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Came out of the interview thinking it had gone reasonably well considering. Overly talkative of course, but you can't stop a mouthy northern bint once she gets going.

Now I'm just sitting here thinking of all the things I didn't say and all the times I possibly looked a bit odd and generally tearing myself to shreds.

Probably was ok though.

I have rewarded myself by making an appointment with the physio for the durned trapped shoulder pain thing. No more pins and needles at annoying times for me! I hope.

And later tonight there shall be pints. Possibly of cider.
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To the tune of "One Man Went To Mow"

One man dug a hole,
Dug a hole in Ireland.
One man found a brilliant Iron/Manganese pan
In a hole in Ireland!

We've been having such fun!

Text sent to [personal profile] sweetsyren on Thursday: Not to make you jealous, but we're currently sat in a field in blazing sun, poking soil. Very hot. Am either tanning or burning. It's too early to say.

Text received from [personal profile] sweetsyren in reply: (much too rude to repeat here).


Friday we dug ANOTHER hole, this time we had a pick-axe but due to the "tenacious till" layer (aka "B*stard Shale") it still took a couple of hours.

Friday's texts: Unsure whether the brown on arms is developing tan or pervasive sheen of soil.


Home again now, have washed all the dirt out of my hair and the clothes are clean and ready to go once again. :D

But first I have to face the interview on Monday. Woo Interview.
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Today we went to the field again (see how I steal hotel wifi for the purposes of telling you all this?)

It's Cork this time. Wow. Let me tell you. If you're in Ireland, go touristing in Cork. West Cork for preference. There's inlets and rocky outcrops and inlets and teeny little villages tumbling down hills like in Devon/Cornwall and inlets and sun sparkling on ruffled seas and everything.

So far we have found a dog that turned into a cat and back into a dog again*. And a dead thing. Probably a rabbit. Oh, and the Atlantic. Which is AWESOME.

*yawn* Getting up at 6am to sit in a car while someone else drove all this way. Can't complain, but am still tired.

I love the sea. I would marry it if I could. Despite the fact someone has already thought of that

* Oooh, the star thing. Yus. Well. The small animal was in the distance and looked very like a cat (country road, farms, small animals in the middle of the road, must be Ireland). So bets were laid on whether it was a dog or a cat. When we got there it had metamorphosed into a dog.

But it was a cat when we drove back through.
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Lunch in Dublin: 10 Euro
Espresso and icecream in Dublin: 5 Euro

Squeeing with friends you haven't seen for over two years: PRICELESS.

Even with running for the bus (twice) it was worth it. Even hearing that my friend had been to a SciFi convention where she had MET THE GENIUS THAT IS KEELEY was worth it. And I didn't stab her in the middle of the burrito bar. Not just because they didn't have knives. I'm a well bred lady (not that the evidence backs me up all the time) and I didn't want to cause a messy murder scene in the eatery of a friend of a friend.

It's so nice to be able to talk constantly for 3 hours about everything and nothing and everyone and no-one with a friend so old and so close that you can STILL finish each others sentences, even after 2 years.

That would have been enough but then to top it off we had this. So many beautiful fireworks.

This weekend has been AMAZING and I would marry it if possible.
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St Patrick's Day in Ireland. Surprisingly mellow. Much Guinness was drunk. By me. Oh dear. But I did manage to get up and go to work today. Guinness 0 - TH Eleventy Million. I was surprisingly productive as well!

The parade was cool. Very local and community spirit etc. Apparently it's a St Paddy's Day tradition that it's always grey and cold, no matter where you are in the country. I have to say the weather fulfilled it's part exceedingly well yesterday. Brrrrrrrrrrr. That's my excuse for seeking refuge in the bar and I'm sticking to it.

Edited to add: THE IRISH ARE HAVING A CENSUS! THERE IS A FORM! I get to exist for posterity! Wooooooooooooooooooooooot!!!!
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Violence and running around and short shorts and very fast paced play and wow. I LOVE this game. Only wish I had known this when I was a young un. I'm a bit to old to enjoy getting twatted about the hands/shins by a slab of wood. The sun shone and it was a lovely day. Has been a pretty awesome weekend all round yesterday. One teeny rain shower, but that meant I was forced to stay in and unpack the box marked "photos". Found some from my Masters and our trip to Venice. I'd forgotten any had been taken! Good memories.

