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1) Today I put on the penultimate batch of 'todes of the current insane workload. Woo yeah, almost over.

2) I also decided that as I had done most of the work on the other microbial stuff (minion assisting) I get all the data. All mine. Yus. Delicious data.

3) I am soooooo up-ish right now. Even with being good and not having ANY caffeine today. Lalalala, emotional imbalance, I has it. I can do ALL the things! At once! And it feeeeeeels so good!

4) The winter cycling suit came from Wiggle. I sat and looked at the box for a while because it was a VERY small box. But eventually I braved the unwrapping. It's actually pretty cool. Kinda like a wetsuit to struggle into up to the waist and then turns into dungarees. Very warm. Fleece lined I believe. If only the arse padding didn't look quite so much like a skull in clashing orange and blue I'd be over the moon. As it is I'm perfectly happy with it. Can't wait for the weather to turn cold enough to actually wear it.

Anyway. Four good things is a lot for one day. Have a post. :D
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50 km in 1:58.30

YAY!!! Average speed 15 mph, which was a personal best blowing all other average speeds out of the water. And it was definitely worth sprinting the final km to save those 90 seconds.

UNDER TWO HOURS, PEOPLE. I win ALL the things.

Thanks of course must go out to all the people whose wheels I clung onto for the first 10 km until I cleared the pack. I paid them back! Well, I "played it forward". Someone was on my wheel for at least 15 minutes on the last 20 km. Ooooh, that last 20 km.

TH hits main road, with delicious smooth surface.
TH looks at watch and calculates possibility of getting a sub 2 hour time.
TH tanks it for 20 mins uphill and down with moaning and swearing and cursing and gritted teeth.

A funny thing, speedy racer type bikes were much faster than Festus on down-hills, but he seems to have a much better power efficiency on up-hills. There were 6 - 8 of us continuously passing and re-passing each other for most of the undulating middle section. I have to admit, it gave me a warm glow to steam past frantically pedalling lycra clad speedy racer bike riding individuals.

Good ole Festus.
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In amongst all the rage-y stress and panic of last week (see flocked post below) I did manage to do some important good stuff.

1. Rebooked the opticians appointment that I COMPLETELY forgot last Sunday. Thank you Specsavers for not being grumpy at my numptyism. You are verrah kind.

2. Booked the surfing lessons for next weekend. OH YEAH, I'MA GONNA LEARN HOW TO SURF. Cool. I has it.

3. Got a lift sorted for the massive bike ride of massive that I'm doing tomorrow. (It's not really that massive, I'm only doing the 50 km, my lift person is doing the 160 km - they're insane, it has mountains!).

And that's the "3 points make a post" !!!

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Today I cycled 31 miles. And took the recycling out when I got home.

I leave it to you as to which of those was the more awesome use of a Saturday :-)

(At least now I don't have to worry about making the 50 km thing in a couple of weeks
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er yeah, life is NOT very exciting at the moment.

I get up, I go to work, I come home, I watch the Tour de France, I go to bed. Lalalala WhingeCakes.

Mind you, watching the Tour is making my cycling into work better. I'm tending to keep it in the harder gears and go for my bullbars to push on through the uphil parts. Oh yeah. I'm as hard as a Tour rider (in my mind).

Discovered the scent explosion of new Dove Deoderant last night. Call me sad, but I was lying on the couch wallowing in the fact that every time I reached for the remote I smelt pretty. (and today at work at least ONE person said "you smell nice". So ner).

This post brought to you by Curry and Beer night. Corona's are in the fridge if you want one. And feel free to try leftover chapattis with marmalade, it's an unsuspectedly awesome taste outcome.
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So, got up at 4:30 to cycle 20 miles to see the Tall Ships sail out. [I popped over yesterday to see them in harbour (and buy binoculars[1] and a map for the cycling)].

Just got back after doing 30 miles (nice friends gave me a lift part of the way back) with a tan line on one leg and a big oil smear on the other. Have showered (for the suntan cream), Moisturised (for the sun burn) and eaten an ice-cream (cos it's summer and that's what you do).

So worth it. :D

The cycle out was amazing, the sun rising at my back, mist in the fields hiding what was land and what was sea with just the windmills and the Saltees sticking up identifiably. It's a fantastic road, just high enough to see all the way down to the Southern Coast across rolling fields. Usually I hate to cycle on it because it's stuffed to the gills with drivers in a hurry who pass too close and hate all cyclists with a passion. But at 5am? Totally empty. My road, my lovely road. I could pick the smoothest spots, wobble into the middle when enraptured by the view. Oh, it was brilliant.

And now I have sausage rolls. Best day ever. Fact.

Now with bonus pic! )

[1] I have binoculars now, binoculars are cool.
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But on the plus side, I did count ALL the invisible wiggly worms today. 60 tubes of wiggly worms counted. Boo-Ya.

And I'm making curry.

In my impartial view, I win the day. :D
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Got HAILED on on the way home. And let me tell you internets, air-flow vents in a helmet are all very well for head cooling but they do NOTHING against big lumps of ice. NOTHING.

