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50 km in 1:58.30

YAY!!! Average speed 15 mph, which was a personal best blowing all other average speeds out of the water. And it was definitely worth sprinting the final km to save those 90 seconds.

UNDER TWO HOURS, PEOPLE. I win ALL the things.

Thanks of course must go out to all the people whose wheels I clung onto for the first 10 km until I cleared the pack. I paid them back! Well, I "played it forward". Someone was on my wheel for at least 15 minutes on the last 20 km. Ooooh, that last 20 km.

TH hits main road, with delicious smooth surface.
TH looks at watch and calculates possibility of getting a sub 2 hour time.
TH tanks it for 20 mins uphill and down with moaning and swearing and cursing and gritted teeth.

A funny thing, speedy racer type bikes were much faster than Festus on down-hills, but he seems to have a much better power efficiency on up-hills. There were 6 - 8 of us continuously passing and re-passing each other for most of the undulating middle section. I have to admit, it gave me a warm glow to steam past frantically pedalling lycra clad speedy racer bike riding individuals.

Good ole Festus.


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