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So. Yesterday we went up Arthur's Seat (excessively cool) and then today I came home.

Good Bye Christmas And New Year. Hello reality. :(

And tomorrow I have to Go To The Bank Like a M_ F_ Adult.

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I never got round to finishing my Hogswatch Fluff - mainly due to days being filled with the need to "CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!!!" and "GO CHRISTMAS SHOPPING LIKE A M__ F__ ADULT!!!"

(I'll get it done by New Year I promise)

Anyway. In place of that delightful little gem I bring you this: A collaborative effort from the whole family, our Christmas insanity. With influence from Josephine and Christine-Pullen-Thompson, Georgette Heyer, Jane Austen, P.G. Wodehouse and many, many others. Oh and the Ballet of Cinderella we were watching last night.

Some background: BigSis demanded I entertained her with a story as she prepared the puddin' part of dinner (lunch for you soft southern pansies). I began it in all innocence, but it became corrupted rather quickly. This is the written down version, edited as we went along. Oh, and it's completely un-beta-ed.

For Want Of A Horsebox... )
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My Stig-shooting, pyromaniac, INSANE Top Gear. *huggles it*

And Bacon Flavoured Air-freshener? Do WANT. Bacon makes everything better :D

Updated to add: I AM A CLEANING GOD!!! Have not CLEANED ALL THE THINGS, but it is getting there. I now have my "Crawling round on my knees polishing the floor" badge.

Also, I have found the Kahlua. And the Vodka. I am a very happy cleaning god. :D
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I'm Spartacus! Ho yus. Despite breath-stealing, appendage solidifying, FREEZING temperatures I have achieved shopping. I have bought ALL THE THINGS. Including a non-existent Christmas cake.

"M&S don't have them" sayeth the Maternal Unit. "Nowhere has them" sayeth she.

Well HA! Cos I found one. And where did I find it? In M&S. So ner! :D

I was also chatted up by a deliciously tall and delightfully cheeky gentleman who was attempting to sell me things. Reader, look askance at me as you will, I bought them. He Was CHEEEKY!!! :D

So, shall we have a ramble about travel? )

Also, there will be Keeley over Christmas. Keeley with a better haircut and good clothes. Keeley on the BBC. This is pleasing to us.
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At 2am.

After having to change planes and other exciting things. Oh they were exciting.

Anyway, I'm home, I'm tired, but there's underfloor heating and the view (snow, snow and more snow) is magnificent.

Hopefully I'll be more comprehensible after I sleep.


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