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I got Slovenia. They've only been to the World Cup once and lost all three matches. Gragh.

But in positive things, it's evidence that I am slightly more accepted into the office environment despite being a temp. So that's good!

Getting over A2A now, an early night last night helped. Sleeping on the floor with the cat using me as an obstacle course on Mon night did not aid brain power.

So, brain more awake today. Managed to remember that the brain spawned a marching song of Crack!Filk and sent it to Syren. There was lol-ing.
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Apart from that it was the best telly I have seen in ages. Brilliantly written (thank you writers for that light touch) and fabulously acted.

Gene you broke my heart, Alex, you broke my heart again - but you've been doing that a lot so I was ready. Gene - not so much. Still suffering with that one. Had to go write Donna/Gene before I could even think about going to sleep.

There are no words. None. But it was good. Sad yes. But Good.
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Thank you Flist for all the spoiler cuts. I am most incredibly grateful

I was right in pretty much everything that mattered.

And now I have a sad.

(Icon incredibly important though carried unwittingly for months all unaware)

TV update

May. 11th, 2010 07:04 pm
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Ashes 2 Ashes... What was THAT?!! So excited for the two-parter now.

And Glee. Never change. Never Never change. Sending me to bed singing "TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART!" exceedingly enthusiastically will always be acceptable. Sue! Emma! Puck! Oh Puck, you may wear that wifebeater any time you wish. Oh yus. That boy tweaks all my Jayne buttons. I'll be in my bunk.

There may be spoilers for season 3 A2A in comments. Be aware.


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