slow roasted pork).

Then there was a week of work. What to say? There were 'todes. The 'todes were washed, the 'todes were collected, the 'todes were murdered in a number of nasty little ways. Was good and went to Boxercise again. Legs of Logs were the overall result. Ow. But hey, it's good for me, right?

Finally Friday happened. The Opera Festival officially opened with fireworks and my small dinner party to introduce some new folks to my amazing view went down delightfully well.

The additional bonus of the Fringe Festival live music competition in the bar downstairs was very much enjoyed. As were a generous assortment of accompanying beverages.

Currently eating tea and toast and watching Hercules on the smallest screen ever. Still funny though.
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Never has the excuse "because everyone else was doing it" been more idiotically used. I sweated so much my de-humidifer turned itself on the minute I walked into it's vicinity. My hair is dripping.

I am going to ache like a beast tomorrow. But it was AWESOME. There was hitting of things. And hitting of other things. Basically lots of hitting[1].

[1]The friend holding the pads for me was chanting "Nematodes, Nematodes, Nematodes" as I punched them into oblivion. Little wiggly gits.
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Cork is awesome (as expected) does amazing coffee and has really friendly people. Also my Hotel was opposite a funeral home. These things happen.

Had to pay for an EXTRA ticket on the way home due to not using the outgoing portion of my return because a nice man gave me a lift to Cork from the most concentrated induction day ever. He saved me about 4 hours though, so I'm not complaining. That much. Ok, maybe a little bit. Stupid bus people.

And tomorrow I have to go back to work. *sigh*

What a day.

Oct. 5th, 2011 07:36 pm
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No more. I'm done.

Today we had the people who give us money swing by on a visit so EVERYTHING EVER had to be cleaned and polished and then clean students in clean labcoats inserted into the labs to pretend that they were working. And I had to demonstrate the nematode washing/torture device (in a clean labcoat - which meant my knees got wet cos the flappy parts of the labcoat strayed into the spray thingie and then transferred to my knees - THIS IS WHY WE DON'T WEAR THEM). Waiting to demonstrate the device took about an hour and a half. In what is basically a barn. Which had to have the door open to let the smell of slurry out. In case you didn't know, Ireland has been missing out on the heatwave sweeping the rest of Europe. I was chilled to the bone. TO THE BONE.

Then I had to go teach someone how to count 'todes. Now [personal profile] sweetsyren and [profile] lilianvaldemyer can tell you how boring the counting of 'todes can be (mainly because I spend most of the days I'm doing it, moaning to them incessantly). Teaching someone how to do it (i.e. Watching them count 'todes down a microscope) is immeasurably worse.

To cap off the day, a heavily pregnant friend decided that TODAY the baby wanted to meet the world, and her emergency driver wasn't quite prepared, so I have a very confused and somewhat insecure dog at my feet as I type this (normally attached to the emergency driver) sniffing my socks and demanding head snuggles.

He is making the day better second by second. Assisted by the beer on the other side.

But today had better be done with me. I'm done with it.
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If [profile] 7tree_hugger's optician's appointment is at 10:30 and it takes her half an hour to get out and back from work on her bike, calculate the chances that she's going to say soddit and have a lie in instead.

Yeah. Pretty close to 100%, P<0.001

Morning all. :D
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1) Today I put on the penultimate batch of 'todes of the current insane workload. Woo yeah, almost over.

2) I also decided that as I had done most of the work on the other microbial stuff (minion assisting) I get all the data. All mine. Yus. Delicious data.

3) I am soooooo up-ish right now. Even with being good and not having ANY caffeine today. Lalalala, emotional imbalance, I has it. I can do ALL the things! At once! And it feeeeeeels so good!

4) The winter cycling suit came from Wiggle. I sat and looked at the box for a while because it was a VERY small box. But eventually I braved the unwrapping. It's actually pretty cool. Kinda like a wetsuit to struggle into up to the waist and then turns into dungarees. Very warm. Fleece lined I believe. If only the arse padding didn't look quite so much like a skull in clashing orange and blue I'd be over the moon. As it is I'm perfectly happy with it. Can't wait for the weather to turn cold enough to actually wear it.

