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So. Yesterday we went up Arthur's Seat (excessively cool) and then today I came home.

Good Bye Christmas And New Year. Hello reality. :(

And tomorrow I have to Go To The Bank Like a M_ F_ Adult.

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Anyone still need some re-hydration/salty carbs? I made good use of my lazy day (comedy DVDs, Be Kind-Rewind and The Bourne Ultimatum) with editing my INCREDIBLY late Hogswatch fic. I reckon Hogmanay still counts, right?

Did y'all have a nice time? The fireworks were awesome, and the crowd quite large considering. We decided the street party was probably overpriced, hence the size of the mob getting the view for free on the bridge.

I drank ALL THE BUBBLES, danced to the locomotion, and generally had a great time. THEN we went out on the piss. :D I love Edinburgh.
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There has been a haircut (a nice gentleman offered us Bucks Fizz but we were very good and said that as it was before 11am maybe we'd better not).

There has been shopping for pretty things. Many pretty things. So many pretty things we required a cocktail first. YAY BOOZE!

And soon the rest of the crazy gang will arrive and there will be champagne and snackages and hitting of the town and lol, much merriment will ensue. WE'M GONNA GET DRUNK!!! Ho YUS.

I have been informed there will be drinking in a pub called the Guilty Lily, henceforth to be known as the Gilded Lily. ROFL.


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