Jan. 28th, 2011

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I'm beginning to think maybe I need an Irish userpic for all this travelling.

I'm here! The lights of Dublin hove into view off the starboard bow only 1 hr ago. I must say I prefer this Coach/Ferry lark to flying. Much less stressful and I feel so much more the "1920s Poirot Generation" traveller. This in spite of the random pause at a TruckStop in the middle of nowhere. A TruckStop with Wifi no less. Most surprisin'. I couldn't use it though due to Donal being locked in the coach for safe keeping. I watched Coronation St instead. TruckStop with wifi and TV! Enterprisin' :D

Anyway. I'm awake enough to function, which holds out good things for continuing to use this crossing when in full time employment. And not seasick/travel weary. So huzzah. Bit rambly from being tired though. You may have noticed that. Just a bit. If I did have to go to work today I'd probably crash by mid-afternoon. But I doubt anyone would notice. So yay, I have found a way to get home and back for regular parental visits. That's one nagging niggle lifted.

I'm actually getting used to this "has a job/life/future" business.

*huggles all*


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