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Came out of the interview thinking it had gone reasonably well considering. Overly talkative of course, but you can't stop a mouthy northern bint once she gets going.

Now I'm just sitting here thinking of all the things I didn't say and all the times I possibly looked a bit odd and generally tearing myself to shreds.

Probably was ok though.

I have rewarded myself by making an appointment with the physio for the durned trapped shoulder pain thing. No more pins and needles at annoying times for me! I hope.

And later tonight there shall be pints. Possibly of cider.
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I'm afraid the entire country has wind. *snigger* Yes, I am still 12, deal with it.


In my life as a mature adult I can inform you that I have arrived safely, greeted old acquaintances heartily (as you may have expected, booze was involved) and found myself somewhere to live from next month.

It is a lovely flat (above a pub) and I am very lucky to have friends (who own pubs) who are willing to help me out with my accommodation like this. I have examined the flat (above a pub) in great details (above a pub) and found it to meet all my requirements (above a pub).

[Space for gleeful laughter goes here.]

Work starts officially tomorrow and I can assure all interested parties that I will be applying myself with all the asdiousness you have come to expect from me. It should be fun.

Must now go and check what interesting and exciting things you've all been up to...

Did I mention ABOVE A PUB?!!!!!
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I'm beginning to think maybe I need an Irish userpic for all this travelling.

I'm here! The lights of Dublin hove into view off the starboard bow only 1 hr ago. I must say I prefer this Coach/Ferry lark to flying. Much less stressful and I feel so much more the "1920s Poirot Generation" traveller. This in spite of the random pause at a TruckStop in the middle of nowhere. A TruckStop with Wifi no less. Most surprisin'. I couldn't use it though due to Donal being locked in the coach for safe keeping. I watched Coronation St instead. TruckStop with wifi and TV! Enterprisin' :D

Anyway. I'm awake enough to function, which holds out good things for continuing to use this crossing when in full time employment. And not seasick/travel weary. So huzzah. Bit rambly from being tired though. You may have noticed that. Just a bit. If I did have to go to work today I'd probably crash by mid-afternoon. But I doubt anyone would notice. So yay, I have found a way to get home and back for regular parental visits. That's one nagging niggle lifted.

I'm actually getting used to this "has a job/life/future" business.

*huggles all*
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HR have FINALLY pulled their finger out and said I can start the week after next. So I'm going. Tomorrow. And I'm not coming back. Packing just got a little more complicated.

So, little TH has a job and to be honest, doesn't quite know what to do with it.

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But I swimmed 1300m. Looking good for the 1500 on Thursday. And upped the sprints to 3x despite all the pain. Very virtuous I am. However, I have pulled a muscle somewhere I don't even know where to start to describe. Over did the kicking on the sprints I think. Dole office forgetting to pay up can do that to a girl.

But still, I has swimming XP. And now to go see Tron. In 3D. And do my very best not to fall asleep. Cos if I do, [profile] didactylos will KILL me.
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BBC7 are doing Gaudy Night Strong Poison again. Half an hour of bliss in the bantering arms of Lord Peter and Harriet Vane whilst doing the washing up. Then washed the car. Because I'm terrible at waiting.

The car is delightfully clean. And I'm still waiting. Off to Ireland on Thursday to meet up with some peeps for a Birthday bash, hanging around for a week or so, still don't know if there's a job there.

Shall I wash the car again?
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Hello Friday, nice to see you. Looking forward somewhat to the weekend, not sure why as I haven't earned it work wise. Mind you, the Job Centre have decided that I am worthy of a teeeeeeny smidgeon of money so life isn't all bad.

I'm sat up in bed, fully dressed with additional dressing gown. This is due to extraordinary complicated heating not coming on upstairs until 9pm. Hood is up. Feeling very much like a boxer.
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Yes it was too Ben Barnes in Caspian so NER, Didactylos. HA. Eat my being right and enjoy it in a tasty fashion.

I enjoyed it. Though I see we are now pretty much ignoring the books and just picking the pretty moments to film. But it was pretty, and there was much sailing and fighting with swords. So I'm happy. Shallow, but happy.

Today there shall be building shelves with the paternal unit, attempting to convince the jobcentre that I HAVE been looking for employment (no REALLY) and then swimming. Very productive day.

And tomorrow I get to go up to London (down, but you know what I mean) and look at all the bright lights and people and also (more importantly) catch up with old beloved friends for a chit chat, booze and bump admiration session.

Then I go invade Syren's peace and quiet and wreak havoc in the home counties. CRY WHATSIT AND UNLEASH THE DOGS OF WAR!!!
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Does that mean we can get drunk now?

I'm deserved SOME reward for today, what with the visit to Job Centre (in driving snow), bank (in driving snow) and journey home (see driving snow, but with more large flakiness).

And I dug all our path and the neighbours because I am nice.

There does, however, appear to be no good TV tonight. There may be swigging from the bottle.
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Lunchtime and TH is surfing jobsites on work's fat pipe of internet goodness.

GuardianJobs: 527 Graduate jobs (yay!) of which there is [1] science job... (not so yay)

Which is... MI5 Intelligence officer.


In other news: I swam 1km today! (ish - 40 lengths anyway). First time for years and years and years. Very proud of myself.
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Am going to drink reward wine now.

Went swimming today. Think I achieved more in the pool than I did all day at work. Co-worker is off and a million and one things need doing RIGHT NOW!!! Yesterday I tried to do them. Today I just said "meh" and kept working at the usual steady pace. Flagged top priority? Join the stack!

TH wants booze!
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Get up, (sneeze due to Scottish cold - them Scots be sneaky!)

Go to work, get drowned in busy, snap at nice co-workers and feel bad (sneeze and fight stuffed up head of stupidness).

Crawl home, eat tea (mmm tasty - thank you parental units), cough and sneeze.

Apply for job, sneeze.

Don't get job?

On the plus side, the application site thingie remembers all the details from the last time I applied so the stress of "how many G.C.S.Es did I take?" is slightly diluted.

Less wonderful is the nagging feeling that even these simple qualifications are now tainted with the stench of failure from the many many rejected applications.

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what I'm saying, when you get down to it is:

"I'm perfect for you! Employ me!!!"

Only hopefully more politely.

ETA: 18:05 Application sent. Now to feed cat.
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The virus has followed the usual procedure and meandered down onto my chest. Not fun.

*hacks and wheezes fitfully whilst reaching for the cough syrup*

Also my co-worker annoys me, the filing menaces me and I has a tired. Hopefully I should feel a humongous amount of better after a good night's sleep. *demolishes another tissue with mucus*
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Agency sent me somewhere new. It's a bit more money and flexitime, so hopefully my ability to get up at a reasonable time will lead to early home-time on Fridays.

I'm considering flying to Rome because life is just THAT complicated. But chocolate covered raisins have worked their usual magic and the keyboard is once again safe from random percussive maintenance.

And I get to go see [personal profile] sweetsyren this weekend! Squeeeeee! Life be good not all that bad at all really.


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