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er yeah, life is NOT very exciting at the moment.

I get up, I go to work, I come home, I watch the Tour de France, I go to bed. Lalalala WhingeCakes.

Mind you, watching the Tour is making my cycling into work better. I'm tending to keep it in the harder gears and go for my bullbars to push on through the uphil parts. Oh yeah. I'm as hard as a Tour rider (in my mind).

Discovered the scent explosion of new Dove Deoderant last night. Call me sad, but I was lying on the couch wallowing in the fact that every time I reached for the remote I smelt pretty. (and today at work at least ONE person said "you smell nice". So ner).

This post brought to you by Curry and Beer night. Corona's are in the fridge if you want one. And feel free to try leftover chapattis with marmalade, it's an unsuspectedly awesome taste outcome.
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I say may, because I met a man in the pub last night and I'm waiting for him to call me this morning and confirm that he's willing to take me out for the day.


Actually, it's less exciting than that. Wending my wobbly way home from the comedy festival last night/this morning (Sarah Millican is HYSTERICALLY FILTHY in real life and I laughed so much I thought I was going to asphyxiate myself from lack of breathing) I was just considering my warm and cosy bed when I noticed the barman was having a smoke break in the doorway of the pub.

"Hullo!" Sayeth I, being in a somewhat merry mood despite the lateness of the hour.

"Hullo," replyeth he. "Your mate be inside, drinking cheerily. You should pop in and say hi."

"I should," thought I! (For I am nothing if not persuadable when tipsy). "Let me past and I shall do so forthwith."

The outcome of which was that there was the drinking of more beverages and it did come to pass that I was informed of the exciting news that my landlord was taking some relations to the Duncannon Military Festival (RE-ENACTMENT SQUEE) and there might be room in the car for a little one. Emboldened by my vodka consumption I ventured to enquire as to whether I could be cheeky and tag along for the fun.

Hence you find me. Slightly hungover and awaiting a phone call. With coffee. And slight trepidation.
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Which is a good thing as last night's small dinner party could be viewed as a small success. All the best dinner parties should end up in host's local pub (downstairs) with trad music filtering through from the lounge bar.

Bit slow this morning. *yawn*

But Pirates tonight! Woohoo!

Oooh, and both the dawn chorus and the half-marathon were awesome! Though I did run out of words of encouragement at the end and cycled the last 5 km up the road passing everyone whilst saying "you're doing really well, come one you can do it, you're doing really well, come on, you can do it, you're doing really well, come one you can do it" until I was ready to stuff my own socks in my mouth. But some of 'em smiled, so maybe it helped. Will have to plan a more varied script of encouragement for next time.
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*Does the flailing dance of datalicious data*

And it's awesome, because the data do not make a beautiful line and that is fantastic because I hated that experiment and I don't ever want to have to do it again.

The other data, the lovely data from the delightfully sensible experiment are currently making a beautiful line as we speak.

I has a happy. And an agonisingly sore shoulder. If the physio pokes you in the shoulder that stopped hurting because it had frozen up from all the pain and now it's unfrozen and ruddy agony, are you allowed to go back to the physio before the allotted three weeks are up and demand some "make-pain-go-away" treatment?

But it is the weekend. There is wine and Pizza and a food festival over the weekend topped off by supporting mates through a half-Marathon on Sunday. It's gonna be fun, folks! With small periods of envy about old friends getting to go here. JELUS.

ETA: Oh dear. Have just agreed to meet someone at the station at 4:10am to go hear the dawn-chorus at the nature reserve. Sometimes I think perhaps I take treehugging just a little too far.
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Today wasn't any better, same old same old - except minus the rage-y rage. The turribly clever machine couldn't keep pressure. Tomorrow the man comes to change the new regulator in the hope that that solves the issue.

I did other things instead, like write spreadsheets and update SOPs and do washing up and generally potter. Bleh.

Did get bonus Fruit and Nut chocolate though. I have nice friends. I shared it amongst the technicians and so that all shall love me and despair.

And tonight there shall be bowling. For Young P's birthday. And they serve drinks. Yay.

Yay indeed.

Oh, and this is going around at work )
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But it's ok. I'm getting my revenge on the world. The washing is on and tonight I'm gonna do nothing but drink red wine, watch Have I Got News For You and possibly write some Adele/Topher for [personal profile] biodamped because I am nice that way.

Tomorrow is pottering until the Eurovision party of mockage. No swearing though cos the kids will probably be staying up. And no over-raunchy comments. Cos I don't want to have to explain to a 6 year old what "grinding" is. Or some other salacious remark.

