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Friday - Truck Stop In The Middle Of Nowhere - England.
Coach full. Am being sat next to. Comforting, as coach company has decided to go by Irish Ferries instead of Stena and I was about to have a little flail until it was explained. Booked cabin on ferry. Slept. Apparently it was a rough crossing. I wouldn't know. Still sleeping even as I post this. Wish you were here.

Saturday - Parental Front Room - England.
Good day. Have been cleared by optician for new optician in Ireland. Purchased maternal unit's bike and took it out for its first spin. Will now be watching Castle and then going to bed. Cat says "Hi".

Sunday - Truck Stop In The Middle Of Nowhere - England
The sun shone! And it was hot. Living in a maritime climate for 6 months has softened me. Must sit in saunas more often. Had a nice morning, chilled with Papa and took the maternal unit out on the bike again until confidence was achieved. Lovely walk in the afternoon. Tea and scones. Coach emptier this time. Will still book cabin though. Wish you were here.

Monday - Couch - Flat Above Pub - Ireland.
Dead. I'm dead. Totes dead. 3 Hours of sleep (mmm, cabin) completely not enough to survive a day. Even with mild napping and an extra hour once I got home. Pizza and Leverage and Bed. It's the only way.
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Pasta Carbonara WILL come with mash AND chips. (brb, dying of carbs)

In other news, the plumber came, froze the pipe (yay! didn't have to drain the entire system) and put a new valve on the radiator.

The new job is going well, so far I have helped a student with their massive experiment and done some work on the project I was working on before. So... yeah. Going to X-Men tomorrow. Because it has to be done. The amount of squee I keep running into compels me.
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1. Pubs are open on Bank Holiday Monday.

2. DIY places, not so much.

I will try again this afternoon.

Today's to-do list consists of:
1. Fix the sink
2. Ask the internet why my radiator is leaking and solve it
3. Cook Thai Red Curry
4. Do the ironing (hopefully with a silly afternoon film somewhere, possibly in black and white - if the fates love me enough).
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But it's ok. I'm getting my revenge on the world. The washing is on and tonight I'm gonna do nothing but drink red wine, watch Have I Got News For You and possibly write some Adele/Topher for [personal profile] biodamped because I am nice that way.

Tomorrow is pottering until the Eurovision party of mockage. No swearing though cos the kids will probably be staying up. And no over-raunchy comments. Cos I don't want to have to explain to a 6 year old what "grinding" is. Or some other salacious remark.

Oooh, and now there is a man under my sink. And not a bad looking man at that. Making all kinds of grunting noises. :D
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Just enough energy to crack open the wine and find the TV remote I reckon.

John Simm is in something on my tv tonight. I am rather tempted by the pretty. But the Radio Times says "subtle, intelligent, powerful and adult." I have a tired. I may watch Godzilla instead.
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This is not as bad as the visions I have been suffering all week. Stuff being non-collectable by collecting man/van. Stuff being lost in the warehouse. Stuff falling off the van on the way here. Stuff being lost at sea as the ferry sank mid crossing. Stuff being transformed through time and space to be someone else's stuff when I opened the boxes. You know, all the usual stuff.

TH waits patiently for stuff )
Oh, and "Come on England!!!" We can beat France. Can't we?
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So, parents back this afternoon. In their absence I have:

1) Written/prosed 10 pages of sketched fic, edited 16,000 words and finally managed to post the DoctorWho Crackfic Crossover thus enabling the watching of the 11th Doctor season.

2) Written 1 drabble and 1 vignette (both still need editing).

3) Written the opening paragraphs of a stalled chapter (opening paragraphs are always my bugbear).

4) Edited two pages of the 1940s AU so that it actually flows (might get even more of that done this afternoon).

5) Missed three lunches and worn out each and every wrist joint I own in the pursuit of same.

6) Cooked various messes of potage of the tasty variety including an excess of chilli.

7) Drunk the very nice bottle of red my aunt left as a thank you for looking after her over two months ago.

8) Drunk the very nice bottle of homebrew my friends left for me at my birthday BBQ.

9) Eaten an excess of Pizza and watched a goodly chunk of my Lovefilm Urgent List.

10) Stayed up late and slept in for no reason other than there was crap on TV and I had an idea.

Not bad for two weeks eh? *sigh* Welcome home folks.


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