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and we did ALL THE TOURISTY THINGS. Which pleased her mightily.

The weather stayed good (i.e. only a wee bit o' soft rain) and there were even moments of being a smidgeon too warm! There was walking and cycling and pottering through town and browsing and eating (lots of tasty eating) and touristing and laughing (she nearly fell off the bike for laughing at one point).

We found the shop with all the "kitchen things that you didn't know you needed until now" and enjoyed both the coffee house of posh and the delicious restaurant of locally sourced produce.

Oh, and one day I must tell you about her new venture, smuggling donkeys on the ferry over to the UK. It's all planned out. Really. There's even a role in it for you, SwissBoy, when she expands into New Zealand.
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Dear Diary,

Today I carried 32 buckets of water from the stupid equipment to the drain on the other side of the barn.

It was not the best day ever.

But then we got to go to the beach and there was chips and beer whilst looking at the sea and paddling and chasing after the multi-coloured throwing thing through aches of soft sand and walking like a zombie and general merriment.

All in all, I think we'll chalk this day up to the good guys.


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