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In amongst all the rage-y stress and panic of last week (see flocked post below) I did manage to do some important good stuff.

1. Rebooked the opticians appointment that I COMPLETELY forgot last Sunday. Thank you Specsavers for not being grumpy at my numptyism. You are verrah kind.

2. Booked the surfing lessons for next weekend. OH YEAH, I'MA GONNA LEARN HOW TO SURF. Cool. I has it.

3. Got a lift sorted for the massive bike ride of massive that I'm doing tomorrow. (It's not really that massive, I'm only doing the 50 km, my lift person is doing the 160 km - they're insane, it has mountains!).

And that's the "3 points make a post" !!!

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1. Hot water does not do as much for softening Physio strapping glue as previously supposed.
2. My bathroom has great acoustics (the shouting of "OW!" and also "NI!" resonated beautifully)
3. It is impossible to pick bits of glue off your own back (addendum: It is also impossible to moisturise your own back).
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Even more so in that the evil experiment (that I hate and am trying to prove is stupid) is consistently being an arse and I have to go in on my day off and poke it some more.

Ah well. New job starts on Tuesday (after the bank holiday) and we shall see what occurs then. I already know there's no office for at least two weeks, so expect some lack-of-office ranting.
Should I be this nervous? I can probably do it. Should be fine. Besides, my new boss is off for two weeks so I've got a bit of a run up before it all kicks off.

In shoulder news, it still hurts like a cow. But lying on the floor is helping and it's nice to be officially allowed to take the drugs now. Hopefully with four days off it'll settle down a wee bit more.

Oh, and we're going to Comedy in Kilkenny on Saturday. Laughter being the best medicine, I'll probably be fine come Sunday. :D
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Things were said. Things like "OW?!!!" and also "Why?"

Physio: "This should not have happened, what did you do?"
TH: "Me? ME?!! What did you do?!!"
Physio: "Have some massage and lie on the floor and also SURPRISE!STRAPPING!"
TH: "Ow, Ow? O... Ooh, not ow."

*is strapped in the shoulder regions*

I walk like a zombie now, walking like a zombie is cool.
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*Does the flailing dance of datalicious data*

And it's awesome, because the data do not make a beautiful line and that is fantastic because I hated that experiment and I don't ever want to have to do it again.

The other data, the lovely data from the delightfully sensible experiment are currently making a beautiful line as we speak.

I has a happy. And an agonisingly sore shoulder. If the physio pokes you in the shoulder that stopped hurting because it had frozen up from all the pain and now it's unfrozen and ruddy agony, are you allowed to go back to the physio before the allotted three weeks are up and demand some "make-pain-go-away" treatment?

But it is the weekend. There is wine and Pizza and a food festival over the weekend topped off by supporting mates through a half-Marathon on Sunday. It's gonna be fun, folks! With small periods of envy about old friends getting to go here. JELUS.

ETA: Oh dear. Have just agreed to meet someone at the station at 4:10am to go hear the dawn-chorus at the nature reserve. Sometimes I think perhaps I take treehugging just a little too far.
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Now not so much.

It has been a day of overwhelming busy. Two different machines in two different labs calling for my attention. So lots of running around. And then the awesomely clever machine decided to ACTUALLY DO WHAT WE FEED IT ARGON TO DO and thus the samples were done early and I had to make up more samples and that involved running around between THREE labs whilst attempting to do precise analytical chemistry at 50 mph, which is never a good plan.

But then I got to come home early and the physio poked me a bit and gave me some ultra sound on my OWIE-OW-OW-OW-ooooow point. So I feel a bit better.

And I get to go running later with the girls. Will then feel better still.

Then NCIS, glass of red wine and bed. And I win!

ETA [20:30]: I ran the whole way round for the first time! That's 7k. 7k! Suck it, bitches! (i.e. the events of the day, not you. Not my beloved readers). I AM A RUNNING GOD!!!


