Jun. 23rd, 2011

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Today I read five and a half papers[1] and though I wouldn't say I know everything about Nematodes now, but I know a metric shedload more than when I started this morning. I did research! Like a proper researcher! All the science is belong to me.

I learnt that André et al, (2002) described soils as "the final biotic frontier" so I'd be guessing he was a geek.

And that Yeates (2003) doesn't think much of our method of doing things, but then Yeates (pretty much any year you choose), though he's loved up on Nematodes doesn't think much of anything much.

Oh, and everyone is most afflicted by the leftover shame left over from the big Nematode Hate-fest of the 1950s/60s/70s. So all the papers start "Even though we might have been a little confused about things 30 years ago, we're everso enlightened now. Hey, some of my friends are Nematodes.[2]"

[1]It would have been six but it got to after 5pm and I'd had enough.
[2]In the case of Yeates, this would be pretty much a racing certainty.

André H.M., Ducarme X., Lebrun P. (2002) Soil Biodiversity: Myth, Reality or Conning?, Oikos 96: 3-24
Jenkinson, D.S. (1977) The Soil Biomass, N.Z. Soil News, 25: 213-218


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