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It's been pretty much nonstop for 2 days now. Living on the harbour quay is starting to look like less of a good idea. Mind you, I am on the second floor. The river is going to have to rise a ruddy bit more before it invades my front room.

In other news, today I finally wrote the abstract for the conference in Italy next summer (it's a hard life being a scientist). It includes the words "inherent in the method" ("Come and see the violence inherent in the system!") though I doubt that will last through to the final draft. I also spent a generous amount of time enabling [personal profile] sweetsyren in building an SPN/Avengers crossover sandbox and playing in it with much imagination.

*rubs last of the rain out of hair and sends a prayer to the weather gods for some dry days*
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WEEKEND HAS ARRIVED! WOOOO!!! and other expressions of excitement.

Last weekend was the annual visit to [personal profile] sweetsyren with associated geeking out and awesomeness. We went out for lunch for her birthday (tasty foods were tasty - especially the delicious slow roasted pork).

Then there was a week of work. What to say? There were 'todes. The 'todes were washed, the 'todes were collected, the 'todes were murdered in a number of nasty little ways. Was good and went to Boxercise again. Legs of Logs were the overall result. Ow. But hey, it's good for me, right?

Finally Friday happened. The Opera Festival officially opened with fireworks and my small dinner party to introduce some new folks to my amazing view went down delightfully well.

The additional bonus of the Fringe Festival live music competition in the bar downstairs was very much enjoyed. As were a generous assortment of accompanying beverages.

Currently eating tea and toast and watching Hercules on the smallest screen ever. Still funny though.
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1) Today I put on the penultimate batch of 'todes of the current insane workload. Woo yeah, almost over.

2) I also decided that as I had done most of the work on the other microbial stuff (minion assisting) I get all the data. All mine. Yus. Delicious data.

3) I am soooooo up-ish right now. Even with being good and not having ANY caffeine today. Lalalala, emotional imbalance, I has it. I can do ALL the things! At once! And it feeeeeeels so good!

4) The winter cycling suit came from Wiggle. I sat and looked at the box for a while because it was a VERY small box. But eventually I braved the unwrapping. It's actually pretty cool. Kinda like a wetsuit to struggle into up to the waist and then turns into dungarees. Very warm. Fleece lined I believe. If only the arse padding didn't look quite so much like a skull in clashing orange and blue I'd be over the moon. As it is I'm perfectly happy with it. Can't wait for the weather to turn cold enough to actually wear it.

Anyway. Four good things is a lot for one day. Have a post. :D
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*pops a beer and hunts for a randomly bad film to watch*

(Today I ran a gel, and saw lines. Very cool. No 'Todes lines but never mind. I also did PCR. I am molecular biologist nao. Payrise plz?)
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Slightly over tired.

I was going to write a long rant about the past couple of days, but there's no energy left. Let me simply say that "Oh, and we thought we might sub-sample those soils for DNA while we were at it" is NOT what you want to hear on an already busy day.

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Dear Diary,

Today I made DNA out of nematodes. It was the best day ever.

p.s. I am now qualified to do poor science in the background of CSI walking shots.

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It can't be, I only had a beer and a vodka/coke. Must just be over tiredness.

So, this week. There was busy. The boss returned, many things got done and I read two papers and a book chapter. Woo. (I was right, the position and size of nematode gonads ARE an identifying feature. Identified by the size of your bits, always fun).

Nothing much else exciting happened, it rained on and off and one of the peacocks at work is being followed around by a chick.

Other exciting updates as events warrant.
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Lots and lots of pink. Yesterday I got to make RED and also some yellow goo, and today I got to mix them together and make pink. Unfortunately the pink currently looks purple, but I've left them in the dark overnight like the paperwork says and hopefully tomorrow they will be purest pink.

Yay pink!

Oooh, I remembered I had more to say!

