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Firstly, it's genius.

Secondly, it's awesome.

Thirdly, it's seriously really amazingly good.

I was worried that the second film couldn't possibly be as good as the first. But I did not feel disappointed in any way. The rest of this post will consist of RDJ/Iron Man glee and consequently may contain spoilers.

Right, lets get one thing out of the way first. "Get A Roof" is a perfect line in a perfect situation and the scriptwriter deserves cookies. But people did eat a lot of food. I came out of that film incredibly hungry.

I am so grateful that they raced cars around the Monaco track so that I could hear that vrooom as they go through the tunnel in surround sound. Yes indeedy. Oh, I loiked that noise. Racing cars, explosions and RDJ doing banter with an exceedingly well written Pepper Potts. My ovaries may never be the same again.

His dad! He dad! I'm now showing you... my arse!. Like father like son, I'm sure RDJ said that at some point in the first movie. And Tony Stark built a CERN. In his basement. OUT OF A BOX OF SCRAPS! Macro potential there I feel.

They did bicker most delightfully.

Cross posted from LJ for those that don't read any more

on 2010-05-05 08:24 am (UTC)
biodamped: in which i opine on some trifling idiocy, no doubt ([dw] dear editor...)
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I didn't like IM1, sadly. :( I doubt i'll enjoy #2. Yes you may shun me now.

Also re: the cross posting. You know you can set DW up to cross-post to lj, don't you? You can't do the reverse but if you add an account in the cross-post settings here (i'll find you the link in a sec), you can then just update your DW, tick the cross-post button at the bottom and voila! Two journal entries for the price of one. :D

on 2010-05-05 09:21 am (UTC)
biodamped: ([dw] still not ginger)
Posted by [personal profile] biodamped

This is true. You two must stay friends until i reach the shores of the Mother Country. Then you can bicker all you want. :P

Well, it could, i suppose. If lj were decent, they'd implement the same principle, which just goes to prove my theory that they're wankers who care more about the revenue than their users. But eh, your journal, your choice. (Keeley would cross-post from DW. You know it. She'd make LJ her bitch.) I do very much appreciate the cross-posting though. ♥


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