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Such lovely sequins.
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I'm a bit confused. I hope there isn't a concert tomorrow night. TH needs sleep.

I'm gonna miss Torchwood tonight (get-together with friends) and I'm not that bothered. It was a bit drab last week. I'll catch up somehow I'm sure.
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Oh boy, never have I been so glad of a weekend. The invisble wiggly worms seemed never ending this week. Today it got so dreary we were laying bets on how many there would be in each tube. I lost. Pretty regularly.

Ah well, it's over now. The weekend is ahead and it's finally stopped raining (wet cycle this morning was wet, cycle clothes had to be sneaked into the dryer before I could bear to put them back on again).

And now it's time for Quantum Leap. This week Sam is a woman. S'gonna be brilliant.
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Never mind Parker's feeling for Pretzels.

Elliot. Guitar. Stage. Spotlight. Singing.

Yeah, I'll be in my bunk.
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Of which there are many (Spoilers likely in comments).

Main thinky thought though: Is THAT what Adipose turn into when they grow up?

I feel a Macro coming on.
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Hero on the tele, glass of red in my hand and my Ardougne cloak hiding my "nefarious stealing activities from the guards and the storeholder"

I steal a cake. :D
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That straggly haired dude in The Professionals is Judge John Deeds!

I'm a bit slow...
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Thanks to Film4 I have spent the afternoon wallowing with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr in An Affair To Remember.

Now I want to lie on a chaise lounge with a blanket on my lap while the man I love terribly and desperately stalks around the room sniping at me and generally being all hurt and misunderstood.

Ah yes, the old ones are definitely the best.
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My Stig-shooting, pyromaniac, INSANE Top Gear. *huggles it*

And Bacon Flavoured Air-freshener? Do WANT. Bacon makes everything better :D

Updated to add: I AM A CLEANING GOD!!! Have not CLEANED ALL THE THINGS, but it is getting there. I now have my "Crawling round on my knees polishing the floor" badge.

Also, I have found the Kahlua. And the Vodka. I am a very happy cleaning god. :D
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Cold mornings, insistant rain and STRIKLEY back on the tele. And Ann Widecome was actually watchable! Eee, she's a game old bird.

Must get the SAD light out of storage, I've been impossible to live with the past week. This state of affairs cannot continue. Will get the base layers out while I'm there. Mmm, base layers. Went cycling in the short period of dry yesterday, but leftovers of Scotland still impinging on enthusiasm for bike related exercise. Only stayed out an hour. Still, there's the hope of bagging one of the three peaks later on in Oct so that'll be something.

Status Quo on Wogan helping with the autumnal blues, if only it would stop raining!

Oh, and in the continued vein of yay dancin' (with thanks to SMTB's Friday Videos)

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Yeah bitches. 46 miles. Read em and weep.

Festus was a darling, running as sweetly as a well serviced Aston Martin. It's such a sweet feeling when the lights go green and you push off - there's a short second of "oops, maybe wrong gear" and then he responds and pulls away like a steam train. *hugs Festus*

Ran steadily all the way out to Skipton (two cloud bursts but good ole Festus kept going) and then took the canal back. Massive unexpected cloudburst on the canal as well, surprised me and the guy in the canalboat I'd just said "good afternoon" as I cycled past. As he puttered back past me while I sheltered under a tree, the rain bouncing off the canal surface we shared a "where did that come from?! It was clear and sunny only five seconds ago!"

I let the cloud pass over, but soon caught up with it again. In the end there was nothing for it but to grit my teeth and battle through it and out the other side. Bit of a shock for poor Festus, he's willing to go off road but he gets a wee bit skittish if the surface is too uncertain-sloping-slippery. So that was an hour of intense concentration and balancing the bike, but Festus threw himself against the traces with great heart, can't fault him for effort. He's gonna get a lovely clean as a reward and then a rest until the weekend. Good Festus.

Yay off-roading! I may have been proud of the 46 miles, but I've got to tell you, I was even prouder of the proper cyclist's mudsplattered shins. Oh yeah.

Finished the day with chilli, and feet up in front of Last Night Of The Proms. Didactylos came over and we poked fun at Merlin for a bit and then put on our nationalistic hats for an hour or so. Much singing.

All in all a good day. :D
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It's more likely than you think!

How cute did he look by the Thames in the early morning light all fluffy haired and teddy-bear like with his delicious scarf? Cute as a button and good enough to eat.

"And a Happy New Year."

It's the smallest things that amuse me - not the spoilerific ones. Love that Sherlock stood on the coffee table - right at the beginning. "I shall get up and go to the kitchen but because the coffee table is in the way I shall walk over it." I want to be able to do that.

In other news work is waterboarding me with filing. DROWNING IN FILLLLLLLLESSSSS!!! Bleaugh.

(LJ has new icon of awesome)
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TV on a Sunday night. When did you become so good?

Top Gear: Fuck me. Anyone who turns up at my door to take me on a date with a Bugatti Veyron-Posh Version is getting laid. Simple as that.

Sherlock Holmes? New Version? Benedict Cumbererbatch? Yes please! Oooh and Rupert Graves. This night is now officially "good".
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Thanks be to BigSis for keeping it on her Sky+ box for me.

So, What did I think? )

AND TOP GEAR IS BACK!!!! How Awesome?!!!

TV update

May. 11th, 2010 07:04 pm
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Ashes 2 Ashes... What was THAT?!! So excited for the two-parter now.

And Glee. Never change. Never Never change. Sending me to bed singing "TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART!" exceedingly enthusiastically will always be acceptable. Sue! Emma! Puck! Oh Puck, you may wear that wifebeater any time you wish. Oh yus. That boy tweaks all my Jayne buttons. I'll be in my bunk.

There may be spoilers for season 3 A2A in comments. Be aware.


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