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Heh, Autumn is coming. Things smell different already. It's odd how everything changes at this time of year. I don't quite need the SAD light yet, but I can feel it looming over the horizon. Luckily it's coming over next week, hopefully the Earth's orbit will not tilt too far before then.

I have such a love/hate relationship with this time of year. Everything is so real and multi-dimensional. Seeing, feeling, smelling all connect at such a deep level that everything hurts that it's so beautiful. I want to hold onto everything, take it inside me and clutch it tight forever. It's as though my brain KNOWS it's going to not feel anything for 6 months and is going crazy trying to experience things before the portcullis falls.

If I hadn't already had my seizure I'd call this the warning period. Everything seems the wrong way round this year.
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You are a government department. Please have the courtesy to at least put me on hold or give me a list of options. DON'T JUST HAVE A MESSAGE SAYING "Oooops, we're busy, LOL!" AND THEN HANG UP!

In other news Runescape have introduced a Dungeon. Yay copying others! Points for THAT. It's not actually that annoying. For which I give many thanks.

Edited at some late hour to add: Just watched Glee. Mercedes... please don't, OMG she's actually gonna sing that...

*cue TH snuffling quietly in front of the entire world, including that part of it made up of the Maternal Unit*

That song. Always gets me right here. *sniff*


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