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Thursday Morning in Treehugger Ville:

Get up.
Communte in a bored, half asleep, generally grumpy about it being too early fashion.
Find a metro on the train, flick through it to pass the time.
See that picture of the latest Glee episode.

Basically, I'm sat on the train, grinning from ear to ear and all I can think is "MY SHIP IS AFLOAT AND THERE IS NO-ONE HERE I CAN SQUEE WITH!!!!"

Note to self: Be decorous.

Step one - Get off train as it is pulling into you stop. (Achieved but with shit eating grin scaring all the boarding communters)
Step two - find phone.
Step three - think of someone to text...

I'm sorry syren. I realise it was a weeeee bit early to get that much capslocky in your inbox. But seriously. Like I said. What if you'd Glee Spoiler Within ). For real. In An Episode!!!

So yeah. So much for "I'm not watching! I don't want to know what happened - I don't wanna be spoiled! I'm waiting for it to get to us."


(spoilers in comments)


Sep. 5th, 2010 05:31 pm
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A weekend and a half but we got him married off (he made a beautiful speech) and despite a baby snoring through the serious parts of the ceremony they were done and dusted in style.

Minor "old" moment at about 10:30 where we had the sudden urge for a pot o' tea. lol. So aged. But to be fair, it was refreshing and encouraged by this I then went on to dance my feet into blisters. So yeah.

Ate fantastic food, talked non-stop for 12 h straight, drank a reasonable amount, danced like a loon and all this in white trousers whilst really not in a physical/hormonal condition to be wearing anything white down there. Mother Nature: nil, TH: eleventy million.

Threw some moves to Scissor Sisters' "I Don't Feel Like Dancing" (something of a personal anthem). Rocked out like a proper Cheerio to "Don't Stop Believing" (which I have been DYING to dance to since I first saw Glee and haven't EVER had the chance until now - my Archie air guitar solo has to be seen to be believed). Requested (alongside a fellow cheese loivor) "Give A Little Respect" and had the entire dancefloor to ourselves - AWESOMELY STRANGE MOVES OCCURRED - and later attempted the flying jump thing in "I've Had The Time Of My Life".

All finished off with "New York New York" in proper Wedding Stylee.

Best Liverpudian Wedding EVER.

(when I got home this afternoon I had to go to bed - a lightweight is me :D)
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I almost said "Buon giorno" to a woman sweeping out the foyer of the posh hotel on the way to the train this morning. I miss Italy.

In other news it was still manic at work and I played "hunt the non-existent invoice" most of the afternoon.

I miss Italy.

ETA: Glee was back to being awesome this week and Didactylos has booked us tickets to Noel Coward on Friday as there's nothing in the Cinemas. So far a good week then. I still miss Italy.


Jun. 1st, 2010 12:01 pm
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Oh Israel. Was that really the only way you could have dealt with the problem?


Who amongst your vast array of supposedly intelligent advisers persuaded you that such a plan was the best, let alone the only, scheme to resolve a highly public situation in the full glare of the media. Have you sacked them yet?

(And on a side note, Glee - you are officially on notice. I don't mind a Gaga episode - I'm not a fan but I can recognise the woman is a phenomenon - but I would like the plot to hang together and the smooth running of the episode not to be made up of all the leftover pots and pieces you found on the floor of the script writers room).

TV update

May. 11th, 2010 07:04 pm
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Ashes 2 Ashes... What was THAT?!! So excited for the two-parter now.

And Glee. Never change. Never Never change. Sending me to bed singing "TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART!" exceedingly enthusiastically will always be acceptable. Sue! Emma! Puck! Oh Puck, you may wear that wifebeater any time you wish. Oh yus. That boy tweaks all my Jayne buttons. I'll be in my bunk.

There may be spoilers for season 3 A2A in comments. Be aware.
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You are a government department. Please have the courtesy to at least put me on hold or give me a list of options. DON'T JUST HAVE A MESSAGE SAYING "Oooops, we're busy, LOL!" AND THEN HANG UP!

In other news Runescape have introduced a Dungeon. Yay copying others! Points for THAT. It's not actually that annoying. For which I give many thanks.

Edited at some late hour to add: Just watched Glee. Mercedes... please don't, OMG she's actually gonna sing that...

*cue TH snuffling quietly in front of the entire world, including that part of it made up of the Maternal Unit*

That song. Always gets me right here. *sniff*


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