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If [profile] 7tree_hugger's optician's appointment is at 10:30 and it takes her half an hour to get out and back from work on her bike, calculate the chances that she's going to say soddit and have a lie in instead.

Yeah. Pretty close to 100%, P<0.001

Morning all. :D
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In amongst all the rage-y stress and panic of last week (see flocked post below) I did manage to do some important good stuff.

1. Rebooked the opticians appointment that I COMPLETELY forgot last Sunday. Thank you Specsavers for not being grumpy at my numptyism. You are verrah kind.

2. Booked the surfing lessons for next weekend. OH YEAH, I'MA GONNA LEARN HOW TO SURF. Cool. I has it.

3. Got a lift sorted for the massive bike ride of massive that I'm doing tomorrow. (It's not really that massive, I'm only doing the 50 km, my lift person is doing the 160 km - they're insane, it has mountains!).

And that's the "3 points make a post" !!!

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Lots and lots of pink. Yesterday I got to make RED and also some yellow goo, and today I got to mix them together and make pink. Unfortunately the pink currently looks purple, but I've left them in the dark overnight like the paperwork says and hopefully tomorrow they will be purest pink.

Yay pink!

Oooh, I remembered I had more to say!

Not content with making pink, I also raced home in time to put Festus in for his service. Poor Festus, I hope he's ok in the shop. There were lots of other bikes there for him to talk to, but they were all much posher than him. I hope he doesn't get a complex. Or start any fights.

The other side of this is that I'm bikeless for the rest of the week. But that's ok, as my week ends tomorrow. I'm off to UK-LAND. It's a wedding and it's going to be AWESOME. Ginger J finally decided that it was time to marry his lady of lurrrrrrve (who managed to get together one new years a long time ago despite me wandering through ever 30 mins to loudly throw up. Rawk was completely it). There will be dancing and inappropriate speeches and for some reason they want me to read Shakespeare in the church. Ooops.

I'm also taking time-out to go and see a wounded friend who deserves some cheering up but is going to get me instead. Poor lass.

It's going to be so much fun!
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I've done Firefly, DW, SPN and now Dollhouse for [she who shall not be named]. With additional smuttage. Two day's worth[1].

Can I have my brain back nao plz?

[1] It was awesome. I regret nothing.
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er yeah, life is NOT very exciting at the moment.

I get up, I go to work, I come home, I watch the Tour de France, I go to bed. Lalalala WhingeCakes.

Mind you, watching the Tour is making my cycling into work better. I'm tending to keep it in the harder gears and go for my bullbars to push on through the uphil parts. Oh yeah. I'm as hard as a Tour rider (in my mind).

Discovered the scent explosion of new Dove Deoderant last night. Call me sad, but I was lying on the couch wallowing in the fact that every time I reached for the remote I smelt pretty. (and today at work at least ONE person said "you smell nice". So ner).

This post brought to you by Curry and Beer night. Corona's are in the fridge if you want one. And feel free to try leftover chapattis with marmalade, it's an unsuspectedly awesome taste outcome.
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Things were said. Things like "OW?!!!" and also "Why?"

Physio: "This should not have happened, what did you do?"
TH: "Me? ME?!! What did you do?!!"
Physio: "Have some massage and lie on the floor and also SURPRISE!STRAPPING!"
TH: "Ow, Ow? O... Ooh, not ow."

*is strapped in the shoulder regions*

I walk like a zombie now, walking like a zombie is cool.
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But I did get up eventually. And my Verrah Naice friend came round and dragged me out into the great outdoors to go and buy me a birthday present. Or presents. So now I have a pot for my fern to sit in, a new espresso maker and a little ladylike hammer.

My friend knows me well :D

Am going to watch Dr Who and build the new bookcase I have just purchased (went to Argos for a pan, came back with additional bookcase and webcam. Must be tired). With my new hammer. And then hang some pictures. With my new hammer.

I like my hammer.
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I got a job.

More details to follow. As yet I haven't had the official paperwork from HR so I'm not wanting to jinx anything. But it's a good job, I like the sound of it and I'm happy.

As opposed to yesterday when I was hideously hormonal and when they told me could only blink at them dazedly and then wander away in search of chocolate, hot water bottles, chocolate coated anadin, or a duvit to huddle under. I think some people may have been disappointed by the lack of reaction.
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Came out of the interview thinking it had gone reasonably well considering. Overly talkative of course, but you can't stop a mouthy northern bint once she gets going.

Now I'm just sitting here thinking of all the things I didn't say and all the times I possibly looked a bit odd and generally tearing myself to shreds.

Probably was ok though.

I have rewarded myself by making an appointment with the physio for the durned trapped shoulder pain thing. No more pins and needles at annoying times for me! I hope.

And later tonight there shall be pints. Possibly of cider.
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*cough cough, wheeze wheeze, snuffle snuffle etc*

The cold is kicking my arse rather than vice versa. Great fever dreams last night, all Dollhouse infused and weird. But so far it's not affecting my travel too much (I got the 10 past train instead of the quarter past. ah well, still gonna arrive in Crewe on time).

Yesterday I coughed and snuffled my way through the Con and was rewarded by meeting the delightfully courteous Mr Kranz in the hotel bar in the early evening. We kindly offered to show him the way to the pub where he was meeting his mates because he didn't know where it was. Politeness and etiquette and all that, you can't deny a chap access to a pub when he's desirous of a beverage can you? :D

Nice pub as well. Was even showing the Arsenal match.