Not content with making pink, I also raced home in time to put Festus in for his service. Poor Festus, I hope he's ok in the shop. There were lots of other bikes there for him to talk to, but they were all much posher than him. I hope he doesn't get a complex. Or start any fights.

The other side of this is that I'm bikeless for the rest of the week. But that's ok, as my week ends tomorrow. I'm off to UK-LAND. It's a wedding and it's going to be AWESOME. Ginger J finally decided that it was time to marry his lady of lurrrrrrve (who managed to get together one new years a long time ago despite me wandering through ever 30 mins to loudly throw up. Rawk was completely it). There will be dancing and inappropriate speeches and for some reason they want me to read Shakespeare in the church. Ooops.

I'm also taking time-out to go and see a wounded friend who deserves some cheering up but is going to get me instead. Poor lass.

It's going to be so much fun!
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It's not every day that your boss walks into your lab and asks "How's your glass blowing?"[1]

Oh, and they put our name plates on the door today. Name On The Door. I have officially made it. 12 years in academia and I finally get my name on my door. :D

Best. Day. Ever.

[1] For some reason, even thought I said "Non-Existent" I'm still bending the business end of a pasteur pipette next week. *sigh*
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Not a computer yet, and SOMEONE stole the corner window desk, but I have a desk and I have things on it and I can look out of the window and I HAVE AN OFFICE.

Also have bread cooking and washing washing. Cos I am productive like that. Fear me. Now I have a desk, I'm UNSTOPPABLE.
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Today I read five and a half papers[1] and though I wouldn't say I know everything about Nematodes now, but I know a metric shedload more than when I started this morning. I did research! Like a proper researcher! All the science is belong to me.

I learnt that André et al, (2002) described soils as "the final biotic frontier" so I'd be guessing he was a geek.

And that Yeates (2003) doesn't think much of our method of doing things, but then Yeates (pretty much any year you choose), though he's loved up on Nematodes doesn't think much of anything much.

Oh, and everyone is most afflicted by the leftover shame left over from the big Nematode Hate-fest of the 1950s/60s/70s. So all the papers start "Even though we might have been a little confused about things 30 years ago, we're everso enlightened now. Hey, some of my friends are Nematodes.[2]"

[1]It would have been six but it got to after 5pm and I'd had enough.
[2]In the case of Yeates, this would be pretty much a racing certainty.

André H.M., Ducarme X., Lebrun P. (2002) Soil Biodiversity: Myth, Reality or Conning?, Oikos 96: 3-24
Jenkinson, D.S. (1977) The Soil Biomass, N.Z. Soil News, 25: 213-218
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Today I got to meet my boss! Woohooo. Sat down and talked for about half an hour about plans and ideas and good things and I got to see where my office will be at some point in the near future (there was a man in there building desks. It looks hopeful).

And I didn't have to count any invisible wiggly worms. Tomorrow I get to kill the invisible wiggly worms and stick them in formaldehyde. That's going to be so much fun. Serves the little buggers right.

I do wish the weather would stop raining on me on the way home though.
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But on the plus side, I did count ALL the invisible wiggly worms today. 60 tubes of wiggly worms counted. Boo-Ya.

And I'm making curry.

In my impartial view, I win the day. :D
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Oh boy, never have I been so glad of a weekend. The invisble wiggly worms seemed never ending this week. Today it got so dreary we were laying bets on how many there would be in each tube. I lost. Pretty regularly.

Ah well, it's over now. The weekend is ahead and it's finally stopped raining (wet cycle this morning was wet, cycle clothes had to be sneaked into the dryer before I could bear to put them back on again).

And now it's time for Quantum Leap. This week Sam is a woman. S'gonna be brilliant.
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Ok, so, where were we?

On Saturday we went to the Hurling (sunny, open air stand, much shouting at referees, good times) and then the pub was open and full and happy so I went in to warm up and then time passed and it was late and I was drunk. Ooops.

