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It's been pretty much nonstop for 2 days now. Living on the harbour quay is starting to look like less of a good idea. Mind you, I am on the second floor. The river is going to have to rise a ruddy bit more before it invades my front room.

In other news, today I finally wrote the abstract for the conference in Italy next summer (it's a hard life being a scientist). It includes the words "inherent in the method" ("Come and see the violence inherent in the system!") though I doubt that will last through to the final draft. I also spent a generous amount of time enabling [personal profile] sweetsyren in building an SPN/Avengers crossover sandbox and playing in it with much imagination.

*rubs last of the rain out of hair and sends a prayer to the weather gods for some dry days*
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WEEKEND HAS ARRIVED! WOOOO!!! and other expressions of excitement.

Last weekend was the annual visit to [personal profile] sweetsyren with associated geeking out and awesomeness. We went out for lunch for her birthday (tasty foods were tasty - especially the delicious slow roasted pork).

Then there was a week of work. What to say? There were 'todes. The 'todes were washed, the 'todes were collected, the 'todes were murdered in a number of nasty little ways. Was good and went to Boxercise again. Legs of Logs were the overall result. Ow. But hey, it's good for me, right?

Finally Friday happened. The Opera Festival officially opened with fireworks and my small dinner party to introduce some new folks to my amazing view went down delightfully well.

The additional bonus of the Fringe Festival live music competition in the bar downstairs was very much enjoyed. As were a generous assortment of accompanying beverages.

Currently eating tea and toast and watching Hercules on the smallest screen ever. Still funny though.
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Yesterday it was this Pic:

and a million fanfics were born

Which set off an enquiry into what would happen if Mal had sired a child that night with Saffron/Yolanda (SPECIAL hell) and if she had been dumped back into his life at the age of 12. So that was an episode sketched out for [personal profile] sweetsyren and an entire afternoon gone.

..."Is anyone going to tell me why my second in command seems to think it perfectly OK to lock my daughter in the airlock without consulting me first?"


Today I woke up and thought "well, at least I've got that out of my system now."

But no. It's never that easy.

So today was "Donna and Cas and WerewolfDean in NY".

... yeah, I got nothing.
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(I wore my StarWorms T-shirt today. May The Fourth Be With You! Had to educate a LOT of science folk into the true nature of geekery. I don't think they will ever look at me the same way again. Is kinda good though, a four month grace period was long enough.)

Having worked the official weekend, I then spent the entirety of my one day weekend (also known as the bank holiday) not doing all the many things that weekends are for, but instead writing fic. All day. Trust me, you guys should be thankful to [personal profile] sweetsyren, because without her I wouldn't even have remembered to eat.

Anyway. I then couldn't face turning Donal on last night to do edits or anything so I spent the evening doing washing/baking bread/doing a big shop/finally dealing with the washing up. So now I have clean clothes, a fridge full of edible things and a clean kitchen. Life be good.

Oh and I watched Star Trek III, The Search For Spock while I was doing all the many things. How slashy is that towards the end?

And as a reward I had Olivia Williams and Rupert Graves. Mmm. Well done ITV. And I don't say that often.
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All was quiet in the flat but for the tappity tappity of keys. Ficcage was occurring. Ideas were flowing, dialogue was being polished, scenarios were being described and all was well. Until a great wail went up from our beloved author.

"How Do Two People Of The Same Height Hug?!!!"

Oh, there was a wailing and gnashing of teeth. The internet was consulted (did you know there's a WikiHow on How to Hug? No, me neither). And lo, was the beta bombarded with questions. But bless her heart she didn't stumble, she didn't quail. No. She jumped to her feet.

"Person in this house who loves me" she summoned! "Come hither, for a person on the internet that you vaguely know needs us to model some positions." And he did come hither and with the aid of a stool they did model my sketchily described positions until they found one that worked.

And this is why my beta is better than yours. Thanks darlin' And to himself. You guys ROCK.
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Perhaps not the thing I was meant to be learning but whatever. All day in seminars/teaching sessions. Bleh. This academia isn't all it's cracked up to be! But then again, it was a nice rest after all the physical exercise yesterday. And I got some data analysed for the bosses, so they like me.

Oh, and [personal profile] sweetsyren? When we're raising sheep after the apocalypse, we need to strip-graze them or they'll eat up all the clover. Apparently it's a great method to prevent bentgrass invasion. Remind me of this at a later date?
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The trip home, not the extended weekend... That was AWESOME. Trip home? Not so much.

It could have been worse though, the train after ours broke, so they held ours back and let everyone get on it. Fortunately our carriage was full of people insisting that this was the DELAYED 13:10, not the REPLACED 13:35 and thus our seat reservations still hold good thank you and all y'all other folks can just clear off. :D

I indulged my new Fringe exploration all the way home (DAMN YOU [personal profile] sweetsyren AND YOUR ADDICTIVE SHOWS) but it was still a long way. I has a tired.

