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1) Today I put on the penultimate batch of 'todes of the current insane workload. Woo yeah, almost over.

2) I also decided that as I had done most of the work on the other microbial stuff (minion assisting) I get all the data. All mine. Yus. Delicious data.

3) I am soooooo up-ish right now. Even with being good and not having ANY caffeine today. Lalalala, emotional imbalance, I has it. I can do ALL the things! At once! And it feeeeeeels so good!

4) The winter cycling suit came from Wiggle. I sat and looked at the box for a while because it was a VERY small box. But eventually I braved the unwrapping. It's actually pretty cool. Kinda like a wetsuit to struggle into up to the waist and then turns into dungarees. Very warm. Fleece lined I believe. If only the arse padding didn't look quite so much like a skull in clashing orange and blue I'd be over the moon. As it is I'm perfectly happy with it. Can't wait for the weather to turn cold enough to actually wear it.

Anyway. Four good things is a lot for one day. Have a post. :D
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Heh, Autumn is coming. Things smell different already. It's odd how everything changes at this time of year. I don't quite need the SAD light yet, but I can feel it looming over the horizon. Luckily it's coming over next week, hopefully the Earth's orbit will not tilt too far before then.

I have such a love/hate relationship with this time of year. Everything is so real and multi-dimensional. Seeing, feeling, smelling all connect at such a deep level that everything hurts that it's so beautiful. I want to hold onto everything, take it inside me and clutch it tight forever. It's as though my brain KNOWS it's going to not feel anything for 6 months and is going crazy trying to experience things before the portcullis falls.

If I hadn't already had my seizure I'd call this the warning period. Everything seems the wrong way round this year.


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