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So busy! No time to catch up with peeps! Surely this is against my human rights, no?

Things I need to tell all y'all.

TH watches Dr Who: Amy's Choice and makes a discovery

Watched the vampires too. That was just a laugh right? They were just sitting around thinking "we've got an extra episode to fill - what can we do?" Buxom Alien Fish Vampires! What an excellent idea. Someone needs a better brain/mouth filter. (Rory is her Eunuch - lol/Doc got tased... Don't tase me Bro!)

Ok. Moving swiftly over the fact that Amy has pervy dreams about the Doc (sweetheart, don't worry. We all do. And as far as I know none of us consider ourselves unfaithful. Do we? Syren I'm looking at you.

Firstly let me declare my bias. I'm trying to be as impartial as possible but my past would speak out for me. I came to this season still healing from the 10/Donna debacle and however much I've tried to watch open-minded I'm bound to be making comparisons. Now I shall continue.

So, Amy Pond. She's young, she's hopeful and she's got that naive optimism the young have that everything will turn out ok for them. That's fine, it's a side effect of being young, they've not yet experienced the cruel whims of fate etc. No blame is allotted. This characterisation was good for Who, we've had a good few seasons of Angsty angst angst now (I caused the end of my race, woe is me). It's nice to have light fluffy breezy fun. And they chose an actress who was good at bright breezy fun. A young actress who can sell that whole "let's just push it and see" attitude.

However, in this episode (Amy's Choice) I think the downside of picking such a YOUNG actress may have come to light (and I don't mean young in the sense of age). The script was brilliant. "Amy Pond realises that though she would like to have everything, if fate is going to take one thing away it damn well isn't going to be Rory." Fair enough. Good point in the season to have this ep. Good way to make her choose. But that scene. That scene where he dies and basically she's going to commit suicide through grief, that felt like when you watch Shakespeare done poorly. You know the magic is there in the words, and looking back your memory holds the essence of the scene, but at the time it's like a kid's nativity.

I just felt that the actress was selling a "Amy feels sad.. do a sad face... I hope they yell cut soon, is it lunch time yet?" Looking into those eyes where I expected to see an ocean of unbearable pain I just saw blankness looking back with an expression of "have I left the gas on?"

I tried to argue that maybe there was numbness in the face of such an awful realisation. But then numbness wouldn't instigate such a quick decision. So there had to be pain. And I didn't see it. So yeah.

TL:DR - Donna and Marfa left big shoes behind to fill and I feel that Amy hasn't quite reached the bar. But that said, she's not a bad actress and I look forward to seeing her in future stuff. Maybe she just had a stomach ache on that day.

TH watches Snakes on a Plane

Opening Sequence: *Opens*
Headlining Stars: *scroll*
TH: Nathan Fillion? Cool! Go Cap'n Tightpants! *texts Syren*

TH: *waits*

Samuel J Jackson: *Turns up locked and loaded with baddass*

TH: *waits*

Text to Syren: I think they lied to me with a percieved spelling error. They're all on the plane and no sign of Cap'n Tightpants.
TH: *Is disappointed*

Film: *Continues*
Cat: *sits on knee and is poggled*
Domestic Scene: *Is quiet and peaceful*


TH: AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAARGH!!!! SNAKE ON BOOB! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! DO NOT WANT!!
TH: *pauses the film and has the heebie-jeebies. Tries to entice back the cat who fled at the screaming*

Film: *Continues*

TH: Next time I'm flying it's feet on seats the whole way I swear.



TH: I will never fly again.


TH: I will never sleep again.


TH: Right. Have now survived the SNAKES EVERYWHERE bit. Now for the more bearable "fighting the enemy" bit. *welcomes back the cat*

TH: OMG!! Huge snake just ate the bald guy whole! This is awesome! Scary as f**k - but AWESOME.

TH: Aaaaaaaargh! (*cat vanishes*) [Repeat Ad nauseum]

Line: *Is Said* [Cue general cheers from audience]

Physics: *Leaves the cinema in a huff*

Film Ends. TH wibbles a little and then channel surfs to find something innocuous to watch for a couple of hours in order to calm down enough to sleep.

THIS FILM WAS BRILLIANT! I strongly recommend it. But not in the presence of cats.

TH prepares for death through exercise

I got a tent! It's like a tardis, really much bigger on the inside as compared to how small it rolls up. I also spent a large amount of money on shoes for running. Why I have no idea as I HATE running and can only do it for a short time before falling in a heap at the side of the road with flapping and flailing and general redness of the face. However, I am hopeful that they'll be useful for other things (after resurrection following death from exercise) like walking when mountains are not involved etc.

In other good news I went to the store and dug out my perfect cycling shoes. In the process managed to unearth a box marked "vital things - packed last - unpack 1st". Only been there for 8 months. ooops. Hairbrush FTW! Also utility knife, sewing kit, favourite pens etc. Very pleased with this state of affairs.

on 2010-08-21 02:02 pm (UTC)
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Posted by [personal profile] biodamped
re Amy: I don't have pervy dreams about this Doc, but i didn't consider myself unfaithful when i had them about ten, no. In a nutshell? Karen Gillan cannot act. It's exactly like what you said. Amy is sad - i'll attempt a sad face. Amy is scared - i'll make big eyes. Amy is happy - i'll make big eyes with a smile. No one will ever convince me she got the part for anything other than her legs, particularly not when it's been said that Moffat thought she was "too dumpy" in her screen test until he saw her in the flesh. Dear S5 - Fuck off. Hire a cast that can act. (I don't have a very high estimation of Freema, either. Sorry. But Martha was essentially a cardboard cut out that could have been awesome, and Freema was quite tedious to watch. Even when she came back in S4 post- her Doctor love, she was still boring. Give me Sarah Jane and Donna any day.)

Re: snakes. I still haven't seen it. I probably won't. Where is Captain Tightpants, incidentally?

Re: tent. I repeat - AWESOME.

Re: box. Lol. That is something i would do.

on 2010-08-22 12:58 am (UTC)
biodamped: (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] biodamped
I just cannot stand her. So much so (like, i literally throw things at the screen when she speaks) that i cannot appreciate her legs. Someone that dumb doesn't deserve appareciation.

Woohooo! Sounds fun :D


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