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Tent is hanging out to dry (why does it always come on to rain just at you're pulling up the guy rope pegs?), sleeping bag is airing, washing is washing, tea is cooking and soon there will be Top Gear followed by an early night.

So, how was it? I give you: Why So Rainy, Weekend? But Was Still Awesome. )
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So, got up at 4:30 to cycle 20 miles to see the Tall Ships sail out. [I popped over yesterday to see them in harbour (and buy binoculars[1] and a map for the cycling)].

Just got back after doing 30 miles (nice friends gave me a lift part of the way back) with a tan line on one leg and a big oil smear on the other. Have showered (for the suntan cream), Moisturised (for the sun burn) and eaten an ice-cream (cos it's summer and that's what you do).

So worth it. :D

The cycle out was amazing, the sun rising at my back, mist in the fields hiding what was land and what was sea with just the windmills and the Saltees sticking up identifiably. It's a fantastic road, just high enough to see all the way down to the Southern Coast across rolling fields. Usually I hate to cycle on it because it's stuffed to the gills with drivers in a hurry who pass too close and hate all cyclists with a passion. But at 5am? Totally empty. My road, my lovely road. I could pick the smoothest spots, wobble into the middle when enraptured by the view. Oh, it was brilliant.

And now I have sausage rolls. Best day ever. Fact.

Now with bonus pic! )

[1] I have binoculars now, binoculars are cool.
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Ok, so, where were we?

On Saturday we went to the Hurling (sunny, open air stand, much shouting at referees, good times) and then the pub was open and full and happy so I went in to warm up and then time passed and it was late and I was drunk. Ooops.

Sunday it rained, I levelled up a combat level in Runescape and then we went to see X-Men again. :D

This week has been mainly counting the invisible wiggly worms. Cross-eyed now. >.<

And tonight I'm attempting to chicken and leek pie again. This time I will overcome.
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Got HAILED on on the way home. And let me tell you internets, air-flow vents in a helmet are all very well for head cooling but they do NOTHING against big lumps of ice. NOTHING.

As Caesar himself said: "Infamy, Infamy! They've all got it in for me!"

Oh, and I saw X-Men:First Class. :D There is not enough squee in the world to express my opinion on that film. The Slash! The Fassbender! The Wolverine!
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1. Pubs are open on Bank Holiday Monday.

2. DIY places, not so much.

I will try again this afternoon.

Today's to-do list consists of:
1. Fix the sink
2. Ask the internet why my radiator is leaking and solve it
3. Cook Thai Red Curry
4. Do the ironing (hopefully with a silly afternoon film somewhere, possibly in black and white - if the fates love me enough).
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I say may, because I met a man in the pub last night and I'm waiting for him to call me this morning and confirm that he's willing to take me out for the day.


Actually, it's less exciting than that. Wending my wobbly way home from the comedy festival last night/this morning (Sarah Millican is HYSTERICALLY FILTHY in real life and I laughed so much I thought I was going to asphyxiate myself from lack of breathing) I was just considering my warm and cosy bed when I noticed the barman was having a smoke break in the doorway of the pub.

"Hullo!" Sayeth I, being in a somewhat merry mood despite the lateness of the hour.

"Hullo," replyeth he. "Your mate be inside, drinking cheerily. You should pop in and say hi."

"I should," thought I! (For I am nothing if not persuadable when tipsy). "Let me past and I shall do so forthwith."

The outcome of which was that there was the drinking of more beverages and it did come to pass that I was informed of the exciting news that my landlord was taking some relations to the Duncannon Military Festival (RE-ENACTMENT SQUEE) and there might be room in the car for a little one. Emboldened by my vodka consumption I ventured to enquire as to whether I could be cheeky and tag along for the fun.

Hence you find me. Slightly hungover and awaiting a phone call. With coffee. And slight trepidation.
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And some tourism. Woohoo! (There's a CASTLE)
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Even more so in that the evil experiment (that I hate and am trying to prove is stupid) is consistently being an arse and I have to go in on my day off and poke it some more.

