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All hail the trinity of Bleh.

Woke up this morning to the sound of the Royal Mail van spinning his tires violently outside the house. Got up, found clothes, put clothes on (in the dark, hence top half on inside out as I discovered later), found waterproofs, put waterproofs on. By the time I got outside he'd finally figured out the whole "DON'T REV IT!!!" solution and stopped sliding into all the parked cars on the street. So he didn't need pushing.

I stayed up though to make sure the paternal unit could get the maternal unit's car out and onto the top road, riding up with him with the grit/salt and mini shovel for rescue purposes. Then we walked back. Did I mention the rain?

Understandably I then went back to bed.

Two hours later and it's still raining.

Like I said, Bleh.
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Does that mean we can get drunk now?

I'm deserved SOME reward for today, what with the visit to Job Centre (in driving snow), bank (in driving snow) and journey home (see driving snow, but with more large flakiness).

And I dug all our path and the neighbours because I am nice.

There does, however, appear to be no good TV tonight. There may be swigging from the bottle.
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That is really all I can say about that. Though if pressed I could go a little further I suppose. If pressed.

Monday: It has snowed! TH and the students respond in time honoured manner by:
a) Doing little/no work
b) Going for a walk to look at the pretty (including standing on lake until it cracked and marvelling at the 2cm thick ice.
c) Building a 6ft tall phallus complete with testicles.

Tuesday: It has snowed again! TH and the students respond in time honoured manner by:
a) Doing little/no work
b) Complaining about the cold.
c) Building a "Mr T" snowman, complete with mohawk, biceps and medalion. (the snow was wetter and more sculptable).

Students were requested to remove items from the phallus so that it looked a little less realistic. They did so. Snow sculpture was still pretty obviously what it was.

Anyone still reading? )

Oh, and the snow/perfect peace on Sunday meant I finally got the chapter of fic finished that I've been battering at for almost 3 years now. There are no words for the glee. No words.

And now I have wine. And Wifi. A great combination.
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At last! My umbilical cord to the internet is reconnected! (Thank you Wexford public library, you beautiful beautiful people).

But before I update you on the interesting highpoints of the week I must first tell you this thing. This wonderful amazing thing.

IT'S SNOWING! In Ireland! Real honest to goodness snow! With the pretty and the white stuff falling from the sky and the pitching and the making of bigfoot tracks through pristine carpets of crunchy squeeky fluff. In conclusion: Snow.

*Remembers not to flood your friends pages* )

Oh, and you have not experienced Romeo and Juliet until you go to the ballet version with an 8-year old two seats down who exclaims in shock and surprise "Juliet's coming back!!!" at that vital moment in the crypt scene. Bless. All the miming with the bottle and the pretend choking obviously went totally over her head. I had to stuff my sleeve into my mouth for a good five minutes to muffle the hysterical laughter so as not to ruin the final death scene. We were still laughing on the way home.


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