Live games are definitely better than tv. There was shouting. Encouragement of course! Though the odd moment of abuse might have slipped out. I blame it on the Hot Thermos of Coffee with a Wee Dram slipped into it.

In the lull, halfway through the second half, I had a terrible urge to yell "YOU'RE A W***ER NUMBER NINE". But I resisted it. Didn't think anyone but me would find it funny.

Oh, and Wexford lost. Of course. Ah well.

This coming week is St Paddy's Day. We get the day off! Currently feeling very Irish.
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Nothing much. I finally got a go on the awesome clever machine. Looks like it's working well. Not sure if the results say the general method worked ok, but I can poke the data tomorrow. Who knows, it might even make a beautiful line! I have completed a task. Not even been there a month and already completed a task. I win.

Yesterday there was pancake party. Pancakes are delicious. I couldn't throw a party cos my kitchen is only wee, but I took wine which was gratefully received. I would have won at trivial pursuit as well but they'd sneakily made me drink a goodly amount of the wine. Shame.

Apart from these two wonderfully exciting pieces of news I have nothing to share. Ah well. Maybe a spaceship will land on the Quay before my next update. This is TH, signing off for LiveJournal News in Ireland.
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I threw a housewarming and only one person came. Obviously I fail at social gatherings. On the plus side, all your wine/nibblies/leftover baby muffins are belong to us.

There has been such unpacking. Let me tell you internets. On Wednesday I unpacked my DVDs and found at least half a dozen I hadn't remembered buying. BONUS HOT FUZZ FTW!!! On Thursday I had people over (little TH's first dinner party!) and good times were had. On Friday I found my DVD player (W00T!) and also built a bookcase. Pressing in the nails that hold on the back panel with the flat blade of a screwdriver due to lack of a hammer was Not Fun(tm). On Saturday I went jogging with some peeps (mainly to be sociable and see the pretty nature reserve), acquired an empty low sided fruit box from Aldi, filled it with books and slid it under the bed (books cropped up a LOT in my unpacking) and threw the aforementioned housewarming.

Today I have officially done nothing. TH has a tired. She would be sunning herself in the flat except Ireland has decided to have a freezing cold day with clouds making everything manky grey. So there is coffee shop wifi and hot chocolate with marshmallows.


Mar. 2nd, 2011 06:19 pm
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Woo. This is pleasing.

I now have a flat FULL of boxes and very tired legs. There are 35 steps up to my flat. Did you know that? I didn't. I DO NOW. I only had the energy last night to open my "crockery" boxes (COFFEE MACHINE! BONUS CLOTHES PREVIOUSLY USED AS PACKING MATERIAL!) I did, however, tear open the top of EVERY SINGLE box looking for my cycling shoes. So I've LOOKED at everything.

Moar unpacking shall occur tonight.

Today at work I used the hysterically fun compressed air machine to encourage the soil out of the tubes. To be fair, if you'd drunk as much alcohol as they drank on Friday you'd be a bit sluggish in the morning as well.

Cycling in was lovely and quiet, and cycling home speedy and downhill. Half an hour each way, I think it's gonna work as a commuting method.
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On the plus side, this totally means I can get a discount off the estimate, right?
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Short weekend is short. But lovely. And my assessment of travel-time to family time ratio and opportunities to do important things (like hug my papa) over the weekend have concluded that this method of maintaining contact with the folks is good.

Hope you all had good weekends too. {{{all}}}
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Two hours sleep on the ferry, two hours sleep on the bus, one fry-up and a constant stream of coffee but the entire content of the store is boxed, labelled and ready to be shipped.

Now, where are those matchsticks? My eyes won't stay open.

Other things you might like to know.