Ah well. New job starts on Tuesday (after the bank holiday) and we shall see what occurs then. I already know there's no office for at least two weeks, so expect some lack-of-office ranting.
Should I be this nervous? I can probably do it. Should be fine. Besides, my new boss is off for two weeks so I've got a bit of a run up before it all kicks off.

In shoulder news, it still hurts like a cow. But lying on the floor is helping and it's nice to be officially allowed to take the drugs now. Hopefully with four days off it'll settle down a wee bit more.

Oh, and we're going to Comedy in Kilkenny on Saturday. Laughter being the best medicine, I'll probably be fine come Sunday. :D
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Loooooong. Sunny and nice but long. And I'm more than glad of my nail brush tonight. Ooooh, I'm tired. Very tired in the arms we are. Oh yus. And a bit wind blown.

But we found the elusive brown podzolic! Just the one.

(the exhausted emoticon should be more happy. I'm happy. It's just that my arms don't work no more)
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Today I have mostly been digging holes[1] in fields with cows in, fields that have had cows in and fields that will have cows in soon. There were a LOT of holes.

We saw 6 bulls. Two bulls saw us.

And we still never found a brown podzolic. *sigh* Good job the weather was awesome :D

Now we shall go for foods. Tasty foods. I have deserved foods. (I was allowed an ice-cream on the way home for being a good worker. Yay ice-cream)

[1]Very small holes. Which we filled in again immediately after. We're very careful about that. Once we're done you'd never know we'd been there.
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Today I got to play with two sheepdog puppies. Not teeny puppies, more like leggy teenage puppies. So engaging! So in love with me. My boss said we couldn't keep them, even though one of them was pretty much attempting to crawl inside my clothes. *sadface*.

Boy was it hot. Suntans a gogo! A lovely day to lie around in the grass and poke soil. The scenery wasn't bad either.

To top it all off, when we went out to eat tonight, my after-dinner coffee came with the teeniest bottle of milk. Small but perfectly formed. Happy times.
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That was a long cycle. I cycled so far I found the sun! Which then hung around for half an hour before being embarrassed by all the attention and disappearing to be replaced by a cold wind. Which became a cold headwind as I set off on a winding explore of the South East Coast following the elusive blue signs of a long distance cycle route. Very good signage actually, I never got lost at all! Unfortunately the back roads were not so good. Thank goodness for suspended saddles, that's what I say!

Am now home, and having showered, done the shopping, put a load of washing on and washed the kitchen floor I think I'm allowed to relax in your fine company for a bit.

Everyone having a nice bank holiday?

Oooh, and we're off to see Fast And Furious: Whatever later. Car noise and Vin Diesel's oiled biceps. Lovely.
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Perhaps not the thing I was meant to be learning but whatever. All day in seminars/teaching sessions. Bleh. This academia isn't all it's cracked up to be! But then again, it was a nice rest after all the physical exercise yesterday. And I got some data analysed for the bosses, so they like me.

Oh, and [personal profile] sweetsyren? When we're raising sheep after the apocalypse, we need to strip-graze them or they'll eat up all the clover. Apparently it's a great method to prevent bentgrass invasion. Remind me of this at a later date?
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Dear Diary,

Today I carried 32 buckets of water from the stupid equipment to the drain on the other side of the barn.

It was not the best day ever.

But then we got to go to the beach and there was chips and beer whilst looking at the sea and paddling and chasing after the multi-coloured throwing thing through aches of soft sand and walking like a zombie and general merriment.

All in all, I think we'll chalk this day up to the good guys.
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I got a job.

More details to follow. As yet I haven't had the official paperwork from HR so I'm not wanting to jinx anything. But it's a good job, I like the sound of it and I'm happy.

As opposed to yesterday when I was hideously hormonal and when they told me could only blink at them dazedly and then wander away in search of chocolate, hot water bottles, chocolate coated anadin, or a duvit to huddle under. I think some people may have been disappointed by the lack of reaction.


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