Jun. 5th, 2011

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I say may, because I met a man in the pub last night and I'm waiting for him to call me this morning and confirm that he's willing to take me out for the day.


Actually, it's less exciting than that. Wending my wobbly way home from the comedy festival last night/this morning (Sarah Millican is HYSTERICALLY FILTHY in real life and I laughed so much I thought I was going to asphyxiate myself from lack of breathing) I was just considering my warm and cosy bed when I noticed the barman was having a smoke break in the doorway of the pub.

"Hullo!" Sayeth I, being in a somewhat merry mood despite the lateness of the hour.

"Hullo," replyeth he. "Your mate be inside, drinking cheerily. You should pop in and say hi."

"I should," thought I! (For I am nothing if not persuadable when tipsy). "Let me past and I shall do so forthwith."

The outcome of which was that there was the drinking of more beverages and it did come to pass that I was informed of the exciting news that my landlord was taking some relations to the Duncannon Military Festival (RE-ENACTMENT SQUEE) and there might be room in the car for a little one. Emboldened by my vodka consumption I ventured to enquire as to whether I could be cheeky and tag along for the fun.

Hence you find me. Slightly hungover and awaiting a phone call. With coffee. And slight trepidation.
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I... I just... I have no words.

(Military festival awesome, talked to re-enactment folks - now know where to get a Shako for the Discworld Convention)

Likely to be Spoilers in comments.


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