In work, it's been busy, but fun. I can hereby inform you that it was seriously cold in Budapest in February in 2009, but really quite warm in Sicily in April. Yes, you can find anything online if you look hard enough. Or long enough. Or with enough loud music in your ears.

The French kicker may be the best looking guy in the whole of the Six Nations Tournament.

I like beer (but you knew that already)

My football team beat Barcelona. BEAT THEM.

And centrifuging distorts the tube something chronic.
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Also FINALLY got my login from IT and have begun to customise my desktop. Oh yea, did I forget to say I had a desk? Life is generally awesome, work seems a little more involved that previously implied, but I am awesome and all analytical methods will bow to my will. Oh yus.

This would be the Wifi in the pub below where I'll be living come March. It's a nice wifi, coupled as it is with beer, crisps and an open fire.

Today was training on a nice new machine. Very shiny. Hopefully we get a chance to muddy it up soon. Next on the list of vital tasks is LISTS LISTS AND MORE LISTS. A million and one things to timetable. It's really a good thing I'm this anal. :D

Went swimming last night, the pool is as cold as I remembered, but the heated floor is as delightfully surprising. 1km only, my lift was champing at the bit to be off so I could stay no longer. But still, "Exercise - YAY!"

Tonight is dinner with old chums who came over to be all sciencey but who we are stealing for nefarious entertainment purposes. Mmm, dinner.

Oh lawks, the radio is listing the dead people again. Make it stop.
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I'm afraid the entire country has wind. *snigger* Yes, I am still 12, deal with it.


In my life as a mature adult I can inform you that I have arrived safely, greeted old acquaintances heartily (as you may have expected, booze was involved) and found myself somewhere to live from next month.

It is a lovely flat (above a pub) and I am very lucky to have friends (who own pubs) who are willing to help me out with my accommodation like this. I have examined the flat (above a pub) in great details (above a pub) and found it to meet all my requirements (above a pub).

[Space for gleeful laughter goes here.]

Work starts officially tomorrow and I can assure all interested parties that I will be applying myself with all the asdiousness you have come to expect from me. It should be fun.

Must now go and check what interesting and exciting things you've all been up to...

Did I mention ABOVE A PUB?!!!!!
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I'm beginning to think maybe I need an Irish userpic for all this travelling.

I'm here! The lights of Dublin hove into view off the starboard bow only 1 hr ago. I must say I prefer this Coach/Ferry lark to flying. Much less stressful and I feel so much more the "1920s Poirot Generation" traveller. This in spite of the random pause at a TruckStop in the middle of nowhere. A TruckStop with Wifi no less. Most surprisin'. I couldn't use it though due to Donal being locked in the coach for safe keeping. I watched Coronation St instead. TruckStop with wifi and TV! Enterprisin' :D

Anyway. I'm awake enough to function, which holds out good things for continuing to use this crossing when in full time employment. And not seasick/travel weary. So huzzah. Bit rambly from being tired though. You may have noticed that. Just a bit. If I did have to go to work today I'd probably crash by mid-afternoon. But I doubt anyone would notice. So yay, I have found a way to get home and back for regular parental visits. That's one nagging niggle lifted.

I'm actually getting used to this "has a job/life/future" business.

*huggles all*
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HR have FINALLY pulled their finger out and said I can start the week after next. So I'm going. Tomorrow. And I'm not coming back. Packing just got a little more complicated.

So, little TH has a job and to be honest, doesn't quite know what to do with it.

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So, I'm off to Ireland tomorrow. Tis time to leave this chilly Isle and grab a bit of a drink and share some Craic with some old friends. I may be back in a week. However, as the estimable Oates himself said: "I may be some time."

If I am some time, I'll be holed up in the old place with the general lack of jolly old unbounded internet (no LJ/Dreamwidth). In preparation for this I have put all y'all on "notification". My inbox is gonna be flooded. Ee by gum, the things I do for you! So be good little chaps and chapesses and write pretty code would you? Cos that's the only way I'm going to be reading things for a while.

Have fun, and if you desperately need a reply, stick an email address in a PM and I'll see what I can do. As we used to say in the 90s, "laters!"


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