Oct. 9th, 2010 11:29 am
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Good morning. I have pain. I do not want pain. Plz to be arranging ovary/womb removal experiments soonest. Thnx.

Where is my Chocolate Flavoured Anadin?

I will write deep and meaningful fic, it is the only remedy. *hauls out snarky dialogue and prepares the edit pen*

Oh and while we're in a grumbling mood, Please Stupid-Government-That-I-Didn't-Vote-For, can we have less of this bandwaggon leaping with regard to large families. Either we have a sensible discussion and as a country decide that we would like to impose a cap on the number of children (a la China) via a democratic vote, or you SHUT UP. Because you haven't really drawn a line have you? You've just said "too many children baaaaaaaaaaad". Maybe so, malthus and all that, but without us all contributing to a decision on how many is too much you've just given the idiots in this country the right to take against whoever they like. Well done. Big Society is really gonna get a cohesive boost from your efforts. NOT.
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Fact: PMT and the making of travel arrangements do not go together at all well.

TH requires booze. In the shape of a very very large hammer. QUICKLY!!! (also a flight back from Pisa at a decent time to an airport in the north of England - oh and a website that let her look for that enquiry)

YES IT'S VAGUE. I KNOW THAT. BUT YOU WON'T TELL ME WHERE YOU FLY TO SO I CAN'T FILL IT IN CAN I?!!! MANCHESTER? Oh. No flights. Ok. Liverpool? No? *hunts for a list of airports in the north of England*

Dammit. I'm going to have to go to a travel agent. Let them do all this bloody crawling about through databases that require PRECISE INFORMATION THAT I DON'T HAVE!
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If I come to you with a question, a request for information or as it were a perfectly valid enquiry, please do not reply with a stroppy form email which lacks any information originally requested, demands items from me in CAPSLOCK (why so shouty? Twas an innocent enquiry) and links to the previously unhelpful web-page Which, if you might recall, WAS WHY I WROTE TO YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!




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