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Went to see Super8 last night. Loved it (including the GRAGH! moments of jump fright). But you can tell it was made by J.J.Abrams. LENSFLARE. Lots of LENSFLARE. It should have its own sound effect. Kinda like a "mmmwhaaaaaaaaaaa".

Lensflare preeeeeetty.
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I see that PseudoVirgin/CrossCountry trains are still hideously overcrowded, the vestibules are still thinly carpeted (ow, my butt) and they STILL have that terrible fault in the air-conditioning that pushes the delightful scent from the toilets through the entire train.

However, in other news I am filled to the gunwales with curry (thank you [personal profile] drunken_hedghog) and once Castle is over I'm off out on the town to get my Frappuccino (those pesky Starbucks addicted me to it and then refused to open a branch anywhere near me in Ireland. Grrrr).

Talking of [personal profile] drunken_hedghog (and really, we should, cos that woman has AWESOME vodka and is not wary of sharing), I can report that the grapes, flowers and get well soon card were deemed acceptable (see note about vodka above) and a brilliant evening was had by yours truly and hopefully by some other people as well. Moments of numptyism on my part were balanced by numptyism by the walking (hopping) wounded so I don't feel toooooo bad about being an idiot.

And I managed not to stain the carpet. Which as you know, is a bonus. There's a reason [personal profile] sweetsyren has polished wood floors.

Now I must love you and leave you. I have a wedding to go to!
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Look on my works ye mighty, and despair

Clicky for pink )
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Lots and lots of pink. Yesterday I got to make RED and also some yellow goo, and today I got to mix them together and make pink. Unfortunately the pink currently looks purple, but I've left them in the dark overnight like the paperwork says and hopefully tomorrow they will be purest pink.

Yay pink!

Oooh, I remembered I had more to say!

Not content with making pink, I also raced home in time to put Festus in for his service. Poor Festus, I hope he's ok in the shop. There were lots of other bikes there for him to talk to, but they were all much posher than him. I hope he doesn't get a complex. Or start any fights.

The other side of this is that I'm bikeless for the rest of the week. But that's ok, as my week ends tomorrow. I'm off to UK-LAND. It's a wedding and it's going to be AWESOME. Ginger J finally decided that it was time to marry his lady of lurrrrrrve (who managed to get together one new years a long time ago despite me wandering through ever 30 mins to loudly throw up. Rawk was completely it). There will be dancing and inappropriate speeches and for some reason they want me to read Shakespeare in the church. Ooops.

I'm also taking time-out to go and see a wounded friend who deserves some cheering up but is going to get me instead. Poor lass.

It's going to be so much fun!
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I need a name/description for the raptor noise that is apparently now my "happy sound".

*boots up the thesaurus*

Not really a croak, it's more of a rasping squawk.

*squawks experimentally*

Hmm. A "Rawk" maybe?


See, that just looks like I threw up.
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1. First, spend the previous two days writing a frankly hideous amount of smut to create a foundation of sheer awesomeness.

2. Put on the sexy trousers of swish (slit up to mid-calf) and the shoes of striding out.

3. Strut. (as far as the delicious coffee shop and imbibe some delicious caffeine and a croissant).

4. Strut some more (whilst finishing the delicious caffeine).

5. Follow recommendations to the delightful wee shop of perfect colours and amazing textures of clothing. Discover they have a sale on and most everything is only 10 of your delicious Euros.


7. Strut a little, wiggle and boogie in your changing room, accessing that foundation of sheer awesomeness brought about by (1).

8. Enjoy. Especially the textures. These materials are expensive, wallow in it.

9. Buy the best of the stuff.

10. Repeat in all the shops that have the nice colours (this turned out to be 3 out of the whole town, but ce la vie, I knew that going in).

11. Strut some more. Swing those bags of accomplishment.

12. Come home with 2 wedding top options and some more delicious clothes to wear to work.

13. Attempt to strut up two flights of stairs to your flat. Avoid stumbling on your face by mere fortuitous coincidence.

14. End. A Winnar is you.
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I've done Firefly, DW, SPN and now Dollhouse for [she who shall not be named]. With additional smuttage. Two day's worth[1].

Can I have my brain back nao plz?

[1] It was awesome. I regret nothing.
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Yesterday it was this Pic:

and a million fanfics were born

Which set off an enquiry into what would happen if Mal had sired a child that night with Saffron/Yolanda (SPECIAL hell) and if she had been dumped back into his life at the age of 12. So that was an episode sketched out for [personal profile] sweetsyren and an entire afternoon gone.

..."Is anyone going to tell me why my second in command seems to think it perfectly OK to lock my daughter in the airlock without consulting me first?"


Today I woke up and thought "well, at least I've got that out of my system now."

But no. It's never that easy.

So today was "Donna and Cas and WerewolfDean in NY".

... yeah, I got nothing.
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er yeah, life is NOT very exciting at the moment.

I get up, I go to work, I come home, I watch the Tour de France, I go to bed. Lalalala WhingeCakes.

Mind you, watching the Tour is making my cycling into work better. I'm tending to keep it in the harder gears and go for my bullbars to push on through the uphil parts. Oh yeah. I'm as hard as a Tour rider (in my mind).

Discovered the scent explosion of new Dove Deoderant last night. Call me sad, but I was lying on the couch wallowing in the fact that every time I reached for the remote I smelt pretty. (and today at work at least ONE person said "you smell nice". So ner).

This post brought to you by Curry and Beer night. Corona's are in the fridge if you want one. And feel free to try leftover chapattis with marmalade, it's an unsuspectedly awesome taste outcome.
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1. Hot water does not do as much for softening Physio strapping glue as previously supposed.
2. My bathroom has great acoustics (the shouting of "OW!" and also "NI!" resonated beautifully)
3. It is impossible to pick bits of glue off your own back (addendum: It is also impossible to moisturise your own back).
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It's not every day that your boss walks into your lab and asks "How's your glass blowing?"[1]

Oh, and they put our name plates on the door today. Name On The Door. I have officially made it. 12 years in academia and I finally get my name on my door. :D

Best. Day. Ever.

