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Most awesome.

There was getting up VERY early and hiking in. There was sitting. Many hours of sitting (truth be told, we brought all kindsa books and sudoku to entertain us, but never touched them. We were having too much fun watching the other folk coming through). There was free stuff (on day one we got Haribo!) (the sigh of disappointment when it became clear the chips float weren't throwing chips into the crowd was heart breaking) (on day two I almost fought a man for a King of the Mountain cap. I WON).

There was looking at the view through binoculars (especially on day two when we were on 'cote de Oxenhope' and had all the valleys lain out before us up to the 3 peaks in the purple misty distance).

And eventually. EVENTUALLY. There were outriders and sirens and the red official car and then... BIKES!!! All the BIKES!! Leaders and chasers and peleton and I saw Chris Froome's butt on the very first day and Dave Beresford looked STRAIGHT AT ME out of the Sky car window and BIIIIIKES. :D

Esh, the peleton is scary even if you've remembered to step back.

And then the long walk home with the rest of the crowd, winding our way along back footpaths to the real roads on the other side of the moor/down the valley to the train station.

It was awesome and amazing and brilliant and wonderful. Best Weekend EVER.
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Friday - Truck Stop In The Middle Of Nowhere - England.
Coach full. Am being sat next to. Comforting, as coach company has decided to go by Irish Ferries instead of Stena and I was about to have a little flail until it was explained. Booked cabin on ferry. Slept. Apparently it was a rough crossing. I wouldn't know. Still sleeping even as I post this. Wish you were here.

Saturday - Parental Front Room - England.
Good day. Have been cleared by optician for new optician in Ireland. Purchased maternal unit's bike and took it out for its first spin. Will now be watching Castle and then going to bed. Cat says "Hi".

Sunday - Truck Stop In The Middle Of Nowhere - England
The sun shone! And it was hot. Living in a maritime climate for 6 months has softened me. Must sit in saunas more often. Had a nice morning, chilled with Papa and took the maternal unit out on the bike again until confidence was achieved. Lovely walk in the afternoon. Tea and scones. Coach emptier this time. Will still book cabin though. Wish you were here.

Monday - Couch - Flat Above Pub - Ireland.
Dead. I'm dead. Totes dead. 3 Hours of sleep (mmm, cabin) completely not enough to survive a day. Even with mild napping and an extra hour once I got home. Pizza and Leverage and Bed. It's the only way.
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and we did ALL THE TOURISTY THINGS. Which pleased her mightily.

The weather stayed good (i.e. only a wee bit o' soft rain) and there were even moments of being a smidgeon too warm! There was walking and cycling and pottering through town and browsing and eating (lots of tasty eating) and touristing and laughing (she nearly fell off the bike for laughing at one point).

We found the shop with all the "kitchen things that you didn't know you needed until now" and enjoyed both the coffee house of posh and the delicious restaurant of locally sourced produce.

Oh, and one day I must tell you about her new venture, smuggling donkeys on the ferry over to the UK. It's all planned out. Really. There's even a role in it for you, SwissBoy, when she expands into New Zealand.
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Days of Holiday remaining on contract: 4
Weeks of contract left to run: 1
Result - Treehugger gets ALL the days off.


Well, not quite all the days. But pretty close! Today, Monday and next Friday. Yay!

Tis a good thing, as BigSis is arriving this evening for an Irish holiday weekend and I need to prepare. There's not that much left to do, I've ironed the bedding, made the bed (HOW HARD ARE DOUBLE BEDS TO MAKE? Seriously. Why on EARTH do people sleep in them? Apart from the obvious of course). I've hoovered (will hoover again just in case) and cleaned the bathroom and kitchen.

Today there will be making of lasagne and bread. The lasagne for when we get back tonight, a quick re-heat and DINNER! Woohoo.

But there will be lots of resting. Lots and lots. Because it became clear this week that I am BONE tired. Every single thing I had to do this week was just too much effort. However, after last night's early night and this morning's lie-in I already feel a little more perky. With lots of sitting down on and off (and maybe a nap) I should be ready/willing/able for the weekend of fun planned ahead. And have enough energy to whip up an acceptable amount of excitement.

