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Most awesome.

There was getting up VERY early and hiking in. There was sitting. Many hours of sitting (truth be told, we brought all kindsa books and sudoku to entertain us, but never touched them. We were having too much fun watching the other folk coming through). There was free stuff (on day one we got Haribo!) (the sigh of disappointment when it became clear the chips float weren't throwing chips into the crowd was heart breaking) (on day two I almost fought a man for a King of the Mountain cap. I WON).

There was looking at the view through binoculars (especially on day two when we were on 'cote de Oxenhope' and had all the valleys lain out before us up to the 3 peaks in the purple misty distance).

And eventually. EVENTUALLY. There were outriders and sirens and the red official car and then... BIKES!!! All the BIKES!! Leaders and chasers and peleton and I saw Chris Froome's butt on the very first day and Dave Beresford looked STRAIGHT AT ME out of the Sky car window and BIIIIIKES. :D

Esh, the peleton is scary even if you've remembered to step back.

And then the long walk home with the rest of the crowd, winding our way along back footpaths to the real roads on the other side of the moor/down the valley to the train station.

It was awesome and amazing and brilliant and wonderful. Best Weekend EVER.
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WEEKEND HAS ARRIVED! WOOOO!!! and other expressions of excitement.

Last weekend was the annual visit to [personal profile] sweetsyren with associated geeking out and awesomeness. We went out for lunch for her birthday (tasty foods were tasty - especially the delicious slow roasted pork).

Then there was a week of work. What to say? There were 'todes. The 'todes were washed, the 'todes were collected, the 'todes were murdered in a number of nasty little ways. Was good and went to Boxercise again. Legs of Logs were the overall result. Ow. But hey, it's good for me, right?

Finally Friday happened. The Opera Festival officially opened with fireworks and my small dinner party to introduce some new folks to my amazing view went down delightfully well.

The additional bonus of the Fringe Festival live music competition in the bar downstairs was very much enjoyed. As were a generous assortment of accompanying beverages.

Currently eating tea and toast and watching Hercules on the smallest screen ever. Still funny though.
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Cork is awesome (as expected) does amazing coffee and has really friendly people. Also my Hotel was opposite a funeral home. These things happen.

Had to pay for an EXTRA ticket on the way home due to not using the outgoing portion of my return because a nice man gave me a lift to Cork from the most concentrated induction day ever. He saved me about 4 hours though, so I'm not complaining. That much. Ok, maybe a little bit. Stupid bus people.

And tomorrow I have to go back to work. *sigh*
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I'm a bit confused. I hope there isn't a concert tomorrow night. TH needs sleep.

I'm gonna miss Torchwood tonight (get-together with friends) and I'm not that bothered. It was a bit drab last week. I'll catch up somehow I'm sure.
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I'm off surfing tomorrow! Well, I'm having a lesson anyway. I fully expect to spend the whole time falling backward off the board and making a jolly old fool of myself. It's gonna be such fun.


And there will be no time to think about work. None. This weekend is MINE and I'm having it.

Hope all y'all are having a great time yourselves.
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50 km in 1:58.30

YAY!!! Average speed 15 mph, which was a personal best blowing all other average speeds out of the water. And it was definitely worth sprinting the final km to save those 90 seconds.

UNDER TWO HOURS, PEOPLE. I win ALL the things.

Thanks of course must go out to all the people whose wheels I clung onto for the first 10 km until I cleared the pack. I paid them back! Well, I "played it forward". Someone was on my wheel for at least 15 minutes on the last 20 km. Ooooh, that last 20 km.

TH hits main road, with delicious smooth surface.
TH looks at watch and calculates possibility of getting a sub 2 hour time.
TH tanks it for 20 mins uphill and down with moaning and swearing and cursing and gritted teeth.

A funny thing, speedy racer type bikes were much faster than Festus on down-hills, but he seems to have a much better power efficiency on up-hills. There were 6 - 8 of us continuously passing and re-passing each other for most of the undulating middle section. I have to admit, it gave me a warm glow to steam past frantically pedalling lycra clad speedy racer bike riding individuals.

Good ole Festus.
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In amongst all the rage-y stress and panic of last week (see flocked post below) I did manage to do some important good stuff.

1. Rebooked the opticians appointment that I COMPLETELY forgot last Sunday. Thank you Specsavers for not being grumpy at my numptyism. You are verrah kind.

2. Booked the surfing lessons for next weekend. OH YEAH, I'MA GONNA LEARN HOW TO SURF. Cool. I has it.

3. Got a lift sorted for the massive bike ride of massive that I'm doing tomorrow. (It's not really that massive, I'm only doing the 50 km, my lift person is doing the 160 km - they're insane, it has mountains!).

