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I... I just... I have no words.

(Military festival awesome, talked to re-enactment folks - now know where to get a Shako for the Discworld Convention)

Likely to be Spoilers in comments.
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Of which there are many (Spoilers likely in comments).

Main thinky thought though: Is THAT what Adipose turn into when they grow up?

I feel a Macro coming on.
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That entire, rambling, run on speech needs to be iconised.

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Swapped out to third at the last moment. SHAME!

And where did Azerbaijan come from? That was a surprising outcome. Very pleased the UK gave Moldova 8 points. Our party gave them the full 12. Oh yes, guys with ginormous cones on their heads. Now, THAT'S real Eurovision. As were the cool assortment of people including the woman in red who was really going it some with her tambourine.

UK didn't do too bad! More points than we've had for ages and on the lefthand side of the screen! But still beaten by the Gaga-esque catastrophe that was Jedward. Terrible.

Don't even ASK me about Russia, someone needs to grab a video of that, cut out the sound and switch in "Greased Lightning".

Anyway. Yes. Party. We had Bockwurst and red cabbage to be eurovisionary. And I drank beer. Good night. Had to wait for the rain to stop before cycling the 20km home this morning. Kinda feel the need to go back to bed, but there's the hoovering to do, some food shopping required and I MUST remember to watch the repeat of Dr Who tonight.
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But I did get up eventually. And my Verrah Naice friend came round and dragged me out into the great outdoors to go and buy me a birthday present. Or presents. So now I have a pot for my fern to sit in, a new espresso maker and a little ladylike hammer.

My friend knows me well :D

Am going to watch Dr Who and build the new bookcase I have just purchased (went to Argos for a pan, came back with additional bookcase and webcam. Must be tired). With my new hammer. And then hang some pictures. With my new hammer.

I like my hammer.
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I just can't grasp it somehow. Seems so sudden, I didn't even know she was fighting cancer.

A great actress who will be dreadfully missed. I hope she knew at least a little of how much she meant to us.

Kinda consoling myself with the thought that The Brig hung around for her and now they're out there somewhere, exploring the universe and having a great time.

In Other News: The Physio gave me exercises and will see me in three weeks. Anything that can be solved by muscle strengthening exercises rather than ArrrghPainNO! massage is fine by me.
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So busy! No time to catch up with peeps! Surely this is against my human rights, no?

Things I need to tell all y'all.

TH watches Dr Who: Amy's Choice and makes a discovery )

TH watches Snakes on a Plane (spoilers within etc) )

TH prepares for death through exercise )
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So, parents back this afternoon. In their absence I have:

1) Written/prosed 10 pages of sketched fic, edited 16,000 words and finally managed to post the DoctorWho Crackfic Crossover thus enabling the watching of the 11th Doctor season.

2) Written 1 drabble and 1 vignette (both still need editing).

3) Written the opening paragraphs of a stalled chapter (opening paragraphs are always my bugbear).

4) Edited two pages of the 1940s AU so that it actually flows (might get even more of that done this afternoon).

5) Missed three lunches and worn out each and every wrist joint I own in the pursuit of same.

6) Cooked various messes of potage of the tasty variety including an excess of chilli.

7) Drunk the very nice bottle of red my aunt left as a thank you for looking after her over two months ago.

8) Drunk the very nice bottle of homebrew my friends left for me at my birthday BBQ.

9) Eaten an excess of Pizza and watched a goodly chunk of my Lovefilm Urgent List.

10) Stayed up late and slept in for no reason other than there was crap on TV and I had an idea.

Not bad for two weeks eh? *sigh* Welcome home folks.
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You. Have got. To see this! "Tenth Doctor: The Musical"

"The conceit: Old Time Lords don't die; they just watch their successors on TV and occasionally eyeroll..."


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