Weather looks pretty good though. Fingers crossed.


Apr. 24th, 2011 08:37 pm
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I have socialised. I have familied. I have celebrated (well done parental units! 40 years!) I have eaten, I have drunk and I have incidentally missed Doctor Who.

I have flown (Air Lingus! wider seats, emptier planes) and I have travelled on a million and one buses.

But now I'm home again and tomorrow I'm going on a MASSIVE bikeride to enjoy what's left of the sunshine.

Oh, and the bay is full of boats. BOATS.
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Short weekend is short. But lovely. And my assessment of travel-time to family time ratio and opportunities to do important things (like hug my papa) over the weekend have concluded that this method of maintaining contact with the folks is good.

Hope you all had good weekends too. {{{all}}}
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Two hours sleep on the ferry, two hours sleep on the bus, one fry-up and a constant stream of coffee but the entire content of the store is boxed, labelled and ready to be shipped.

Now, where are those matchsticks? My eyes won't stay open.

Other things you might like to know.

In work, it's been busy, but fun. I can hereby inform you that it was seriously cold in Budapest in February in 2009, but really quite warm in Sicily in April. Yes, you can find anything online if you look hard enough. Or long enough. Or with enough loud music in your ears.

The French kicker may be the best looking guy in the whole of the Six Nations Tournament.

I like beer (but you knew that already)

My football team beat Barcelona. BEAT THEM.

And centrifuging distorts the tube something chronic.
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Have been to the bank. It went reasonably ok, they didn't ask too impolitely about when I might be considering paying them back their money.

Then there was splitting of wood while the paternal unit got busy with a saw. We've got bags and bags! Gran's not going to be cold THIS winter.

And swimming. So yeah, now my Abs HATE a certain Scotland dwelling sister of mine and are thinking of taking about a hit on them. THERE IS PAIN. PAAAAAAAIN.

This much exercise deserves a glass of wine reward. Shame we don't have any in that I can drink.
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I never got round to finishing my Hogswatch Fluff - mainly due to days being filled with the need to "CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!!!" and "GO CHRISTMAS SHOPPING LIKE A M__ F__ ADULT!!!"

(I'll get it done by New Year I promise)

Anyway. In place of that delightful little gem I bring you this: A collaborative effort from the whole family, our Christmas insanity. With influence from Josephine and Christine-Pullen-Thompson, Georgette Heyer, Jane Austen, P.G. Wodehouse and many, many others. Oh and the Ballet of Cinderella we were watching last night.

Some background: BigSis demanded I entertained her with a story as she prepared the puddin' part of dinner (lunch for you soft southern pansies). I began it in all innocence, but it became corrupted rather quickly. This is the written down version, edited as we went along. Oh, and it's completely un-beta-ed.

For Want Of A Horsebox... )
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At 2am.

After having to change planes and other exciting things. Oh they were exciting.

Anyway, I'm home, I'm tired, but there's underfloor heating and the view (snow, snow and more snow) is magnificent.

Hopefully I'll be more comprehensible after I sleep.
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So, parents back this afternoon. In their absence I have:

1) Written/prosed 10 pages of sketched fic, edited 16,000 words and finally managed to post the DoctorWho Crackfic Crossover thus enabling the watching of the 11th Doctor season.

2) Written 1 drabble and 1 vignette (both still need editing).

3) Written the opening paragraphs of a stalled chapter (opening paragraphs are always my bugbear).

4) Edited two pages of the 1940s AU so that it actually flows (might get even more of that done this afternoon).

5) Missed three lunches and worn out each and every wrist joint I own in the pursuit of same.

6) Cooked various messes of potage of the tasty variety including an excess of chilli.

7) Drunk the very nice bottle of red my aunt left as a thank you for looking after her over two months ago.

8) Drunk the very nice bottle of homebrew my friends left for me at my birthday BBQ.

9) Eaten an excess of Pizza and watched a goodly chunk of my Lovefilm Urgent List.

10) Stayed up late and slept in for no reason other than there was crap on TV and I had an idea.

Not bad for two weeks eh? *sigh* Welcome home folks.


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