Oooh, and now there is a man under my sink. And not a bad looking man at that. Making all kinds of grunting noises. :D
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That was a good birthday.

Cake at work. Plus additional cake made especially for me. With candles! And then an early home time, Dr Who (at last! And OMG WHAT?!!!!), folks round to the flat for a small feeding, then off to the cinema to see Hanna (my third Olivia Williams of the week) which was odd, but awesome. And then a trip to the pub to finish it off.

Best. Birthday. Ever.

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Hero on the tele, glass of red in my hand and my Ardougne cloak hiding my "nefarious stealing activities from the guards and the storeholder"

I steal a cake. :D
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Dear Diary,

Today I carried 32 buckets of water from the stupid equipment to the drain on the other side of the barn.

It was not the best day ever.

But then we got to go to the beach and there was chips and beer whilst looking at the sea and paddling and chasing after the multi-coloured throwing thing through aches of soft sand and walking like a zombie and general merriment.

All in all, I think we'll chalk this day up to the good guys.
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St Patrick's Day in Ireland. Surprisingly mellow. Much Guinness was drunk. By me. Oh dear. But I did manage to get up and go to work today. Guinness 0 - TH Eleventy Million. I was surprisingly productive as well!

The parade was cool. Very local and community spirit etc. Apparently it's a St Paddy's Day tradition that it's always grey and cold, no matter where you are in the country. I have to say the weather fulfilled it's part exceedingly well yesterday. Brrrrrrrrrrr. That's my excuse for seeking refuge in the bar and I'm sticking to it.

Edited to add: THE IRISH ARE HAVING A CENSUS! THERE IS A FORM! I get to exist for posterity! Wooooooooooooooooooooooot!!!!
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Also FINALLY got my login from IT and have begun to customise my desktop. Oh yea, did I forget to say I had a desk? Life is generally awesome, work seems a little more involved that previously implied, but I am awesome and all analytical methods will bow to my will. Oh yus.

This would be the Wifi in the pub below where I'll be living come March. It's a nice wifi, coupled as it is with beer, crisps and an open fire.

Today was training on a nice new machine. Very shiny. Hopefully we get a chance to muddy it up soon. Next on the list of vital tasks is LISTS LISTS AND MORE LISTS. A million and one things to timetable. It's really a good thing I'm this anal. :D

Went swimming last night, the pool is as cold as I remembered, but the heated floor is as delightfully surprising. 1km only, my lift was champing at the bit to be off so I could stay no longer. But still, "Exercise - YAY!"

Tonight is dinner with old chums who came over to be all sciencey but who we are stealing for nefarious entertainment purposes. Mmm, dinner.

Oh lawks, the radio is listing the dead people again. Make it stop.
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I'm afraid the entire country has wind. *snigger* Yes, I am still 12, deal with it.


In my life as a mature adult I can inform you that I have arrived safely, greeted old acquaintances heartily (as you may have expected, booze was involved) and found myself somewhere to live from next month.

It is a lovely flat (above a pub) and I am very lucky to have friends (who own pubs) who are willing to help me out with my accommodation like this. I have examined the flat (above a pub) in great details (above a pub) and found it to meet all my requirements (above a pub).

[Space for gleeful laughter goes here.]

Work starts officially tomorrow and I can assure all interested parties that I will be applying myself with all the asdiousness you have come to expect from me. It should be fun.

Must now go and check what interesting and exciting things you've all been up to...

Did I mention ABOVE A PUB?!!!!!
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Does that mean we can get drunk now?

I'm deserved SOME reward for today, what with the visit to Job Centre (in driving snow), bank (in driving snow) and journey home (see driving snow, but with more large flakiness).

And I dug all our path and the neighbours because I am nice.

There does, however, appear to be no good TV tonight. There may be swigging from the bottle.
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Anyone still need some re-hydration/salty carbs? I made good use of my lazy day (comedy DVDs, Be Kind-Rewind and The Bourne Ultimatum) with editing my INCREDIBLY late Hogswatch fic. I reckon Hogmanay still counts, right?

Did y'all have a nice time? The fireworks were awesome, and the crowd quite large considering. We decided the street party was probably overpriced, hence the size of the mob getting the view for free on the bridge.

I drank ALL THE BUBBLES, danced to the locomotion, and generally had a great time. THEN we went out on the piss. :D I love Edinburgh.
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There has been a haircut (a nice gentleman offered us Bucks Fizz but we were very good and said that as it was before 11am maybe we'd better not).

