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Ok, so, where were we?

On Saturday we went to the Hurling (sunny, open air stand, much shouting at referees, good times) and then the pub was open and full and happy so I went in to warm up and then time passed and it was late and I was drunk. Ooops.

Sunday it rained, I levelled up a combat level in Runescape and then we went to see X-Men again. :D

This week has been mainly counting the invisible wiggly worms. Cross-eyed now. >.<

And tonight I'm attempting to chicken and leek pie again. This time I will overcome.
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Hero on the tele, glass of red in my hand and my Ardougne cloak hiding my "nefarious stealing activities from the guards and the storeholder"

I steal a cake. :D
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You are a government department. Please have the courtesy to at least put me on hold or give me a list of options. DON'T JUST HAVE A MESSAGE SAYING "Oooops, we're busy, LOL!" AND THEN HANG UP!

In other news Runescape have introduced a Dungeon. Yay copying others! Points for THAT. It's not actually that annoying. For which I give many thanks.

Edited at some late hour to add: Just watched Glee. Mercedes... please don't, OMG she's actually gonna sing that...

*cue TH snuffling quietly in front of the entire world, including that part of it made up of the Maternal Unit*

That song. Always gets me right here. *sniff*


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