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2011-08-10 07:58 am
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Ooooh, Lens Flare...

Went to see Super8 last night. Loved it (including the GRAGH! moments of jump fright). But you can tell it was made by J.J.Abrams. LENSFLARE. Lots of LENSFLARE. It should have its own sound effect. Kinda like a "mmmwhaaaaaaaaaaa".

Lensflare preeeeeetty.
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2011-06-10 05:54 pm

Ah, the joys of an Irish summer

Got HAILED on on the way home. And let me tell you internets, air-flow vents in a helmet are all very well for head cooling but they do NOTHING against big lumps of ice. NOTHING.

As Caesar himself said: "Infamy, Infamy! They've all got it in for me!"

Oh, and I saw X-Men:First Class. :D There is not enough squee in the world to express my opinion on that film. The Slash! The Fassbender! The Wolverine!
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2011-06-08 07:16 pm
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Things we have learnt about Ireland today.

Pasta Carbonara WILL come with mash AND chips. (brb, dying of carbs)

In other news, the plumber came, froze the pipe (yay! didn't have to drain the entire system) and put a new valve on the radiator.

The new job is going well, so far I have helped a student with their massive experiment and done some work on the project I was working on before. So... yeah. Going to X-Men tomorrow. Because it has to be done. The amount of squee I keep running into compels me.
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2011-05-25 09:35 am
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Working from home today

Which is a good thing as last night's small dinner party could be viewed as a small success. All the best dinner parties should end up in host's local pub (downstairs) with trad music filtering through from the lounge bar.

Bit slow this morning. *yawn*

But Pirates tonight! Woohoo!

Oooh, and both the dawn chorus and the half-marathon were awesome! Though I did run out of words of encouragement at the end and cycled the last 5 km up the road passing everyone whilst saying "you're doing really well, come one you can do it, you're doing really well, come on, you can do it, you're doing really well, come one you can do it" until I was ready to stuff my own socks in my mouth. But some of 'em smiled, so maybe it helped. Will have to plan a more varied script of encouragement for next time.
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2011-05-07 12:44 am
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Just got back from the pub...

That was a good birthday.

Cake at work. Plus additional cake made especially for me. With candles! And then an early home time, Dr Who (at last! And OMG WHAT?!!!!), folks round to the flat for a small feeding, then off to the cinema to see Hanna (my third Olivia Williams of the week) which was odd, but awesome. And then a trip to the pub to finish it off.

Best. Birthday. Ever.

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2011-04-26 08:09 pm
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What day is it today?

Hero on the tele, glass of red in my hand and my Ardougne cloak hiding my "nefarious stealing activities from the guards and the storeholder"

I steal a cake. :D
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2011-04-25 04:13 pm

*has earnt her famous-explorer-badge*

That was a long cycle. I cycled so far I found the sun! Which then hung around for half an hour before being embarrassed by all the attention and disappearing to be replaced by a cold wind. Which became a cold headwind as I set off on a winding explore of the South East Coast following the elusive blue signs of a long distance cycle route. Very good signage actually, I never got lost at all! Unfortunately the back roads were not so good. Thank goodness for suspended saddles, that's what I say!

Am now home, and having showered, done the shopping, put a load of washing on and washed the kitchen floor I think I'm allowed to relax in your fine company for a bit.

Everyone having a nice bank holiday?

Oooh, and we're off to see Fast And Furious: Whatever later. Car noise and Vin Diesel's oiled biceps. Lovely.
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2011-02-19 06:01 pm
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Despite being deadly tired I have sorted All The Things

Two hours sleep on the ferry, two hours sleep on the bus, one fry-up and a constant stream of coffee but the entire content of the store is boxed, labelled and ready to be shipped.

Now, where are those matchsticks? My eyes won't stay open.

Other things you might like to know.

In work, it's been busy, but fun. I can hereby inform you that it was seriously cold in Budapest in February in 2009, but really quite warm in Sicily in April. Yes, you can find anything online if you look hard enough. Or long enough. Or with enough loud music in your ears.

The French kicker may be the best looking guy in the whole of the Six Nations Tournament.

I like beer (but you knew that already)

My football team beat Barcelona. BEAT THEM.

And centrifuging distorts the tube something chronic.
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2011-01-25 05:21 pm
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Urgh. My everything hurts

But I swimmed 1300m. Looking good for the 1500 on Thursday. And upped the sprints to 3x despite all the pain. Very virtuous I am. However, I have pulled a muscle somewhere I don't even know where to start to describe. Over did the kicking on the sprints I think. Dole office forgetting to pay up can do that to a girl.

But still, I has swimming XP. And now to go see Tron. In 3D. And do my very best not to fall asleep. Cos if I do, [profile] didactylos will KILL me.
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2011-01-22 07:15 pm

Mmm, cruise ships and fainting couches

Thanks to Film4 I have spent the afternoon wallowing with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr in An Affair To Remember.

Now I want to lie on a chaise lounge with a blanket on my lap while the man I love terribly and desperately stalks around the room sniping at me and generally being all hurt and misunderstood.

Ah yes, the old ones are definitely the best.
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2011-01-19 05:35 pm

Well, that was fun...

The trip home, not the extended weekend... That was AWESOME. Trip home? Not so much.

It could have been worse though, the train after ours broke, so they held ours back and let everyone get on it. Fortunately our carriage was full of people insisting that this was the DELAYED 13:10, not the REPLACED 13:35 and thus our seat reservations still hold good thank you and all y'all other folks can just clear off. :D

I indulged my new Fringe exploration all the way home (DAMN YOU [personal profile] sweetsyren AND YOUR ADDICTIVE SHOWS) but it was still a long way. I has a tired.

