Jun. 28th, 2011

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Friday - Truck Stop In The Middle Of Nowhere - England.
Coach full. Am being sat next to. Comforting, as coach company has decided to go by Irish Ferries instead of Stena and I was about to have a little flail until it was explained. Booked cabin on ferry. Slept. Apparently it was a rough crossing. I wouldn't know. Still sleeping even as I post this. Wish you were here.

Saturday - Parental Front Room - England.
Good day. Have been cleared by optician for new optician in Ireland. Purchased maternal unit's bike and took it out for its first spin. Will now be watching Castle and then going to bed. Cat says "Hi".

Sunday - Truck Stop In The Middle Of Nowhere - England
The sun shone! And it was hot. Living in a maritime climate for 6 months has softened me. Must sit in saunas more often. Had a nice morning, chilled with Papa and took the maternal unit out on the bike again until confidence was achieved. Lovely walk in the afternoon. Tea and scones. Coach emptier this time. Will still book cabin though. Wish you were here.

Monday - Couch - Flat Above Pub - Ireland.
Dead. I'm dead. Totes dead. 3 Hours of sleep (mmm, cabin) completely not enough to survive a day. Even with mild napping and an extra hour once I got home. Pizza and Leverage and Bed. It's the only way.
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Not a computer yet, and SOMEONE stole the corner window desk, but I have a desk and I have things on it and I can look out of the window and I HAVE AN OFFICE.

Also have bread cooking and washing washing. Cos I am productive like that. Fear me. Now I have a desk, I'm UNSTOPPABLE.


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