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Mr Dutch-Irish (of Mr and Almost-Mrs Irish fame) has allowed me to be a supporter of Holland/Netherlands/THE ORANGE PEOPLE.

I have a small prior interest through Van Persie


Such Pretty Football
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(good sleep, muchos thanks to the first half of Holland V Japan for restful dreams - also thanks to Ireland folk for allowing me to pretend to be Dutch for the remainder of the World Cup).

Got up, staggered around a bit, watched the Mentalist and then (it being 10:30) went back to bed.

Today: an advancement. We have bacterial mucus! Huzzah! A large majority of it seeping out of tear-ducts. Why does being sick have to be so very icky? Also bacterial headache. Not as incapacitating as viral headache but not fun.

The sofa looks very comfortable today. I think I shall go and make friends with it.
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Socialising this week consisted of an art gallery (terrible exhibition, very interesting side room with aerial photos of the city that Beardy McBeard Face (Didactylos) and I argued over for a while.

Art! Movies! Dinner! )

Oh and due to my evil throat of fiery raging pain keeping me awake all night with gland swelling and earache I went to the emergency Doctor. Apparently I have "No temperature" and after a quick glance in ears and throat I was dismissed with instructions to take regular painkillers and gargle every 2 hours. A virus. Oh joy. "It's on it's way out now"

This is why we can't have nice things.

So very tired.
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Ok, nice goal early on (pub roof almost lifts off from the noise, yes I will have another beer thank you, this looks like it will be fun).

I then spent the rest of the first half muttering "But we're meant to be GOOD in Midfield!!!" The less said about their goal the better. Is it a crime to string goalkeepers up from lampposts?

Second half we managed to re-discover some of that midfield grace but unfortunately SOMEONE forgot to bring Crouch on at half time so every cross into the box was completely WASTED but by this time we were all swearing pretty much constantly anyway so there you go.

Luckily the general atmosphere was so loud we couldn't hear those annoying horn things. Huzzah for small mercies.

How did YOUR team do?
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I got Slovenia. They've only been to the World Cup once and lost all three matches. Gragh.

But in positive things, it's evidence that I am slightly more accepted into the office environment despite being a temp. So that's good!

Getting over A2A now, an early night last night helped. Sleeping on the floor with the cat using me as an obstacle course on Mon night did not aid brain power.

So, brain more awake today. Managed to remember that the brain spawned a marching song of Crack!Filk and sent it to Syren. There was lol-ing.


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