May. 4th, 2011

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(I wore my StarWorms T-shirt today. May The Fourth Be With You! Had to educate a LOT of science folk into the true nature of geekery. I don't think they will ever look at me the same way again. Is kinda good though, a four month grace period was long enough.)

Having worked the official weekend, I then spent the entirety of my one day weekend (also known as the bank holiday) not doing all the many things that weekends are for, but instead writing fic. All day. Trust me, you guys should be thankful to [personal profile] sweetsyren, because without her I wouldn't even have remembered to eat.

Anyway. I then couldn't face turning Donal on last night to do edits or anything so I spent the evening doing washing/baking bread/doing a big shop/finally dealing with the washing up. So now I have clean clothes, a fridge full of edible things and a clean kitchen. Life be good.

Oh and I watched Star Trek III, The Search For Spock while I was doing all the many things. How slashy is that towards the end?

And as a reward I had Olivia Williams and Rupert Graves. Mmm. Well done ITV. And I don't say that often.


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