I get to sleep in my own bed tonight which will be nice! [personal profile] sweetsyren's sofa is comfy but I'm feeling the need for my own precious duvit.
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The beloved Australians have given me the evil cold of evil! How rude. >.<

But we forgive them, because we are kind and mature and don't hold grudges. And plus they're ever so apologetic when swamped with guilt. :D

Echo is fun. Much fun. Last night I sat in the bar and made paper aeroplanes and people watched and read the paper whilst the Australians did their very expensive VIP meet and greet. Apparently they had a squeeworthy ole time. I, on the other hand, can confirm that the bar in the Radison is very nice. Verrah verrah naice. Though the snatches of Benidorm that I caught on the big screen may have scarred me for life. Why, ITV? WHY?!!!

Today there is "Actor-Type-People talking to us lowly peons" so I'm all yay and excited bout that. Woo, etc.
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So yesterday I gardened all the things and lay on my back in the grass drowning in blue sky until I developed a wet patch on my arse (grass/moss mixture not as dry as previously supposed).

My friends and their small children are now friends with not quite as small children but the children are still lovely and still wake up at unearthly hours. Not that I mind. Nothing beats a morning snuggle from a sleep-warmed toddler.

I can't believe how great the weather has been, chumbling back home over the Peninnes yesterday evening was a veritable picture book of bleak pretty.

Today I get to brave the rail network again as I drag all my gubbins down to [personal profile] sweetsyren's. And then we go to Echo2. Woo, Fandom etc. Currently my main concern is that I've got a bit of a suntan this week and I'm worried I'm gonna stick out like a sore thumb amongst the REAL, properly pasty faced geeks. I have, however, decided not to wear my worm charming t-shirt. Not EVERYONE needs to know I'm a nature geek...
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That straggly haired dude in The Professionals is Judge John Deeds!

I'm a bit slow...
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St Patrick's Day in Ireland. Surprisingly mellow. Much Guinness was drunk. By me. Oh dear. But I did manage to get up and go to work today. Guinness 0 - TH Eleventy Million. I was surprisingly productive as well!

The parade was cool. Very local and community spirit etc. Apparently it's a St Paddy's Day tradition that it's always grey and cold, no matter where you are in the country. I have to say the weather fulfilled it's part exceedingly well yesterday. Brrrrrrrrrrr. That's my excuse for seeking refuge in the bar and I'm sticking to it.

Edited to add: THE IRISH ARE HAVING A CENSUS! THERE IS A FORM! I get to exist for posterity! Wooooooooooooooooooooooot!!!!
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Violence and running around and short shorts and very fast paced play and wow. I LOVE this game. Only wish I had known this when I was a young un. I'm a bit to old to enjoy getting twatted about the hands/shins by a slab of wood. The sun shone and it was a lovely day. Has been a pretty awesome weekend all round yesterday. One teeny rain shower, but that meant I was forced to stay in and unpack the box marked "photos". Found some from my Masters and our trip to Venice. I'd forgotten any had been taken! Good memories.

Live games are definitely better than tv. There was shouting. Encouragement of course! Though the odd moment of abuse might have slipped out. I blame it on the Hot Thermos of Coffee with a Wee Dram slipped into it.

In the lull, halfway through the second half, I had a terrible urge to yell "YOU'RE A W***ER NUMBER NINE". But I resisted it. Didn't think anyone but me would find it funny.

Oh, and Wexford lost. Of course. Ah well.

This coming week is St Paddy's Day. We get the day off! Currently feeling very Irish.
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That is really all I can say about that. Though if pressed I could go a little further I suppose. If pressed.

Monday: It has snowed! TH and the students respond in time honoured manner by:
a) Doing little/no work
b) Going for a walk to look at the pretty (including standing on lake until it cracked and marvelling at the 2cm thick ice.
c) Building a 6ft tall phallus complete with testicles.

Tuesday: It has snowed again! TH and the students respond in time honoured manner by:
a) Doing little/no work
b) Complaining about the cold.
c) Building a "Mr T" snowman, complete with mohawk, biceps and medalion. (the snow was wetter and more sculptable).

Students were requested to remove items from the phallus so that it looked a little less realistic. They did so. Snow sculpture was still pretty obviously what it was.

Anyone still reading? )

Oh, and the snow/perfect peace on Sunday meant I finally got the chapter of fic finished that I've been battering at for almost 3 years now. There are no words for the glee. No words.

And now I have wine. And Wifi. A great combination.
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Weekend, in order of appearance.

1. Haircut.
Achieved. Result acceptably short n fluffy. Cute and Perky effect lasts all of 5 mins until hairstyle introduced to the ubiquitous Yorkshire breeze. Cheering effect lasts all day.

2. Mature Adult type behaviour.
Shopping done (brie on offer. Mmmmmm tasty lunch foods). Chicken purchased and chicken recipe wrangled out of online folks. Washing done and hung out.

3. Exercise
Cycled up and round and along and up some more and dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooown and then UP THE RUDDY GURT HILL by the Cemetery and then up the last bit of hill and home. Yay. Go me.

4. Cookery
Chicken stuffing made. Chicken trussed and introduced to oven along with baked potato. Roasting occurred.

5. Unexpected events.
Rude and intrusive broken glass during washing up necessitated a trip to A&E (paranoid TH is paranoid). [Chicken had just finished cooking so no problem there] X-ray revealed no glass left in finger (I got make a rude gesture at the technician). Wiggle tests revealed no important muscles severed. TH bandaged up (steri-strips) and on the way home in time to catch the second half of Cold Case with reheated chicken.

6. Cookery (reprise).
Chicken was AWESOME.
Washing up is hard when finger must not be wetted.

7. Mature Adult type things (reprise).
No news about the job yet. Hoping they're taking this weekend to read all the applications and I might therefore hear next week.
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Of Dave in a Handlebar moustache.

There. Are. No. Words.


Still dead

Oh, and apparently it's National Kissing Day. Yeah right. You and who's army?

ETA: In Canada, milk comes in a bag?



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