And that's the "3 points make a post" !!!

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*pops a beer and hunts for a randomly bad film to watch*

(Today I ran a gel, and saw lines. Very cool. No 'Todes lines but never mind. I also did PCR. I am molecular biologist nao. Payrise plz?)
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Today I cycled 31 miles. And took the recycling out when I got home.

I leave it to you as to which of those was the more awesome use of a Saturday :-)

(At least now I don't have to worry about making the 50 km thing in a couple of weeks
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I say may, because I met a man in the pub last night and I'm waiting for him to call me this morning and confirm that he's willing to take me out for the day.


Actually, it's less exciting than that. Wending my wobbly way home from the comedy festival last night/this morning (Sarah Millican is HYSTERICALLY FILTHY in real life and I laughed so much I thought I was going to asphyxiate myself from lack of breathing) I was just considering my warm and cosy bed when I noticed the barman was having a smoke break in the doorway of the pub.

"Hullo!" Sayeth I, being in a somewhat merry mood despite the lateness of the hour.

"Hullo," replyeth he. "Your mate be inside, drinking cheerily. You should pop in and say hi."

"I should," thought I! (For I am nothing if not persuadable when tipsy). "Let me past and I shall do so forthwith."

The outcome of which was that there was the drinking of more beverages and it did come to pass that I was informed of the exciting news that my landlord was taking some relations to the Duncannon Military Festival (RE-ENACTMENT SQUEE) and there might be room in the car for a little one. Emboldened by my vodka consumption I ventured to enquire as to whether I could be cheeky and tag along for the fun.

Hence you find me. Slightly hungover and awaiting a phone call. With coffee. And slight trepidation.
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And some tourism. Woohoo! (There's a CASTLE)
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(I wore my StarWorms T-shirt today. May The Fourth Be With You! Had to educate a LOT of science folk into the true nature of geekery. I don't think they will ever look at me the same way again. Is kinda good though, a four month grace period was long enough.)

Having worked the official weekend, I then spent the entirety of my one day weekend (also known as the bank holiday) not doing all the many things that weekends are for, but instead writing fic. All day. Trust me, you guys should be thankful to [personal profile] sweetsyren, because without her I wouldn't even have remembered to eat.

Anyway. I then couldn't face turning Donal on last night to do edits or anything so I spent the evening doing washing/baking bread/doing a big shop/finally dealing with the washing up. So now I have clean clothes, a fridge full of edible things and a clean kitchen. Life be good.

Oh and I watched Star Trek III, The Search For Spock while I was doing all the many things. How slashy is that towards the end?

And as a reward I had Olivia Williams and Rupert Graves. Mmm. Well done ITV. And I don't say that often.
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Lunch in Dublin: 10 Euro
Espresso and icecream in Dublin: 5 Euro

Squeeing with friends you haven't seen for over two years: PRICELESS.

Even with running for the bus (twice) it was worth it. Even hearing that my friend had been to a SciFi convention where she had MET THE GENIUS THAT IS KEELEY was worth it. And I didn't stab her in the middle of the burrito bar. Not just because they didn't have knives. I'm a well bred lady (not that the evidence backs me up all the time) and I didn't want to cause a messy murder scene in the eatery of a friend of a friend.

It's so nice to be able to talk constantly for 3 hours about everything and nothing and everyone and no-one with a friend so old and so close that you can STILL finish each others sentences, even after 2 years.

That would have been enough but then to top it off we had this. So many beautiful fireworks.

This weekend has been AMAZING and I would marry it if possible.
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Violence and running around and short shorts and very fast paced play and wow. I LOVE this game. Only wish I had known this when I was a young un. I'm a bit to old to enjoy getting twatted about the hands/shins by a slab of wood. The sun shone and it was a lovely day. Has been a pretty awesome weekend all round yesterday. One teeny rain shower, but that meant I was forced to stay in and unpack the box marked "photos". Found some from my Masters and our trip to Venice. I'd forgotten any had been taken! Good memories.

Live games are definitely better than tv. There was shouting. Encouragement of course! Though the odd moment of abuse might have slipped out. I blame it on the Hot Thermos of Coffee with a Wee Dram slipped into it.

In the lull, halfway through the second half, I had a terrible urge to yell "YOU'RE A W***ER NUMBER NINE". But I resisted it. Didn't think anyone but me would find it funny.

Oh, and Wexford lost. Of course. Ah well.

