May. 17th, 2011

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The brain, not satisfied with doing analytical chemistry all day, decided it wanted to cook. And that it wanted to cook a chicken and leek pie specifically. I'm through with arguing. I just made sure that the ingredients shopping included a bottle of wine (some of it was needed for the food admittedly) and went along for the ride.

So far I have achieved the goop that goes into the pie. Next stage is the un-rolling of the frozen pastry stuff. Cooking really is quite relaxing with Beethoven on and a glass of wine and kettle chips to snack on. I should do this more often.

And I can always have a philly and ham sandwich with the remains of the philly if it all goes wrong.

ETA: Ok. That thing I just did with the pastry, that was the WORST thing anyone has ever done with the pastry. Ever. Maybe I should have mentioned that I'm also cooking because I came home early (1/2 hr early - not proper slacking odd). And why did I come home early? Because I had just made up the standards completely wrong due to a stupid error in multiplying/dividing the volumes of matrix/standard/internal std.

Maybe cooking wasn't the best idea.

ETA 2: The man is back under the sink again. With an adjustable wrench this time. And less groaning. Should I offer him pie? That is the question indeed.


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