What a day.

Oct. 5th, 2011 07:36 pm
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No more. I'm done.

Today we had the people who give us money swing by on a visit so EVERYTHING EVER had to be cleaned and polished and then clean students in clean labcoats inserted into the labs to pretend that they were working. And I had to demonstrate the nematode washing/torture device (in a clean labcoat - which meant my knees got wet cos the flappy parts of the labcoat strayed into the spray thingie and then transferred to my knees - THIS IS WHY WE DON'T WEAR THEM). Waiting to demonstrate the device took about an hour and a half. In what is basically a barn. Which had to have the door open to let the smell of slurry out. In case you didn't know, Ireland has been missing out on the heatwave sweeping the rest of Europe. I was chilled to the bone. TO THE BONE.

Then I had to go teach someone how to count 'todes. Now [personal profile] sweetsyren and [profile] lilianvaldemyer can tell you how boring the counting of 'todes can be (mainly because I spend most of the days I'm doing it, moaning to them incessantly). Teaching someone how to do it (i.e. Watching them count 'todes down a microscope) is immeasurably worse.

To cap off the day, a heavily pregnant friend decided that TODAY the baby wanted to meet the world, and her emergency driver wasn't quite prepared, so I have a very confused and somewhat insecure dog at my feet as I type this (normally attached to the emergency driver) sniffing my socks and demanding head snuggles.

He is making the day better second by second. Assisted by the beer on the other side.

But today had better be done with me. I'm done with it.


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