May. 27th, 2011

huggeroftrees: (A2A_Gene Wings)
Days of Holiday remaining on contract: 4
Weeks of contract left to run: 1
Result - Treehugger gets ALL the days off.


Well, not quite all the days. But pretty close! Today, Monday and next Friday. Yay!

Tis a good thing, as BigSis is arriving this evening for an Irish holiday weekend and I need to prepare. There's not that much left to do, I've ironed the bedding, made the bed (HOW HARD ARE DOUBLE BEDS TO MAKE? Seriously. Why on EARTH do people sleep in them? Apart from the obvious of course). I've hoovered (will hoover again just in case) and cleaned the bathroom and kitchen.

Today there will be making of lasagne and bread. The lasagne for when we get back tonight, a quick re-heat and DINNER! Woohoo.

But there will be lots of resting. Lots and lots. Because it became clear this week that I am BONE tired. Every single thing I had to do this week was just too much effort. However, after last night's early night and this morning's lie-in I already feel a little more perky. With lots of sitting down on and off (and maybe a nap) I should be ready/willing/able for the weekend of fun planned ahead. And have enough energy to whip up an acceptable amount of excitement.

Weather looks pretty good though. Fingers crossed.


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