Sunday it rained, I levelled up a combat level in Runescape and then we went to see X-Men again. :D

This week has been mainly counting the invisible wiggly worms. Cross-eyed now. >.<

And tonight I'm attempting to chicken and leek pie again. This time I will overcome.
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Pasta Carbonara WILL come with mash AND chips. (brb, dying of carbs)

In other news, the plumber came, froze the pipe (yay! didn't have to drain the entire system) and put a new valve on the radiator.

The new job is going well, so far I have helped a student with their massive experiment and done some work on the project I was working on before. So... yeah. Going to X-Men tomorrow. Because it has to be done. The amount of squee I keep running into compels me.
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Even more so in that the evil experiment (that I hate and am trying to prove is stupid) is consistently being an arse and I have to go in on my day off and poke it some more.

Ah well. New job starts on Tuesday (after the bank holiday) and we shall see what occurs then. I already know there's no office for at least two weeks, so expect some lack-of-office ranting.
Should I be this nervous? I can probably do it. Should be fine. Besides, my new boss is off for two weeks so I've got a bit of a run up before it all kicks off.

In shoulder news, it still hurts like a cow. But lying on the floor is helping and it's nice to be officially allowed to take the drugs now. Hopefully with four days off it'll settle down a wee bit more.

Oh, and we're going to Comedy in Kilkenny on Saturday. Laughter being the best medicine, I'll probably be fine come Sunday. :D
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*Does the flailing dance of datalicious data*

And it's awesome, because the data do not make a beautiful line and that is fantastic because I hated that experiment and I don't ever want to have to do it again.

The other data, the lovely data from the delightfully sensible experiment are currently making a beautiful line as we speak.

I has a happy. And an agonisingly sore shoulder. If the physio pokes you in the shoulder that stopped hurting because it had frozen up from all the pain and now it's unfrozen and ruddy agony, are you allowed to go back to the physio before the allotted three weeks are up and demand some "make-pain-go-away" treatment?

But it is the weekend. There is wine and Pizza and a food festival over the weekend topped off by supporting mates through a half-Marathon on Sunday. It's gonna be fun, folks! With small periods of envy about old friends getting to go here. JELUS.

ETA: Oh dear. Have just agreed to meet someone at the station at 4:10am to go hear the dawn-chorus at the nature reserve. Sometimes I think perhaps I take treehugging just a little too far.
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Today wasn't any better, same old same old - except minus the rage-y rage. The turribly clever machine couldn't keep pressure. Tomorrow the man comes to change the new regulator in the hope that that solves the issue.

I did other things instead, like write spreadsheets and update SOPs and do washing up and generally potter. Bleh.

Did get bonus Fruit and Nut chocolate though. I have nice friends. I shared it amongst the technicians and so that all shall love me and despair.

And tonight there shall be bowling. For Young P's birthday. And they serve drinks. Yay.

Yay indeed.

Oh, and this is going around at work )

Grr. Argh.

May. 18th, 2011 05:45 pm
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Spent most of today waiting for argon. And why exactly were we waiting for argon? Because the man who delivers it DROVE DOWN FROM DUBLIN WITH AN EMPTY TANK.


How?!!!! How do you even do that? I don't even.

I did however make lovely standards. Lovely precise standards. And some samples. I am on a ROLL with my analytical chemistry this week.

So, eventually the argon arrived. The man with the truck having driven all the way back up to Dublin and then back down, avoiding all the roads closed for the Queen [unhelpful your Maj, a little more consideration of my sample next time you visit would be appreciated, k?].

Argon. Huzzah! There was much cheerfulness. And then. And then. >.< There was an oh dear.

The blasted machine can't keep pressure. Can't keep a flame.


I was going to go home (check). I was going to drink a glass of wine (check). I was going to watch some Firefly (Waking the Dead actually, Boyd's flailing rage echoes my own perfectly). I was going to drink another glass of wine, yea even the whole bottle (getting there). And then I was going to curse the ICP, even unto the fourteenth generation.

I went home.


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