The weekend was awesome. Wine, more wine and then some wine (just for a change) interspersed with the conversation of funny and occasional pauses to GeoCache at Ally Pally. Then off to the Home Counties for some excellent movies (RED? AWESOME - and with a Helen Mirren cherry on top just to make it perfect) and conversation and an exploration of the River. I found cows and some enormous houses and two lots of mud and a beautiful chestnut foal with the cutest white blaze. [personal profile] sweetsyren found us a pub that did lunch. I think perhaps her findings may have outclassed mine.

Anyway - I'm home. Woo etc. Back to reality. Hopefully NCIS tonight will cushion the landing somewhat.
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Having brilliant time with [personal profile] sweetsyren, watched "How To Tame Your Dragon" last night. Everyone together now... awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Today the sun is shining (shhhh, don't scare it away again) so there may even be venturing outside into the great blue room. TH wants to see The River.
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[personal profile] sweetsyren instigated the accent meme. She has now, (through foul means known as mild persuasion) has forced me into doing it also. Listening back, I appear to have produced a hybrid of noise made up of my professional phone voice, common northern accent and the hum from the overclocked unit beside me. Ah well.

Carry on through )

Warning: There is one incident of swearing. In it two swear words are used with strong emphasis. If this is likely to offend, please do not click the audio link.
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Yes it was too Ben Barnes in Caspian so NER, Didactylos. HA. Eat my being right and enjoy it in a tasty fashion.

I enjoyed it. Though I see we are now pretty much ignoring the books and just picking the pretty moments to film. But it was pretty, and there was much sailing and fighting with swords. So I'm happy. Shallow, but happy.

Today there shall be building shelves with the paternal unit, attempting to convince the jobcentre that I HAVE been looking for employment (no REALLY) and then swimming. Very productive day.

And tomorrow I get to go up to London (down, but you know what I mean) and look at all the bright lights and people and also (more importantly) catch up with old beloved friends for a chit chat, booze and bump admiration session.

Then I go invade Syren's peace and quiet and wreak havoc in the home counties. CRY WHATSIT AND UNLEASH THE DOGS OF WAR!!!
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So, that's me done. They gave me gifts (FREE SHIT!!!) and speeches (EMBARRASSING) to which I replied with grace (TH BRINGS TEH FUNNEH, NO-ONE LAUGHS).

Am now kicking back and relaxing all cool in the the southern bastion that is Syren-ville. Later there is planned a view of trees. Unfortunately it's currently raining. *sadface*

Anyone got any influence with the weather gods?
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I amused Syren tho. :D

Must now got and edit fic for Australian type people who are writing beautiful things for me.

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Of Dave in a Handlebar moustache.

There. Are. No. Words.


Still dead

Oh, and apparently it's National Kissing Day. Yeah right. You and who's army?

ETA: In Canada, milk comes in a bag?

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I got Slovenia. They've only been to the World Cup once and lost all three matches. Gragh.

But in positive things, it's evidence that I am slightly more accepted into the office environment despite being a temp. So that's good!

Getting over A2A now, an early night last night helped. Sleeping on the floor with the cat using me as an obstacle course on Mon night did not aid brain power.

So, brain more awake today. Managed to remember that the brain spawned a marching song of Crack!Filk and sent it to Syren. There was lol-ing.

Thank you.

May. 16th, 2010 02:31 pm
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On my way back from [personal profile] sweetsyren's, so grateful for the peace and space to unwind she provides free gratis. Sorry I wasn't all that lively, petal. Mind you, the way my temperature appears to be soaring at the moment I blame an evil virus. *cough cough*

I shall inflict the train with my evil disease. *huggles the train wifi and gives it a cold*

Things I am incredibly grateful for:
1. Beer
2. Laughs
3. Being beaten at pool when I had put all the hard work in and was down to the black. Twice.
4. Bacon
5. Encouraging news regarding the new Moffat scripts leading to faint stirings of excitment about watching New Who when the DVDs come out and my Docter Fatigue is over.
6. Blade (surprisingly it doesn't age). Music, swords and Cars - what's not to like?

Other more mercenary things (Morbo rocks):
5. SG:U
6. P!nk (thanks chick).
7. Dresden

Thanks babe. Luff you. Hope I didn't give you this cold (*snuffles*)
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Four hours and I'll be with [personal profile] sweetsyren for geeking out and assorted squeeage.

*gives thanks for free train wifi*

*huggles the train*

Flying south, badum-badum-badum... Goodbye Emely Moor. I'll miss you!
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Wish me luck folks! Hopefully today will be slightly less ranty.

Work incredibly busy but I am getting faster, so journeys home are less filled with depressing brooding over inadequacies. Still not pleased about these gubermint shenanigans but [community profile] uk_lolitics ("We like our Parliaments well hung") is helping a little.

In other news, Syren is not allowed smoothies in a work environment.

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Agency sent me somewhere new. It's a bit more money and flexitime, so hopefully my ability to get up at a reasonable time will lead to early home-time on Fridays.

I'm considering flying to Rome because life is just THAT complicated. But chocolate covered raisins have worked their usual magic and the keyboard is once again safe from random percussive maintenance.

And I get to go see [personal profile] sweetsyren this weekend! Squeeeeee! Life be good not all that bad at all really.
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Tin! Of Peppermints! Want one? )

The cat is begging for snuggles. Assiduously. With claws.


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