The weekend was awesome. Wine, more wine and then some wine (just for a change) interspersed with the conversation of funny and occasional pauses to GeoCache at Ally Pally. Then off to the Home Counties for some excellent movies (RED? AWESOME - and with a Helen Mirren cherry on top just to make it perfect) and conversation and an exploration of the River. I found cows and some enormous houses and two lots of mud and a beautiful chestnut foal with the cutest white blaze. [personal profile] sweetsyren found us a pub that did lunch. I think perhaps her findings may have outclassed mine.

Anyway - I'm home. Woo etc. Back to reality. Hopefully NCIS tonight will cushion the landing somewhat.
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2011-01-18 09:35 am

Can't Stop Blathering...

Having brilliant time with [personal profile] sweetsyren, watched "How To Tame Your Dragon" last night. Everyone together now... awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Today the sun is shining (shhhh, don't scare it away again) so there may even be venturing outside into the great blue room. TH wants to see The River.
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2011-01-13 09:18 am
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Watched the Dawn Treader yesterday afternoon

Yes it was too Ben Barnes in Caspian so NER, Didactylos. HA. Eat my being right and enjoy it in a tasty fashion.

I enjoyed it. Though I see we are now pretty much ignoring the books and just picking the pretty moments to film. But it was pretty, and there was much sailing and fighting with swords. So I'm happy. Shallow, but happy.

Today there shall be building shelves with the paternal unit, attempting to convince the jobcentre that I HAVE been looking for employment (no REALLY) and then swimming. Very productive day.

And tomorrow I get to go up to London (down, but you know what I mean) and look at all the bright lights and people and also (more importantly) catch up with old beloved friends for a chit chat, booze and bump admiration session.

Then I go invade Syren's peace and quiet and wreak havoc in the home counties. CRY WHATSIT AND UNLEASH THE DOGS OF WAR!!!
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2010-08-26 05:57 pm
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Bank holiday approacheth!

Scott Pilgrim on Friday.

Wensleydale Show on Saturday (more cheese, Gromit?)

Curry and booze on Sunday

Sleep on Monday

Sleep moar on Tuesday.

The Game Is On!!!
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2010-08-21 09:58 am
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The life of a wage slave is not all it's cracked up to be

So busy! No time to catch up with peeps! Surely this is against my human rights, no?

Things I need to tell all y'all.

TH watches Dr Who: Amy's Choice and makes a discovery )

TH watches Snakes on a Plane (spoilers within etc) )

TH prepares for death through exercise )
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2010-08-13 05:39 pm
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The A-Team. Let me explain...

No it is too much, let me sum up.

Basically they blew stuff up. Seriously, physics didn't even bother to turn up for this movie. There was a point when Didactylos turned to me and whispered "They made it out of Explodium!!!"

And they did. Really.

IT. WAS. AWESOME!!! I loved it!
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2010-08-01 01:43 pm

Please fill in your assessment questionnaires on the way out

So, parents back this afternoon. In their absence I have:

1) Written/prosed 10 pages of sketched fic, edited 16,000 words and finally managed to post the DoctorWho Crackfic Crossover thus enabling the watching of the 11th Doctor season.

2) Written 1 drabble and 1 vignette (both still need editing).

3) Written the opening paragraphs of a stalled chapter (opening paragraphs are always my bugbear).

4) Edited two pages of the 1940s AU so that it actually flows (might get even more of that done this afternoon).

5) Missed three lunches and worn out each and every wrist joint I own in the pursuit of same.

6) Cooked various messes of potage of the tasty variety including an excess of chilli.

7) Drunk the very nice bottle of red my aunt left as a thank you for looking after her over two months ago.

8) Drunk the very nice bottle of homebrew my friends left for me at my birthday BBQ.

9) Eaten an excess of Pizza and watched a goodly chunk of my Lovefilm Urgent List.

10) Stayed up late and slept in for no reason other than there was crap on TV and I had an idea.

Not bad for two weeks eh? *sigh* Welcome home folks.
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2010-07-27 07:46 pm
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My thoughts on Twilight:Eclipse.

Look. Stop laughing. I only went to lol and because people from work were going and you can't be picky when you're attempting to develop a social life.

But mostly for the LOL.

My thoughts (apart from that the Jacob/Edward slash WRITES ITSELF) can be found under the cut (they might be spoilerish - depends whether you consider pointing and laughing as spoilerish).

Does he even own a shirt? )
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2010-06-19 10:28 am
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Updatey type thing: Still sick.

Socialising this week consisted of an art gallery (terrible exhibition, very interesting side room with aerial photos of the city that Beardy McBeard Face (Didactylos) and I argued over for a while.

Art! Movies! Dinner! )

Oh and due to my evil throat of fiery raging pain keeping me awake all night with gland swelling and earache I went to the emergency Doctor. Apparently I have "No temperature" and after a quick glance in ears and throat I was dismissed with instructions to take regular painkillers and gargle every 2 hours. A virus. Oh joy. "It's on it's way out now"

This is why we can't have nice things.

So very tired.
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2010-05-04 09:37 pm
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Let me tell you some things about Iron Man 2

Firstly, it's genius.

Secondly, it's awesome.

Thirdly, it's seriously really amazingly good.

I was worried that the second film couldn't possibly be as good as the first. But I did not feel disappointed in any way. The rest of this post will consist of RDJ/Iron Man glee and consequently may contain spoilers.

Get a roof )

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