As Caesar himself said: "Infamy, Infamy! They've all got it in for me!"

Oh, and I saw X-Men:First Class. :D There is not enough squee in the world to express my opinion on that film. The Slash! The Fassbender! The Wolverine!
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and we did ALL THE TOURISTY THINGS. Which pleased her mightily.

The weather stayed good (i.e. only a wee bit o' soft rain) and there were even moments of being a smidgeon too warm! There was walking and cycling and pottering through town and browsing and eating (lots of tasty eating) and touristing and laughing (she nearly fell off the bike for laughing at one point).

We found the shop with all the "kitchen things that you didn't know you needed until now" and enjoyed both the coffee house of posh and the delicious restaurant of locally sourced produce.

Oh, and one day I must tell you about her new venture, smuggling donkeys on the ferry over to the UK. It's all planned out. Really. There's even a role in it for you, SwissBoy, when she expands into New Zealand.
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Which is a good thing as last night's small dinner party could be viewed as a small success. All the best dinner parties should end up in host's local pub (downstairs) with trad music filtering through from the lounge bar.

Bit slow this morning. *yawn*

But Pirates tonight! Woohoo!

Oooh, and both the dawn chorus and the half-marathon were awesome! Though I did run out of words of encouragement at the end and cycled the last 5 km up the road passing everyone whilst saying "you're doing really well, come one you can do it, you're doing really well, come on, you can do it, you're doing really well, come one you can do it" until I was ready to stuff my own socks in my mouth. But some of 'em smiled, so maybe it helped. Will have to plan a more varied script of encouragement for next time.
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Swapped out to third at the last moment. SHAME!

And where did Azerbaijan come from? That was a surprising outcome. Very pleased the UK gave Moldova 8 points. Our party gave them the full 12. Oh yes, guys with ginormous cones on their heads. Now, THAT'S real Eurovision. As were the cool assortment of people including the woman in red who was really going it some with her tambourine.

UK didn't do too bad! More points than we've had for ages and on the lefthand side of the screen! But still beaten by the Gaga-esque catastrophe that was Jedward. Terrible.

Don't even ASK me about Russia, someone needs to grab a video of that, cut out the sound and switch in "Greased Lightning".

Anyway. Yes. Party. We had Bockwurst and red cabbage to be eurovisionary. And I drank beer. Good night. Had to wait for the rain to stop before cycling the 20km home this morning. Kinda feel the need to go back to bed, but there's the hoovering to do, some food shopping required and I MUST remember to watch the repeat of Dr Who tonight.
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That was a long cycle. I cycled so far I found the sun! Which then hung around for half an hour before being embarrassed by all the attention and disappearing to be replaced by a cold wind. Which became a cold headwind as I set off on a winding explore of the South East Coast following the elusive blue signs of a long distance cycle route. Very good signage actually, I never got lost at all! Unfortunately the back roads were not so good. Thank goodness for suspended saddles, that's what I say!

Am now home, and having showered, done the shopping, put a load of washing on and washed the kitchen floor I think I'm allowed to relax in your fine company for a bit.

Everyone having a nice bank holiday?

Oooh, and we're off to see Fast And Furious: Whatever later. Car noise and Vin Diesel's oiled biceps. Lovely.


Apr. 24th, 2011 08:37 pm
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I have socialised. I have familied. I have celebrated (well done parental units! 40 years!) I have eaten, I have drunk and I have incidentally missed Doctor Who.

I have flown (Air Lingus! wider seats, emptier planes) and I have travelled on a million and one buses.

But now I'm home again and tomorrow I'm going on a MASSIVE bikeride to enjoy what's left of the sunshine.

Oh, and the bay is full of boats. BOATS.


Mar. 2nd, 2011 06:19 pm
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Woo. This is pleasing.

I now have a flat FULL of boxes and very tired legs. There are 35 steps up to my flat. Did you know that? I didn't. I DO NOW. I only had the energy last night to open my "crockery" boxes (COFFEE MACHINE! BONUS CLOTHES PREVIOUSLY USED AS PACKING MATERIAL!) I did, however, tear open the top of EVERY SINGLE box looking for my cycling shoes. So I've LOOKED at everything.

Moar unpacking shall occur tonight.

Today at work I used the hysterically fun compressed air machine to encourage the soil out of the tubes. To be fair, if you'd drunk as much alcohol as they drank on Friday you'd be a bit sluggish in the morning as well.

Cycling in was lovely and quiet, and cycling home speedy and downhill. Half an hour each way, I think it's gonna work as a commuting method.
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Cold mornings, insistant rain and STRIKLEY back on the tele. And Ann Widecome was actually watchable! Eee, she's a game old bird.

Must get the SAD light out of storage, I've been impossible to live with the past week. This state of affairs cannot continue. Will get the base layers out while I'm there. Mmm, base layers. Went cycling in the short period of dry yesterday, but leftovers of Scotland still impinging on enthusiasm for bike related exercise. Only stayed out an hour. Still, there's the hope of bagging one of the three peaks later on in Oct so that'll be something.

