May. 20th, 2011

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*Does the flailing dance of datalicious data*

And it's awesome, because the data do not make a beautiful line and that is fantastic because I hated that experiment and I don't ever want to have to do it again.

The other data, the lovely data from the delightfully sensible experiment are currently making a beautiful line as we speak.

I has a happy. And an agonisingly sore shoulder. If the physio pokes you in the shoulder that stopped hurting because it had frozen up from all the pain and now it's unfrozen and ruddy agony, are you allowed to go back to the physio before the allotted three weeks are up and demand some "make-pain-go-away" treatment?

But it is the weekend. There is wine and Pizza and a food festival over the weekend topped off by supporting mates through a half-Marathon on Sunday. It's gonna be fun, folks! With small periods of envy about old friends getting to go here. JELUS.

ETA: Oh dear. Have just agreed to meet someone at the station at 4:10am to go hear the dawn-chorus at the nature reserve. Sometimes I think perhaps I take treehugging just a little too far.


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