There has been shopping for pretty things. Many pretty things. So many pretty things we required a cocktail first. YAY BOOZE!

And soon the rest of the crazy gang will arrive and there will be champagne and snackages and hitting of the town and lol, much merriment will ensue. WE'M GONNA GET DRUNK!!! Ho YUS.

I have been informed there will be drinking in a pub called the Guilty Lily, henceforth to be known as the Gilded Lily. ROFL.
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My Stig-shooting, pyromaniac, INSANE Top Gear. *huggles it*

And Bacon Flavoured Air-freshener? Do WANT. Bacon makes everything better :D

Updated to add: I AM A CLEANING GOD!!! Have not CLEANED ALL THE THINGS, but it is getting there. I now have my "Crawling round on my knees polishing the floor" badge.

Also, I have found the Kahlua. And the Vodka. I am a very happy cleaning god. :D
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Due to nervous drivers I have been asked to Ride Shotgun With A Shovel (have you heard my new folk/country band?).

So I have blazing fire, Baileys and interwebs.

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That is really all I can say about that. Though if pressed I could go a little further I suppose. If pressed.

Monday: It has snowed! TH and the students respond in time honoured manner by:
a) Doing little/no work
b) Going for a walk to look at the pretty (including standing on lake until it cracked and marvelling at the 2cm thick ice.
c) Building a 6ft tall phallus complete with testicles.

Tuesday: It has snowed again! TH and the students respond in time honoured manner by:
a) Doing little/no work
b) Complaining about the cold.
c) Building a "Mr T" snowman, complete with mohawk, biceps and medalion. (the snow was wetter and more sculptable).

Students were requested to remove items from the phallus so that it looked a little less realistic. They did so. Snow sculpture was still pretty obviously what it was.

Anyone still reading? )

Oh, and the snow/perfect peace on Sunday meant I finally got the chapter of fic finished that I've been battering at for almost 3 years now. There are no words for the glee. No words.

And now I have wine. And Wifi. A great combination.
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Fieldwork over, back in the lab/office. Managed to get out of electrocuting myself/soil and spent much of the day in a greenhouse instead. Much warmer. Bargining ftw!

There was mild drinking on the Thurs night to celebrate the end of the field season. Luckily I remembered NOT to approach the firemen who'd been staying in the hotel all week and thus saved myself from death by embarrasment. In consequence of this Friday was quite a fragile day, though I did manage to drag myself to the local pub for a Guiness. Which did me a power of good.

Shopping of much spending money happened on the Saturday followed by drinks/football, drinks/boxing and once that debacle was over drinks/dancing to cheese. CHEEEEEEESE.

The tinnitus has pretty much faded now.

A friend brought over a bike they're letting me borrow on Saturday as well so on Sunday there was cycling gingerly around the local area, admiring the views. They're well worth admiring!

And now back to work. Gonna attempt to go swimming on Weds, see what the local pool is like. Hopefully it's not too busy. I have heard that people swim in the sea. HAHA. No Thank You.


Sep. 5th, 2010 05:31 pm
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A weekend and a half but we got him married off (he made a beautiful speech) and despite a baby snoring through the serious parts of the ceremony they were done and dusted in style.

Minor "old" moment at about 10:30 where we had the sudden urge for a pot o' tea. lol. So aged. But to be fair, it was refreshing and encouraged by this I then went on to dance my feet into blisters. So yeah.

Ate fantastic food, talked non-stop for 12 h straight, drank a reasonable amount, danced like a loon and all this in white trousers whilst really not in a physical/hormonal condition to be wearing anything white down there. Mother Nature: nil, TH: eleventy million.

Threw some moves to Scissor Sisters' "I Don't Feel Like Dancing" (something of a personal anthem). Rocked out like a proper Cheerio to "Don't Stop Believing" (which I have been DYING to dance to since I first saw Glee and haven't EVER had the chance until now - my Archie air guitar solo has to be seen to be believed). Requested (alongside a fellow cheese loivor) "Give A Little Respect" and had the entire dancefloor to ourselves - AWESOMELY STRANGE MOVES OCCURRED - and later attempted the flying jump thing in "I've Had The Time Of My Life".

All finished off with "New York New York" in proper Wedding Stylee.

Best Liverpudian Wedding EVER.

(when I got home this afternoon I had to go to bed - a lightweight is me :D)


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