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Also FINALLY got my login from IT and have begun to customise my desktop. Oh yea, did I forget to say I had a desk? Life is generally awesome, work seems a little more involved that previously implied, but I am awesome and all analytical methods will bow to my will. Oh yus.

This would be the Wifi in the pub below where I'll be living come March. It's a nice wifi, coupled as it is with beer, crisps and an open fire.

Today was training on a nice new machine. Very shiny. Hopefully we get a chance to muddy it up soon. Next on the list of vital tasks is LISTS LISTS AND MORE LISTS. A million and one things to timetable. It's really a good thing I'm this anal. :D

Went swimming last night, the pool is as cold as I remembered, but the heated floor is as delightfully surprising. 1km only, my lift was champing at the bit to be off so I could stay no longer. But still, "Exercise - YAY!"

Tonight is dinner with old chums who came over to be all sciencey but who we are stealing for nefarious entertainment purposes. Mmm, dinner.

Oh lawks, the radio is listing the dead people again. Make it stop.
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But I swimmed 1300m. Looking good for the 1500 on Thursday. And upped the sprints to 3x despite all the pain. Very virtuous I am. However, I have pulled a muscle somewhere I don't even know where to start to describe. Over did the kicking on the sprints I think. Dole office forgetting to pay up can do that to a girl.

But still, I has swimming XP. And now to go see Tron. In 3D. And do my very best not to fall asleep. Cos if I do, [profile] didactylos will KILL me.
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Have been to the bank. It went reasonably ok, they didn't ask too impolitely about when I might be considering paying them back their money.

Then there was splitting of wood while the paternal unit got busy with a saw. We've got bags and bags! Gran's not going to be cold THIS winter.

And swimming. So yeah, now my Abs HATE a certain Scotland dwelling sister of mine and are thinking of taking about a hit on them. THERE IS PAIN. PAAAAAAAIN.

This much exercise deserves a glass of wine reward. Shame we don't have any in that I can drink.
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Work: Crap, annoying, Co-worker (lack of copy-pasta) driving me round the bend.
After work: Swimming. Wasn't gonna be good but then routine calmed me down.

1 KM!!!


Now day = awesomely good.

(Also there is accommodation sorted in Ireland. Nice and cheap and someone will be getting me the keys so I can fall into bed on Friday night when get back from the field. Someone else is gathering the students together for a Saturday night Welcome-To-Ireland Piss-up)

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Lunchtime and TH is surfing jobsites on work's fat pipe of internet goodness.

GuardianJobs: 527 Graduate jobs (yay!) of which there is [1] science job... (not so yay)

Which is... MI5 Intelligence officer.


In other news: I swam 1km today! (ish - 40 lengths anyway). First time for years and years and years. Very proud of myself.


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