Apr. 21st, 2011 08:24 am
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Dear Self,

Word to the wise. Do not eat the possibly gone off tunafish in mayo. It is not happy tunafish. It will make for a not happy tummy. And then you will be up all night with the "digestive discomfort"


And it still hurts. There's nothing left in either end and it STILL hurts. (TMI?)
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I just can't grasp it somehow. Seems so sudden, I didn't even know she was fighting cancer.

A great actress who will be dreadfully missed. I hope she knew at least a little of how much she meant to us.

Kinda consoling myself with the thought that The Brig hung around for her and now they're out there somewhere, exploring the universe and having a great time.

In Other News: The Physio gave me exercises and will see me in three weeks. Anything that can be solved by muscle strengthening exercises rather than ArrrghPainNO! massage is fine by me.
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This is good.

(I've been having reffered pain from back/neck for MONTHS now while I saved up enough to have a stint of physio treatment. Now I have exercises and a cracked spine where it cracked the wrong way and started all this and MAAAAAAN do I feel good.)
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Came out of the interview thinking it had gone reasonably well considering. Overly talkative of course, but you can't stop a mouthy northern bint once she gets going.

Now I'm just sitting here thinking of all the things I didn't say and all the times I possibly looked a bit odd and generally tearing myself to shreds.

Probably was ok though.

I have rewarded myself by making an appointment with the physio for the durned trapped shoulder pain thing. No more pins and needles at annoying times for me! I hope.

And later tonight there shall be pints. Possibly of cider.
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*cough cough, wheeze wheeze, snuffle snuffle etc*

The cold is kicking my arse rather than vice versa. Great fever dreams last night, all Dollhouse infused and weird. But so far it's not affecting my travel too much (I got the 10 past train instead of the quarter past. ah well, still gonna arrive in Crewe on time).

Yesterday I coughed and snuffled my way through the Con and was rewarded by meeting the delightfully courteous Mr Kranz in the hotel bar in the early evening. We kindly offered to show him the way to the pub where he was meeting his mates because he didn't know where it was. Politeness and etiquette and all that, you can't deny a chap access to a pub when he's desirous of a beverage can you? :D

Nice pub as well. Was even showing the Arsenal match.

I get to sleep in my own bed tonight which will be nice! [personal profile] sweetsyren's sofa is comfy but I'm feeling the need for my own precious duvit.
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The beloved Australians have given me the evil cold of evil! How rude. >.<

But we forgive them, because we are kind and mature and don't hold grudges. And plus they're ever so apologetic when swamped with guilt. :D

Echo is fun. Much fun. Last night I sat in the bar and made paper aeroplanes and people watched and read the paper whilst the Australians did their very expensive VIP meet and greet. Apparently they had a squeeworthy ole time. I, on the other hand, can confirm that the bar in the Radison is very nice. Verrah verrah naice. Though the snatches of Benidorm that I caught on the big screen may have scarred me for life. Why, ITV? WHY?!!!

Today there is "Actor-Type-People talking to us lowly peons" so I'm all yay and excited bout that. Woo, etc.
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Get up, (sneeze due to Scottish cold - them Scots be sneaky!)

Go to work, get drowned in busy, snap at nice co-workers and feel bad (sneeze and fight stuffed up head of stupidness).

Crawl home, eat tea (mmm tasty - thank you parental units), cough and sneeze.

Apply for job, sneeze.

Don't get job?

On the plus side, the application site thingie remembers all the details from the last time I applied so the stress of "how many G.C.S.Es did I take?" is slightly diluted.

Less wonderful is the nagging feeling that even these simple qualifications are now tainted with the stench of failure from the many many rejected applications.

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Weekend, in order of appearance.

1. Haircut.
Achieved. Result acceptably short n fluffy. Cute and Perky effect lasts all of 5 mins until hairstyle introduced to the ubiquitous Yorkshire breeze. Cheering effect lasts all day.