This coming week is St Paddy's Day. We get the day off! Currently feeling very Irish.
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I threw a housewarming and only one person came. Obviously I fail at social gatherings. On the plus side, all your wine/nibblies/leftover baby muffins are belong to us.

There has been such unpacking. Let me tell you internets. On Wednesday I unpacked my DVDs and found at least half a dozen I hadn't remembered buying. BONUS HOT FUZZ FTW!!! On Thursday I had people over (little TH's first dinner party!) and good times were had. On Friday I found my DVD player (W00T!) and also built a bookcase. Pressing in the nails that hold on the back panel with the flat blade of a screwdriver due to lack of a hammer was Not Fun(tm). On Saturday I went jogging with some peeps (mainly to be sociable and see the pretty nature reserve), acquired an empty low sided fruit box from Aldi, filled it with books and slid it under the bed (books cropped up a LOT in my unpacking) and threw the aforementioned housewarming.

Today I have officially done nothing. TH has a tired. She would be sunning herself in the flat except Ireland has decided to have a freezing cold day with clouds making everything manky grey. So there is coffee shop wifi and hot chocolate with marshmallows.
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Two hours sleep on the ferry, two hours sleep on the bus, one fry-up and a constant stream of coffee but the entire content of the store is boxed, labelled and ready to be shipped.

Now, where are those matchsticks? My eyes won't stay open.

Other things you might like to know.

In work, it's been busy, but fun. I can hereby inform you that it was seriously cold in Budapest in February in 2009, but really quite warm in Sicily in April. Yes, you can find anything online if you look hard enough. Or long enough. Or with enough loud music in your ears.

The French kicker may be the best looking guy in the whole of the Six Nations Tournament.

I like beer (but you knew that already)

My football team beat Barcelona. BEAT THEM.

And centrifuging distorts the tube something chronic.
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Thanks to Film4 I have spent the afternoon wallowing with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr in An Affair To Remember.

Now I want to lie on a chaise lounge with a blanket on my lap while the man I love terribly and desperately stalks around the room sniping at me and generally being all hurt and misunderstood.

Ah yes, the old ones are definitely the best.
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Hello Friday, nice to see you. Looking forward somewhat to the weekend, not sure why as I haven't earned it work wise. Mind you, the Job Centre have decided that I am worthy of a teeeeeeny smidgeon of money so life isn't all bad.

I'm sat up in bed, fully dressed with additional dressing gown. This is due to extraordinary complicated heating not coming on upstairs until 9pm. Hood is up. Feeling very much like a boxer.
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The trip home, not the extended weekend... That was AWESOME. Trip home? Not so much.

It could have been worse though, the train after ours broke, so they held ours back and let everyone get on it. Fortunately our carriage was full of people insisting that this was the DELAYED 13:10, not the REPLACED 13:35 and thus our seat reservations still hold good thank you and all y'all other folks can just clear off. :D

I indulged my new Fringe exploration all the way home (DAMN YOU [personal profile] sweetsyren AND YOUR ADDICTIVE SHOWS) but it was still a long way. I has a tired.

The weekend was awesome. Wine, more wine and then some wine (just for a change) interspersed with the conversation of funny and occasional pauses to GeoCache at Ally Pally. Then off to the Home Counties for some excellent movies (RED? AWESOME - and with a Helen Mirren cherry on top just to make it perfect) and conversation and an exploration of the River. I found cows and some enormous houses and two lots of mud and a beautiful chestnut foal with the cutest white blaze. [personal profile] sweetsyren found us a pub that did lunch. I think perhaps her findings may have outclassed mine.

Anyway - I'm home. Woo etc. Back to reality. Hopefully NCIS tonight will cushion the landing somewhat.
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At last! My umbilical cord to the internet is reconnected! (Thank you Wexford public library, you beautiful beautiful people).

But before I update you on the interesting highpoints of the week I must first tell you this thing. This wonderful amazing thing.

IT'S SNOWING! In Ireland! Real honest to goodness snow! With the pretty and the white stuff falling from the sky and the pitching and the making of bigfoot tracks through pristine carpets of crunchy squeeky fluff. In conclusion: Snow.

*Remembers not to flood your friends pages* )

Oh, and you have not experienced Romeo and Juliet until you go to the ballet version with an 8-year old two seats down who exclaims in shock and surprise "Juliet's coming back!!!" at that vital moment in the crypt scene. Bless. All the miming with the bottle and the pretend choking obviously went totally over her head. I had to stuff my sleeve into my mouth for a good five minutes to muffle the hysterical laughter so as not to ruin the final death scene. We were still laughing on the way home.


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