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Cold mornings, insistant rain and STRIKLEY back on the tele. And Ann Widecome was actually watchable! Eee, she's a game old bird.

Must get the SAD light out of storage, I've been impossible to live with the past week. This state of affairs cannot continue. Will get the base layers out while I'm there. Mmm, base layers. Went cycling in the short period of dry yesterday, but leftovers of Scotland still impinging on enthusiasm for bike related exercise. Only stayed out an hour. Still, there's the hope of bagging one of the three peaks later on in Oct so that'll be something.

Status Quo on Wogan helping with the autumnal blues, if only it would stop raining!

Oh, and in the continued vein of yay dancin' (with thanks to SMTB's Friday Videos)

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Great news no?

Yesterday was so productive. Took the bike apart, cleaned the bike, oiled the bike, put the bike back together. Poor Festus, such an afront to his dignity. Seems ok (apart from the minor problem of no brake pads) but I shall talk to some biking folk about the small grinding noises here and there in the bearings. I think some of them were already there, so I'm not fretting too much.

Also, as the weather didn't rain like it said it would I washed various bags of ming, towels of ming and hotwater bottle covers of ming. Big bags of ming were hung out on the line all day to air.

There is NOTHING left that smells of Ming! (I think). This is a most satisfactory state of affairs.

Rounded off the day with cooking the delicious Chicken Caserole for Didactylos and the folks. Mmmm, tasty foods. Forgot to put the pie for desert in whilst cooking, but it was ok. We were so stuffed from the itty bitty rosemary roastie potatos that everyone was perfectly willing to wait while it warmed up.

And bless him, Ronnie O'Sullivan provided dinner entertainment by winning. Yay Ronnie! So sorry you have to play Ebdon next. Please don't strangle him with your cue for being so terribly slow.
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I managed to wear shoes all day today so you may have some more of the epic saga.

Oh! But first I have to add the bits in that I forgot about the first day.

1. The finish was at the TOP of a wee mound in Fort Augustus. THE TOP. We complained most bitterly about this as we staggered up the gravel path. But the lovely ladies with the bipper (time stopper thing) were very smiley and encouraging and gave us little packets of Haribo. Mmm Haribo.

2. We did draftin'! I was the front wind breaker and let her Ladyship hang onto my back wheel because I am kind. It was the evil moor bits above Loch Ness and the persistent headwind that plagued us. We found a pair travelling about the same speed as us and hung onto them for a good 10 mins. Cruel maybe for the one in front but we were tired! To that lady we say THANK YOU!!!

Now Read On... )
One thing I will say however. If you're ever in Glencoe, go to "The Glencoe Hotel", look like you're going to order some food or drink and then go up to the barstaff and tell them you would be buying something but due to their FASICST POLICY about not serving food to starving people if they order 5 mins after the 8pm cut-off, you won't be bothering.

Seriously. A sandwich would have been fine. We were NOT in any kind of position to be fussy. We would have looked on leftovers as heaven sent. But apparently the kitchen couldn't help us. THANKS FOR NOTHING GLENCOE HOTEL.
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It's going to be a bit scattered. There's so much. Bits of it keep cropping up here and there. And for some reason it's all set to Flanders & Swan's "The Sloth" (a bradypus or sloth am I...) which had the perfect cycling cadence. And I'm tired, so rambling is likely.

It started with the epic train journey to Edinburgh. Which I only just caught by the skin of my teeth. Don't get me wrong, I was on the platform 40 minutes before the train was due, but because EVERYONE decided to get out of the door to the compartment where the cycles hang I couldn't GET ON. The guard had already whistled 4 times before I managed to throw everything, bike, bags and me, up into the vestibule.

Auspicious start then! *grin*

It got better, promise )

End of Day One.
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Things I will not be discussing:
1) Nappy Rash (wet saddles definitely not FTW)
2) Rain
3) Midges

Things I may be discussing later:
1) My general lever of awesomeness
2) Blisters
3) River crossings - the right way.
4) How I earned my additional falling off points!
5) Did I mention the blisters?
7) SPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED in a mostly downhill direction - including at one point without any brake pads left.
8) Scotland
9) How and why I'm still dribbling sand EVERYWHERE I go (grit! In my Teeth!)
10) Blisters.

Oh yeah, and I ran 10K. Go me. Totes Awesome.
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Humongous bag: Packed
Small but essential bag: Packed
Tent: Strapped onto humongous bag
Sleeping mat: Strapped onto humongous bag
Bike: In pieces, ready for transport
Last essential exercise (i.e. swimming): Done

This is it people. The real thing. Off to Scotland tomorrow.

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! It was nice knowing y'all.
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Yeah bitches. 46 miles. Read em and weep.

Festus was a darling, running as sweetly as a well serviced Aston Martin. It's such a sweet feeling when the lights go green and you push off - there's a short second of "oops, maybe wrong gear" and then he responds and pulls away like a steam train. *hugs Festus*

Ran steadily all the way out to Skipton (two cloud bursts but good ole Festus kept going) and then took the canal back. Massive unexpected cloudburst on the canal as well, surprised me and the guy in the canalboat I'd just said "good afternoon" as I cycled past. As he puttered back past me while I sheltered under a tree, the rain bouncing off the canal surface we shared a "where did that come from?! It was clear and sunny only five seconds ago!"

I let the cloud pass over, but soon caught up with it again. In the end there was nothing for it but to grit my teeth and battle through it and out the other side. Bit of a shock for poor Festus, he's willing to go off road but he gets a wee bit skittish if the surface is too uncertain-sloping-slippery. So that was an hour of intense concentration and balancing the bike, but Festus threw himself against the traces with great heart, can't fault him for effort. He's gonna get a lovely clean as a reward and then a rest until the weekend. Good Festus.

Yay off-roading! I may have been proud of the 46 miles, but I've got to tell you, I was even prouder of the proper cyclist's mudsplattered shins. Oh yeah.

Finished the day with chilli, and feet up in front of Last Night Of The Proms. Didactylos came over and we poked fun at Merlin for a bit and then put on our nationalistic hats for an hour or so. Much singing.

All in all a good day. :D
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Next weekend is the deathly death in Scotland.

In other, more cheerful and humorous news... my sheewee arrived. I can now piddle my name in the snow standing up. This pleases me. Muchly.

Tomorrow there will be experimentation - in a scientific manner. Stay tuned: further reports as events unfold.



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