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But I did get up eventually. And my Verrah Naice friend came round and dragged me out into the great outdoors to go and buy me a birthday present. Or presents. So now I have a pot for my fern to sit in, a new espresso maker and a little ladylike hammer.

My friend knows me well :D

Am going to watch Dr Who and build the new bookcase I have just purchased (went to Argos for a pan, came back with additional bookcase and webcam. Must be tired). With my new hammer. And then hang some pictures. With my new hammer.

I like my hammer.
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That was a good birthday.

Cake at work. Plus additional cake made especially for me. With candles! And then an early home time, Dr Who (at last! And OMG WHAT?!!!!), folks round to the flat for a small feeding, then off to the cinema to see Hanna (my third Olivia Williams of the week) which was odd, but awesome. And then a trip to the pub to finish it off.

Best. Birthday. Ever.

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Maybe I should go to bed?

Happy new year to me. This time round all the bad times that were coming last year have kinda already happened. Not to tempt fate at all. But that is one weird feeling.

Virtual Bubbly for all! *pops some corks*

and there shall be cake. CAEK! Or Death.
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Should have posted this yesterday - forgot about the cross posting thingamajig.


Ooooh, just been reminded that we're going to be cultured again tonight

Orchestral this time. Borodin and some Tchaik. Laaaaarvely.

I swear, when the birthday goodness is over I WILL stop spamming your friends pages.
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Tin! Of Peppermints! Want one? )

The cat is begging for snuggles. Assiduously. With claws.


May. 6th, 2010 08:27 pm
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Fajitas cooked. Fajitas eaten. Fajitas good. Halfway down the second beer. Beer good. Life good.


Haaaaaapy Birrrrrfday to (hic) meeeeeeeee!

*waves beer bottle cheerfully*

Oh Look! People luff me!!

lol. Editin posts when tiddly = not gud idea
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There has been rising at the crack of dawn (not really, a birthday text at 7:30am is actually quite considerate, thank you fambly).
The has been presents (heeeee! I have a peppermint tin with humorous motta' - must get pic for that somehow).
There has been bacon and mushroom butties

Soon there will be voting (a'cos I are ADULT! Oh yus.) and then the maternal unit and I are off to Leeds to be cultured around an art gallery and a few museums.

I shall be wearing my age badge. I am just THAT far out and cool and froody.


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