Mar. 6th, 2011

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I threw a housewarming and only one person came. Obviously I fail at social gatherings. On the plus side, all your wine/nibblies/leftover baby muffins are belong to us.

There has been such unpacking. Let me tell you internets. On Wednesday I unpacked my DVDs and found at least half a dozen I hadn't remembered buying. BONUS HOT FUZZ FTW!!! On Thursday I had people over (little TH's first dinner party!) and good times were had. On Friday I found my DVD player (W00T!) and also built a bookcase. Pressing in the nails that hold on the back panel with the flat blade of a screwdriver due to lack of a hammer was Not Fun(tm). On Saturday I went jogging with some peeps (mainly to be sociable and see the pretty nature reserve), acquired an empty low sided fruit box from Aldi, filled it with books and slid it under the bed (books cropped up a LOT in my unpacking) and threw the aforementioned housewarming.

Today I have officially done nothing. TH has a tired. She would be sunning herself in the flat except Ireland has decided to have a freezing cold day with clouds making everything manky grey. So there is coffee shop wifi and hot chocolate with marshmallows.


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