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Swapped out to third at the last moment. SHAME!

And where did Azerbaijan come from? That was a surprising outcome. Very pleased the UK gave Moldova 8 points. Our party gave them the full 12. Oh yes, guys with ginormous cones on their heads. Now, THAT'S real Eurovision. As were the cool assortment of people including the woman in red who was really going it some with her tambourine.

UK didn't do too bad! More points than we've had for ages and on the lefthand side of the screen! But still beaten by the Gaga-esque catastrophe that was Jedward. Terrible.

Don't even ASK me about Russia, someone needs to grab a video of that, cut out the sound and switch in "Greased Lightning".

Anyway. Yes. Party. We had Bockwurst and red cabbage to be eurovisionary. And I drank beer. Good night. Had to wait for the rain to stop before cycling the 20km home this morning. Kinda feel the need to go back to bed, but there's the hoovering to do, some food shopping required and I MUST remember to watch the repeat of Dr Who tonight.
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But it's ok. I'm getting my revenge on the world. The washing is on and tonight I'm gonna do nothing but drink red wine, watch Have I Got News For You and possibly write some Adele/Topher for [personal profile] biodamped because I am nice that way.

Tomorrow is pottering until the Eurovision party of mockage. No swearing though cos the kids will probably be staying up. And no over-raunchy comments. Cos I don't want to have to explain to a 6 year old what "grinding" is. Or some other salacious remark.

Oooh, and now there is a man under my sink. And not a bad looking man at that. Making all kinds of grunting noises. :D
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And commiserations of course.

Sorry guys. Now you have to drag the EU out of the recession AND pay for Eurovision. Maybe you should have sent someone crap like us?


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