2. Mature Adult type behaviour.
Shopping done (brie on offer. Mmmmmm tasty lunch foods). Chicken purchased and chicken recipe wrangled out of online folks. Washing done and hung out.

3. Exercise
Cycled up and round and along and up some more and dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooown and then UP THE RUDDY GURT HILL by the Cemetery and then up the last bit of hill and home. Yay. Go me.

4. Cookery
Chicken stuffing made. Chicken trussed and introduced to oven along with baked potato. Roasting occurred.

5. Unexpected events.
Rude and intrusive broken glass during washing up necessitated a trip to A&E (paranoid TH is paranoid). [Chicken had just finished cooking so no problem there] X-ray revealed no glass left in finger (I got make a rude gesture at the technician). Wiggle tests revealed no important muscles severed. TH bandaged up (steri-strips) and on the way home in time to catch the second half of Cold Case with reheated chicken.

6. Cookery (reprise).
Chicken was AWESOME.
Washing up is hard when finger must not be wetted.

7. Mature Adult type things (reprise).
No news about the job yet. Hoping they're taking this weekend to read all the applications and I might therefore hear next week.
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Yeah. The weekend was fun. BBQ with BigSis (I was good - I rested!). Sunday not so fun. Exhaustion found me again. But after snoozing on sofa and trains (full of army trainees, bless) I was perky enough to get through today. And not as tired tonight as I might be.

I have a melancholy though. Must be due to the convalescence. The kind of mood where you want to watch firefly despite knowing how it ends. The weather is co-operating with summer rain.

The sofa calls. This may be the re-opening of communication between TH and the outer world (should convalescence continue). So, did I miss anything good?
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Well not really. If I had I wouldn't feel this tired now.

I should have been in bed, but I went to work. Cos my co-worker has been on holiday and if I didn't go in nothing would get done.

Took Monday off though. Had to. Got almost all the way in before collapsing on a wall virtually in tears. And let me tell you. Treehuggers are not a crying breed. Exhaustion. So I went home and went to bed.

Since then it's been work - home - fall asleep on sofa - eat tea - fall asleep on sofa again - go to bed. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I hope I feel better soon. Going to bed now (am in bed already - just waiting for Donal to update and thought I'd fill you in on the long silence while he did).

So much for "It's on it's way out now"
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(good sleep, muchos thanks to the first half of Holland V Japan for restful dreams - also thanks to Ireland folk for allowing me to pretend to be Dutch for the remainder of the World Cup).

Got up, staggered around a bit, watched the Mentalist and then (it being 10:30) went back to bed.

Today: an advancement. We have bacterial mucus! Huzzah! A large majority of it seeping out of tear-ducts. Why does being sick have to be so very icky? Also bacterial headache. Not as incapacitating as viral headache but not fun.

The sofa looks very comfortable today. I think I shall go and make friends with it.
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Socialising this week consisted of an art gallery (terrible exhibition, very interesting side room with aerial photos of the city that Beardy McBeard Face (Didactylos) and I argued over for a while.

Art! Movies! Dinner! )

Oh and due to my evil throat of fiery raging pain keeping me awake all night with gland swelling and earache I went to the emergency Doctor. Apparently I have "No temperature" and after a quick glance in ears and throat I was dismissed with instructions to take regular painkillers and gargle every 2 hours. A virus. Oh joy. "It's on it's way out now"

This is why we can't have nice things.

So very tired.
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I say NO! But it persists. Evil cold.

Glands up - throat on fire - headache - earache - feel like death warmed up - the usual.

WHY MEEEEEEE? Huh world? What did I do to deserve this?!!!

(Is there a mood icon for "self-pity"?)
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Actually feeling a whole lot better, but it may not take. Tomorrow I could be back in the arms of the virus again. Though I hope not for it be a day of great import.

Hen Night, Burlesque Club and Yes, Zorro HAS Come Out Of Storage.

I have to run off down to London the minute I get out of work and trail back within 24 h, but it should be worth it.



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