Status Quo on Wogan helping with the autumnal blues, if only it would stop raining!

Oh, and in the continued vein of yay dancin' (with thanks to SMTB's Friday Videos)

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Great news no?

Yesterday was so productive. Took the bike apart, cleaned the bike, oiled the bike, put the bike back together. Poor Festus, such an afront to his dignity. Seems ok (apart from the minor problem of no brake pads) but I shall talk to some biking folk about the small grinding noises here and there in the bearings. I think some of them were already there, so I'm not fretting too much.

Also, as the weather didn't rain like it said it would I washed various bags of ming, towels of ming and hotwater bottle covers of ming. Big bags of ming were hung out on the line all day to air.

There is NOTHING left that smells of Ming! (I think). This is a most satisfactory state of affairs.

Rounded off the day with cooking the delicious Chicken Caserole for Didactylos and the folks. Mmmm, tasty foods. Forgot to put the pie for desert in whilst cooking, but it was ok. We were so stuffed from the itty bitty rosemary roastie potatos that everyone was perfectly willing to wait while it warmed up.

And bless him, Ronnie O'Sullivan provided dinner entertainment by winning. Yay Ronnie! So sorry you have to play Ebdon next. Please don't strangle him with your cue for being so terribly slow.
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I managed to wear shoes all day today so you may have some more of the epic saga.

Oh! But first I have to add the bits in that I forgot about the first day.

1. The finish was at the TOP of a wee mound in Fort Augustus. THE TOP. We complained most bitterly about this as we staggered up the gravel path. But the lovely ladies with the bipper (time stopper thing) were very smiley and encouraging and gave us little packets of Haribo. Mmm Haribo.

2. We did draftin'! I was the front wind breaker and let her Ladyship hang onto my back wheel because I am kind. It was the evil moor bits above Loch Ness and the persistent headwind that plagued us. We found a pair travelling about the same speed as us and hung onto them for a good 10 mins. Cruel maybe for the one in front but we were tired! To that lady we say THANK YOU!!!

Now Read On... )
One thing I will say however. If you're ever in Glencoe, go to "The Glencoe Hotel", look like you're going to order some food or drink and then go up to the barstaff and tell them you would be buying something but due to their FASICST POLICY about not serving food to starving people if they order 5 mins after the 8pm cut-off, you won't be bothering.

Seriously. A sandwich would have been fine. We were NOT in any kind of position to be fussy. We would have looked on leftovers as heaven sent. But apparently the kitchen couldn't help us. THANKS FOR NOTHING GLENCOE HOTEL.
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It's going to be a bit scattered. There's so much. Bits of it keep cropping up here and there. And for some reason it's all set to Flanders & Swan's "The Sloth" (a bradypus or sloth am I...) which had the perfect cycling cadence. And I'm tired, so rambling is likely.

It started with the epic train journey to Edinburgh. Which I only just caught by the skin of my teeth. Don't get me wrong, I was on the platform 40 minutes before the train was due, but because EVERYONE decided to get out of the door to the compartment where the cycles hang I couldn't GET ON. The guard had already whistled 4 times before I managed to throw everything, bike, bags and me, up into the vestibule.

Auspicious start then! *grin*

It got better, promise )

End of Day One.
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Humongous bag: Packed
Small but essential bag: Packed
Tent: Strapped onto humongous bag
Sleeping mat: Strapped onto humongous bag
Bike: In pieces, ready for transport
Last essential exercise (i.e. swimming): Done

This is it people. The real thing. Off to Scotland tomorrow.

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! It was nice knowing y'all.
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Yeah bitches. 46 miles. Read em and weep.

Festus was a darling, running as sweetly as a well serviced Aston Martin. It's such a sweet feeling when the lights go green and you push off - there's a short second of "oops, maybe wrong gear" and then he responds and pulls away like a steam train. *hugs Festus*

Ran steadily all the way out to Skipton (two cloud bursts but good ole Festus kept going) and then took the canal back. Massive unexpected cloudburst on the canal as well, surprised me and the guy in the canalboat I'd just said "good afternoon" as I cycled past. As he puttered back past me while I sheltered under a tree, the rain bouncing off the canal surface we shared a "where did that come from?! It was clear and sunny only five seconds ago!"

I let the cloud pass over, but soon caught up with it again. In the end there was nothing for it but to grit my teeth and battle through it and out the other side. Bit of a shock for poor Festus, he's willing to go off road but he gets a wee bit skittish if the surface is too uncertain-sloping-slippery. So that was an hour of intense concentration and balancing the bike, but Festus threw himself against the traces with great heart, can't fault him for effort. He's gonna get a lovely clean as a reward and then a rest until the weekend. Good Festus.

Yay off-roading! I may have been proud of the 46 miles, but I've got to tell you, I was even prouder of the proper cyclist's mudsplattered shins. Oh yeah.

Finished the day with chilli, and feet up in front of Last Night Of The Proms. Didactylos came over and we poked fun at Merlin for a bit and then put on our nationalistic hats for an hour or so. Much singing.

All in all a good day. :D


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