[1] For some reason, even thought I said "Non-Existent" I'm still bending the business end of a pasteur pipette next week. *sigh*
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Tent is hanging out to dry (why does it always come on to rain just at you're pulling up the guy rope pegs?), sleeping bag is airing, washing is washing, tea is cooking and soon there will be Top Gear followed by an early night.

So, how was it? I give you: Why So Rainy, Weekend? But Was Still Awesome. )
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(Have discovered what double beds are for at last. Great planning surfaces, it's even bigger than the layout table in CSI)

I'm not sure it's all going to fit into the bag but I don't care! Just a short shop for matches and bin-liners (rain is forecast) and then the packing will commence.

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So, got up at 4:30 to cycle 20 miles to see the Tall Ships sail out. [I popped over yesterday to see them in harbour (and buy binoculars[1] and a map for the cycling)].

Just got back after doing 30 miles (nice friends gave me a lift part of the way back) with a tan line on one leg and a big oil smear on the other. Have showered (for the suntan cream), Moisturised (for the sun burn) and eaten an ice-cream (cos it's summer and that's what you do).

So worth it. :D

The cycle out was amazing, the sun rising at my back, mist in the fields hiding what was land and what was sea with just the windmills and the Saltees sticking up identifiably. It's a fantastic road, just high enough to see all the way down to the Southern Coast across rolling fields. Usually I hate to cycle on it because it's stuffed to the gills with drivers in a hurry who pass too close and hate all cyclists with a passion. But at 5am? Totally empty. My road, my lovely road. I could pick the smoothest spots, wobble into the middle when enraptured by the view. Oh, it was brilliant.

And now I have sausage rolls. Best day ever. Fact.

Now with bonus pic! )

[1] I have binoculars now, binoculars are cool.
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Not a computer yet, and SOMEONE stole the corner window desk, but I have a desk and I have things on it and I can look out of the window and I HAVE AN OFFICE.

Also have bread cooking and washing washing. Cos I am productive like that. Fear me. Now I have a desk, I'm UNSTOPPABLE.
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Friday - Truck Stop In The Middle Of Nowhere - England.
Coach full. Am being sat next to. Comforting, as coach company has decided to go by Irish Ferries instead of Stena and I was about to have a little flail until it was explained. Booked cabin on ferry. Slept. Apparently it was a rough crossing. I wouldn't know. Still sleeping even as I post this. Wish you were here.

Saturday - Parental Front Room - England.
Good day. Have been cleared by optician for new optician in Ireland. Purchased maternal unit's bike and took it out for its first spin. Will now be watching Castle and then going to bed. Cat says "Hi".

Sunday - Truck Stop In The Middle Of Nowhere - England
The sun shone! And it was hot. Living in a maritime climate for 6 months has softened me. Must sit in saunas more often. Had a nice morning, chilled with Papa and took the maternal unit out on the bike again until confidence was achieved. Lovely walk in the afternoon. Tea and scones. Coach emptier this time. Will still book cabin though. Wish you were here.

Monday - Couch - Flat Above Pub - Ireland.
Dead. I'm dead. Totes dead. 3 Hours of sleep (mmm, cabin) completely not enough to survive a day. Even with mild napping and an extra hour once I got home. Pizza and Leverage and Bed. It's the only way.
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Today I read five and a half papers[1] and though I wouldn't say I know everything about Nematodes now, but I know a metric shedload more than when I started this morning. I did research! Like a proper researcher! All the science is belong to me.

I learnt that André et al, (2002) described soils as "the final biotic frontier" so I'd be guessing he was a geek.

And that Yeates (2003) doesn't think much of our method of doing things, but then Yeates (pretty much any year you choose), though he's loved up on Nematodes doesn't think much of anything much.

Oh, and everyone is most afflicted by the leftover shame left over from the big Nematode Hate-fest of the 1950s/60s/70s. So all the papers start "Even though we might have been a little confused about things 30 years ago, we're everso enlightened now. Hey, some of my friends are Nematodes.[2]"

[1]It would have been six but it got to after 5pm and I'd had enough.
[2]In the case of Yeates, this would be pretty much a racing certainty.

André H.M., Ducarme X., Lebrun P. (2002) Soil Biodiversity: Myth, Reality or Conning?, Oikos 96: 3-24
Jenkinson, D.S. (1977) The Soil Biomass, N.Z. Soil News, 25: 213-218
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Today I got to meet my boss! Woohooo. Sat down and talked for about half an hour about plans and ideas and good things and I got to see where my office will be at some point in the near future (there was a man in there building desks. It looks hopeful).

And I didn't have to count any invisible wiggly worms. Tomorrow I get to kill the invisible wiggly worms and stick them in formaldehyde. That's going to be so much fun. Serves the little buggers right.

I do wish the weather would stop raining on me on the way home though.
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But on the plus side, I did count ALL the invisible wiggly worms today. 60 tubes of wiggly worms counted. Boo-Ya.

And I'm making curry.

In my impartial view, I win the day. :D
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Oh boy, never have I been so glad of a weekend. The invisble wiggly worms seemed never ending this week. Today it got so dreary we were laying bets on how many there would be in each tube. I lost. Pretty regularly.

Ah well, it's over now. The weekend is ahead and it's finally stopped raining (wet cycle this morning was wet, cycle clothes had to be sneaked into the dryer before I could bear to put them back on again).

And now it's time for Quantum Leap. This week Sam is a woman. S'gonna be brilliant.


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