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BBC7 are doing Gaudy Night Strong Poison again. Half an hour of bliss in the bantering arms of Lord Peter and Harriet Vane whilst doing the washing up. Then washed the car. Because I'm terrible at waiting.

The car is delightfully clean. And I'm still waiting. Off to Ireland on Thursday to meet up with some peeps for a Birthday bash, hanging around for a week or so, still don't know if there's a job there.

Shall I wash the car again?
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I'm Spartacus! Ho yus. Despite breath-stealing, appendage solidifying, FREEZING temperatures I have achieved shopping. I have bought ALL THE THINGS. Including a non-existent Christmas cake.

"M&S don't have them" sayeth the Maternal Unit. "Nowhere has them" sayeth she.

Well HA! Cos I found one. And where did I find it? In M&S. So ner! :D

I was also chatted up by a deliciously tall and delightfully cheeky gentleman who was attempting to sell me things. Reader, look askance at me as you will, I bought them. He Was CHEEEKY!!! :D

So, shall we have a ramble about travel? )

Also, there will be Keeley over Christmas. Keeley with a better haircut and good clothes. Keeley on the BBC. This is pleasing to us.
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At 2am.

After having to change planes and other exciting things. Oh they were exciting.

Anyway, I'm home, I'm tired, but there's underfloor heating and the view (snow, snow and more snow) is magnificent.

Hopefully I'll be more comprehensible after I sleep.
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Due to nervous drivers I have been asked to Ride Shotgun With A Shovel (have you heard my new folk/country band?).

So I have blazing fire, Baileys and interwebs.

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That is really all I can say about that. Though if pressed I could go a little further I suppose. If pressed.

Monday: It has snowed! TH and the students respond in time honoured manner by:
a) Doing little/no work
b) Going for a walk to look at the pretty (including standing on lake until it cracked and marvelling at the 2cm thick ice.
c) Building a 6ft tall phallus complete with testicles.

Tuesday: It has snowed again! TH and the students respond in time honoured manner by:
a) Doing little/no work
b) Complaining about the cold.
c) Building a "Mr T" snowman, complete with mohawk, biceps and medalion. (the snow was wetter and more sculptable).

Students were requested to remove items from the phallus so that it looked a little less realistic. They did so. Snow sculpture was still pretty obviously what it was.

Anyone still reading? )

Oh, and the snow/perfect peace on Sunday meant I finally got the chapter of fic finished that I've been battering at for almost 3 years now. There are no words for the glee. No words.

And now I have wine. And Wifi. A great combination.
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Work have (as is their right) clamped down somewhat on social networking sites etc. I guess LJ/dreamwidth should be honoured that it is finally considered one of those after so many years of being totally ignored by the mainstream media. In consequence, for the next four weeks you're only likely to catch a flying glimpse of me at the weekends as the house I'm in is in a black hole when it comes to mobile internet coverage.

I'm negotiating with friends for visits (conjugal or otherwise) and indeed it's thanks to their broadband that I'm able to talk to you today. Lets give them a big hand folks!
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But I found an AWESOME Podzol just sittin' there on a forest track thus winning the day. POINTS!!!

And we're off home tomorrow, field season is over. *sadface* I've had a lovely holiday though.

*takes one last look around, smiles and sighs with happiness*

Goodbye mountains. It's been fun.
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Dear Diary,

Today the sun shone and I found a dead thing with teeth (skull of).

It was the best day ever.

Also: I got to DIG a hole. Hee! And whilst augering the very last hole I found a field drain/gap in the rock and almost lost the auger. Oooops.
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Today we were in the Wicklow mountains. High, barren and covered in practically nothing. Blasted Heath would about cover it. The weather decided we deserved horizontal driving rain and hail so today the soil surveyor decided we should adopt the surveying technique known as "analysis from the car."

Drive along, wind down window, take picture, move on. Twas all bog anyway.

So yeah. Weather:0, TH: fifty million.

Oh and there was a film crew somewhere, all the gubbins and various signs but we didn't actually see them in reality. They could have been in a valley, though mind you - with the weather and that, they were more probably not even there at all.

Now we have posh hotel (plus wifi! yay!) and a sea view.
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Dear Diary,

Today the soil surveyor I am assisting tried to maim me with a barbed wire fence. I retaliated by attempting to kill them with an electric fence.

It was the best day ever.


I got to dig more auger holes, this time without accompanying rainfall. I'm getting better at it, much more professional looking today. Currently making the most of free internet and attempting to match up bus times so as to do something interesting/touristy this weekend. Whilst digesting delicious steak.
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The trees are all colourful and autumnal and I get to sit in a field all day and look at them. Even a couple of days of rain can't wash that smile away.

And the waterproof is brilliant, though it may be tempting fate to say so.

So far, no wireless at all, but bless this beautiful hotel, it's got a little I can leach off of.

So hey y'all. I'm alive. How're things?
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Everybody Duck!
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Work: Crap, annoying, Co-worker (lack of copy-pasta) driving me round the bend.
After work: Swimming. Wasn't gonna be good but then routine calmed me down.

1 KM!!!


Now day = awesomely good.

(Also there is accommodation sorted in Ireland. Nice and cheap and someone will be getting me the keys so I can fall into bed on Friday night when get back from the field. Someone else is gathering the students together for a Saturday night Welcome-To-Ireland Piss-up)



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