Anyway. Four good things is a lot for one day. Have a post. :D
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Heh, Autumn is coming. Things smell different already. It's odd how everything changes at this time of year. I don't quite need the SAD light yet, but I can feel it looming over the horizon. Luckily it's coming over next week, hopefully the Earth's orbit will not tilt too far before then.

I have such a love/hate relationship with this time of year. Everything is so real and multi-dimensional. Seeing, feeling, smelling all connect at such a deep level that everything hurts that it's so beautiful. I want to hold onto everything, take it inside me and clutch it tight forever. It's as though my brain KNOWS it's going to not feel anything for 6 months and is going crazy trying to experience things before the portcullis falls.

If I hadn't already had my seizure I'd call this the warning period. Everything seems the wrong way round this year.
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Such lovely sequins.
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I'm a bit confused. I hope there isn't a concert tomorrow night. TH needs sleep.

I'm gonna miss Torchwood tonight (get-together with friends) and I'm not that bothered. It was a bit drab last week. I'll catch up somehow I'm sure.
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I'm off surfing tomorrow! Well, I'm having a lesson anyway. I fully expect to spend the whole time falling backward off the board and making a jolly old fool of myself. It's gonna be such fun.


And there will be no time to think about work. None. This weekend is MINE and I'm having it.

Hope all y'all are having a great time yourselves.
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50 km in 1:58.30

YAY!!! Average speed 15 mph, which was a personal best blowing all other average speeds out of the water. And it was definitely worth sprinting the final km to save those 90 seconds.

UNDER TWO HOURS, PEOPLE. I win ALL the things.

Thanks of course must go out to all the people whose wheels I clung onto for the first 10 km until I cleared the pack. I paid them back! Well, I "played it forward". Someone was on my wheel for at least 15 minutes on the last 20 km. Ooooh, that last 20 km.

TH hits main road, with delicious smooth surface.
TH looks at watch and calculates possibility of getting a sub 2 hour time.
TH tanks it for 20 mins uphill and down with moaning and swearing and cursing and gritted teeth.

A funny thing, speedy racer type bikes were much faster than Festus on down-hills, but he seems to have a much better power efficiency on up-hills. There were 6 - 8 of us continuously passing and re-passing each other for most of the undulating middle section. I have to admit, it gave me a warm glow to steam past frantically pedalling lycra clad speedy racer bike riding individuals.

Good ole Festus.
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In amongst all the rage-y stress and panic of last week (see flocked post below) I did manage to do some important good stuff.

1. Rebooked the opticians appointment that I COMPLETELY forgot last Sunday. Thank you Specsavers for not being grumpy at my numptyism. You are verrah kind.

2. Booked the surfing lessons for next weekend. OH YEAH, I'MA GONNA LEARN HOW TO SURF. Cool. I has it.

3. Got a lift sorted for the massive bike ride of massive that I'm doing tomorrow. (It's not really that massive, I'm only doing the 50 km, my lift person is doing the 160 km - they're insane, it has mountains!).

And that's the "3 points make a post" !!!

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*pops a beer and hunts for a randomly bad film to watch*

(Today I ran a gel, and saw lines. Very cool. No 'Todes lines but never mind. I also did PCR. I am molecular biologist nao. Payrise plz?)
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Slightly over tired.

I was going to write a long rant about the past couple of days, but there's no energy left. Let me simply say that "Oh, and we thought we might sub-sample those soils for DNA while we were at it" is NOT what you want to hear on an already busy day.

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Dear Diary,

Today I made DNA out of nematodes. It was the best day ever.

p.s. I am now qualified to do poor science in the background of CSI walking shots.

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It can't be, I only had a beer and a vodka/coke. Must just be over tiredness.

So, this week. There was busy. The boss returned, many things got done and I read two papers and a book chapter. Woo. (I was right, the position and size of nematode gonads ARE an identifying feature. Identified by the size of your bits, always fun).

Nothing much else exciting happened, it rained on and off and one of the peacocks at work is being followed around by a chick.

Other exciting updates as events warrant.
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Today I cycled 31 miles. And took the recycling out when I got home.

I leave it to you as to which of those was the more awesome use of a Saturday :-)

(At least now I don't have to worry about making the 50 km thing in a couple of weeks


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