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I've done Firefly, DW, SPN and now Dollhouse for [she who shall not be named]. With additional smuttage. Two day's worth[1].

Can I have my brain back nao plz?

[1] It was awesome. I regret nothing.
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Yesterday it was this Pic:

and a million fanfics were born

Which set off an enquiry into what would happen if Mal had sired a child that night with Saffron/Yolanda (SPECIAL hell) and if she had been dumped back into his life at the age of 12. So that was an episode sketched out for [personal profile] sweetsyren and an entire afternoon gone.

..."Is anyone going to tell me why my second in command seems to think it perfectly OK to lock my daughter in the airlock without consulting me first?"


Today I woke up and thought "well, at least I've got that out of my system now."

But no. It's never that easy.

So today was "Donna and Cas and WerewolfDean in NY".

... yeah, I got nothing.
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Except in terms of fic. Smutty smutty fic. Icon quite possibly appropriate.

Oh dear. I think I shall have to become a solitary hermit. There's no other hope for me.

And this time it wasn't even [personal profile] sweetsyren's fault!
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(I wore my StarWorms T-shirt today. May The Fourth Be With You! Had to educate a LOT of science folk into the true nature of geekery. I don't think they will ever look at me the same way again. Is kinda good though, a four month grace period was long enough.)

Having worked the official weekend, I then spent the entirety of my one day weekend (also known as the bank holiday) not doing all the many things that weekends are for, but instead writing fic. All day. Trust me, you guys should be thankful to [personal profile] sweetsyren, because without her I wouldn't even have remembered to eat.

Anyway. I then couldn't face turning Donal on last night to do edits or anything so I spent the evening doing washing/baking bread/doing a big shop/finally dealing with the washing up. So now I have clean clothes, a fridge full of edible things and a clean kitchen. Life be good.

Oh and I watched Star Trek III, The Search For Spock while I was doing all the many things. How slashy is that towards the end?

And as a reward I had Olivia Williams and Rupert Graves. Mmm. Well done ITV. And I don't say that often.
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All was quiet in the flat but for the tappity tappity of keys. Ficcage was occurring. Ideas were flowing, dialogue was being polished, scenarios were being described and all was well. Until a great wail went up from our beloved author.

"How Do Two People Of The Same Height Hug?!!!"

Oh, there was a wailing and gnashing of teeth. The internet was consulted (did you know there's a WikiHow on How to Hug? No, me neither). And lo, was the beta bombarded with questions. But bless her heart she didn't stumble, she didn't quail. No. She jumped to her feet.

"Person in this house who loves me" she summoned! "Come hither, for a person on the internet that you vaguely know needs us to model some positions." And he did come hither and with the aid of a stool they did model my sketchily described positions until they found one that worked.

And this is why my beta is better than yours. Thanks darlin' And to himself. You guys ROCK.
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Anyone still need some re-hydration/salty carbs? I made good use of my lazy day (comedy DVDs, Be Kind-Rewind and The Bourne Ultimatum) with editing my INCREDIBLY late Hogswatch fic. I reckon Hogmanay still counts, right?

Did y'all have a nice time? The fireworks were awesome, and the crowd quite large considering. We decided the street party was probably overpriced, hence the size of the mob getting the view for free on the bridge.

I drank ALL THE BUBBLES, danced to the locomotion, and generally had a great time. THEN we went out on the piss. :D I love Edinburgh.
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So, I'm in Edinburgh for New Year. And so, it seems, is everyone else. Yay. Couldn't get onto the bits of Calton Hill I wanted to explore due to Pyromaniacs building highly flamable viking boats. Nice sunset tonight though.

However, I think I may have found the valley/mountain range I need for a stalled fic. Huzzah for the Austrian/Italian border, I'm sure they won't mind if I filch borrow it. And Huzzah for the Edinburgh Public Library. Very helpfuls.
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So, parents back this afternoon. In their absence I have:

1) Written/prosed 10 pages of sketched fic, edited 16,000 words and finally managed to post the DoctorWho Crackfic Crossover thus enabling the watching of the 11th Doctor season.

2) Written 1 drabble and 1 vignette (both still need editing).

3) Written the opening paragraphs of a stalled chapter (opening paragraphs are always my bugbear).

4) Edited two pages of the 1940s AU so that it actually flows (might get even more of that done this afternoon).

5) Missed three lunches and worn out each and every wrist joint I own in the pursuit of same.

6) Cooked various messes of potage of the tasty variety including an excess of chilli.

7) Drunk the very nice bottle of red my aunt left as a thank you for looking after her over two months ago.

8) Drunk the very nice bottle of homebrew my friends left for me at my birthday BBQ.

9) Eaten an excess of Pizza and watched a goodly chunk of my Lovefilm Urgent List.

10) Stayed up late and slept in for no reason other than there was crap on TV and I had an idea.

Not bad for two weeks eh? *sigh* Welcome home folks.
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What happened to lunch? Donna is being too awesome and I can't leave the fic. Damn you fic!

Actually no. Thank you. Thank you a million. Because I have been without a muse for so long it isn't even funny.

He felt a flush of pride as he looked down at that auburn head resting against his shoulder, at this woman who took everything the universe could throw at her and still remembered the soul restoring potential of clean clothes.

Edited to add: 2000 hours. It's done! Gragh. *cracks neck* Now I must eat.
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I do like the comedies. He could write delicious dialogue.

ROSALIND: Nay, an you be so tardy, come no more in my sight: I
had as lief be wooed of a snail.

ORLANDO: Of a snail?

ROSALIND: Ay, of a snail; for though he comes slowly, he
carries his house on his head; a better jointure,
I think, than you make a woman:

So much better than "You're late, you git! Where have you been?!!!"

Oh, and I have a day off. Lovely lovely day off. Writing for Donna is wonderful fun.
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You have pleased the Treehugger. You may live.

Other things: I went swimming last night. So very healthy am I. lol. And today dragged on forever, as has the whole week really. I need a weekend. Brain bubbling with the need to kick back and poke fic. Life interferes, (*sigh*) tis ok though - better things come from all the filtering.

Is it the weekend yet?

*This cross-posted from LJ where it makes sooooo much more sense

Additional Lols: Eclipse Wiv Cats
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You probably didn't want the Marching Song. You're getting it anyway.

In explanation - On Monday I was somewhat excited about my Aunt's visit and the fact I could finally watch the second half of the A2A finale. The brain is oddly fertile when I'm excited. The brain is also oddly fertile when I'm walking. It tends to make up songs/humorous lyrics to already known tunes. Aaaaaaanyway.

There's me, tramping down to the station, cheerfully looking forward to the journey home, revelling in the heady taste of excitement and anticipation. The brain decides that it should present me with a verse.

"Ok" say I. "Nice verse. What's it go with?"

"AHA!" replies my every verdant brain, and provides me with scene, motivation 3 more verses and a chorus.

There was nothing else I could do. I wrote it down. It goes to the tune of "She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain When She Comes."

Don't click here )
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I got Slovenia. They've only been to the World Cup once and lost all three matches. Gragh.

But in positive things, it's evidence that I am slightly more accepted into the office environment despite being a temp. So that's good!

Getting over A2A now, an early night last night helped. Sleeping on the floor with the cat using me as an obstacle course on Mon night did not aid brain power.

So, brain more awake today. Managed to remember that the brain spawned a marching song of Crack!Filk and sent it to Syren. There was lol-ing.


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